Traveling from Boise to NYC

August 17, 2012

Yesterday I flew from my hometown of Boise, Idaho to New York city with two of my kids. Shawn is 18 and Savana is 12. We are going to NY to attend the Woodstock Fruit Festival August 20th through the 28th. We will be spending 3 days in the city exploring before we head upstate. This is our day!


I went to bed the night before at 11p.m. I set my alarm to get up at 2:45a.m. I wanted to leave the house at 3:45a.m. at the latest. I was exhausted from an intense day of working out so I fell right asleep. At 3:03a.m. I woke up. I had slept through my alarm…thankfully I still woke up early.

I got the kids up and we finished our final packing and loaded up the bikes. The kids were not happy that we were biking the 8 miles from my house to the airport. I told them the day before that it would be fun family time. Shawn piped back saying “fun for you maybe”…lol. I replied to that by saying “the one paying gets to have the fun”.

We got out of the house at 4a.m. but were really just late for being early. My plane didn’t leave until 6:30 a.m.

Savana and I rode the tandem and Shawn rode his bike. A guy I started seeing…we will call him TS…met us halfway there. Which I was really happy about, since I was sore from heavily exercising the day before. He took over on the tandem with Savana and I rode his bike the rest of the way. Regardless I still couldn’t keep up with him. He used to race bikes and has legs of steel. I want legs like that!

At the airport we got our tickets. I chugged most of a 10 banana/coconut water smoothie I had made up before we left. Shawn drank some too and Savana wouldn’t touch it…stubborn thing that she is J

We said goodbye to TS and went through security without any problems. I got in the old scanner line and that way I didn’t have to opt out of those new freaky scanners.

While waiting for the plane Savana ate one of her granola bars, Shawn and I talked about what our schedule was for the day.

While waiting to get on the plane they said they didn’t have room for both our carry on bags and checked in our backpacks. On the plane I fell asleep almost instantly. An hour later we arrived in SLC airport. When we went to get our backpacks, they said that our bags with be at our final destination in Newark airport. This sort of stressed me out, I don’t really trust airlines with my bags. I just sent out good vibes that our bags would be there when we arrived. I had also left our tickets in my bag, so we had to go get more out. Good thing I had my ID with me. I almost left that in my bag.

The kids were hungry and got bagels to eat. We didn’t have a very long layover and were back on the plane real quick. Our next layover would be in Detroit and my friend John was going to meet us there and bring me a 10 banana smoothie.


This flight was 3 hours long. I slept through half of it, I woke up really thirsty and my throat was extremely dry from all the re-circulated air. I chugged a bunch of water, then I read some, ate an apple and a little bit of pistachios, but the nuts gave me a slight tummy ache so I stopped eating them. The kids were asleep most of the time. Shawn hadn’t even gone to bed the night before so he was exhausted.

When we arrived in Detroit we found John waiting outside without any problems. It was so good to see him! He drove us to a big fruit market. He had brought a huge jar of ice cold banana smoothie. I was so hungry, I drank about 32 oz. of it. Shawn had some and even Savana had a little bit J

At the market I bought some fresh dates and 5 oranges. The kids got some chips…I suggested they make some better food choices but then stopped my lecture and told them that it’s their bodies and their consequences.

John wasn’t used to this side of town but he said he looked at a map and there was a park nearby. We drove too the park, it was pretty run down and deserted but we hung out on the swings and talked for about an hour. It was nice to be outside and the air had a nice fresh breeze. I didn’t want to go get on another plane. I am not used to all this air conditioning, processed air, lines, sitting for hours, crabby people…sort of lifestyle. I wanted to be done with the whole thing.

Back at the airport….back through security…,once again was able to get in an old style scanner line. Got on the plane, had to sit on the runway and wait ten minutes before taking off. There was a loud buzzing sound on the plane that was driving me crazy. I put in my earbuds and read to drown it out. Once in the air I fell asleep instantly again. I woke up later. Ate my 5 oranges and read until we got to Newark. The kids were asleep most the trip.


I was so happy to be done with flying. I was ready to get to our apartment where we were housing sitting, be back on foot and grounded. We got our bags…yay..they were there! I had booked a shuttle service and we waited a half hour for that. We got on the shuttle, drove around the airport twice picking other people up. The driver didn’t seem to be very organized and it took an hour just to get out of the airport. I was getting pretty bitchy by now. I ate a bunch of dates while we were waiting, thinking if I carbed up I might feel better. That didn’t help much, I was still getting more and more irritated. I wanted this trip to be over. We drove all over Manhattan dropped everyone else off, got gas and finally 2 ½ hours later we were the last to get dropped off. I almost snapped on the ride, but managed to not flip out, just kept breathing. I decided that the $60 I paid for the shuttle was not worth it. I would rather have paid more and taken a cab.

I wasn’t sure how the apartment would be. It was in Harlem and I got this deal through the couch surfing website. Two girls that saw I was looking for a place to stay contacted me and said they needed a house sitter on the days we were going to be in NYC. Their references were great and so I agreed. They sent me the keys and address before I left.

The apartment was so nice. They must pay a fortune for this place.

I was so happy to be done traveling. My crabby mood lifted and the kids and I walked down to a grocery store nearby. Shawn was kind of nervous because it was dark and in Harlem, but I assured him it would be fine and it was. At the store the kids got some more crap food. I bought a watermelon and some peanuts for me. I was so incredibly hungry.

Back at the apartment I ate a few peanuts…which I knew wasn’t the best choice, but I didn’t care. I called TS and we talked for a little bit. Then I went to bed. Savana and I were sharing a bed and she wanted to read. I kind of dozed off and then woke up all itchy. I get that way sometimes and I don’t know why. I think it was from eating too many nuts. Anyway, Savana’s light was bugging me, all the noise on the street was bugging me and Shawn was listening to music in the other room and that was bugging me. I couldn’t fall back asleep and kept itching. I decided to read and see if that helped. It did. I read until Savana was ready to turn out the light and fell fast asleep. 🙂


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  • Thomas Schmidt

    August 17, 2012 at 4:14 pm Reply

    Yep sounds like your having fun and will have fun the rest of your trip. Love to see more of your trip and what you will be doing there, and the kinds of veggies and fruit you will be seeing.

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