What can be accomplished in a 22 hour day.

Got to bed at around midnight last night. I was planning on getting up at 7 a.m. Instead I woke up at 5 a.m. First thought that popped into my head was that my friends are coming to visit tomorrow. I was instantly excited and knew that there would not be anymore sleep. I decided to go to work early and get all my weekend jobs done. I made up 90 0z. of fresh squeezed oj and grabbed a quart sized ziplock bag of grapes. This excitement about my friend visiting is driving me crazy. I can’t figure out how to not be excited though. Every time I think about it I start jumping around. I am so excited that it is almost painful. I have to keep re-focusing on the here and now. Forcing myself to concentrate on being relaxed and taking deep breaths. It’s freaking ridiculous to feel this intensely excited! It will be nice to get back to my peaceful state of mind. Plus, IĀ  know this adrenaline rush that I am going full speed on is not going to last. I will crash…there is no doubt about that. I have a feeling it will happen after the excitement of seeing my friends wears off…I’m thinking Sunday I will collapse.

I cleaned 5 places today. The first two were businesses that I have from Friday morning to Sunday morning to clean, I figured I would just get them out of the way. The bike ride was 5 miles to the first one and a mile to the second one. The other three jobs were my regular every other Friday jobs, the next job was just one block from my second job. I drank 30 oz. of oj throughout the morning. The fourth job was Wylla and that was a 4 mile ride. My lunch with Wylla I was my bag of grapes of another 30 oz. of oj. After Wylla’s I went to the co-op, 4 miles and bought a 40 lb. case of banana’s. Rode a 1/2 mile to the bus stop and got on the bus.

While on the bus I decided that with my insanely busy day, this would be the best time to get my introduction in. Convientently there was a lady sitting next to me, she started talking to me about her day. So I asked her name and it was Mary, she wanted to know why I had some many banana’s and if I planned on making banana bread. I told her I ate a lot of fruit…no bread…I just eat them. I got off the bus at my stop and rode a mile with my banana’s to my last clients Bob and Maggie.Ā  At Bob and Maggies I had a big salad with a lb. of mixed greens and my raw tahini, lemon dressing. After work it was a mile ride home.

I came home for about a half hour, grabbed another bag of grapes. I still have 30 oz. of oj to drink. Then rode 3 miles to my play. The play went great! Two people from my church came to see it. I just love the Mennonites! What members of any other church would come see “The Rocky Horror Show”? I ate my grapes and drank the rest of my oj during intermission.

After the play I was waiting for the lady borrowing my roommates car to come get me so I could have the car for the weekend in case I needed to pick up Anthony with his bicycle somewhere, when the phone rang. It was Anthony wanting to know if I could drive 60 miles to Ontario, Oregon to pick him up right now. Crazy how things work out like that. So I got the car and drove to Ontario. I was really tired by then. It was midnight and I had been going full speed all day on 5 hours of sleep.

It was so great to see Anthony. We had never met in person before. He had contacted me on facebook a few weeks ago and said he was a fruitarian traveling this way on his bicycle and he wanted to connect. We immediately bonded…fruit lovers seem to do that šŸ™‚ The drive back was great. We had great conversation and I was all jazzed up again. I had grabbed some grapes to bring and we snacked on those during the drive.

Back at my house we talked for a while longer. Ate some dates and finally went to bed at around 3 a.m. I had been awake 22 hours! Wow!



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  • Peter

    October 16, 2011 at 3:52 am Reply

    Hi Victoria,
    I suspect that cleaning five places represents a pretty good workout and burns quite a few calories. Sounds like you are in need of catching up on a little sleep though.
    Often when people see me with lots of bananas and ask me ‘what do you do with them?’ I promote banana ice cream.


    • Vibrant Victoria

      October 16, 2011 at 8:40 am Reply

      I love banana ice cream! Though I would need a freezer for that šŸ™‚
      Cleaning five places was pretty intense. I survived though.

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