Today’s Walk

Today’s Walk

Dear Friends,

Today Angel and I went on an afternoon walk.

This is the view walking up the hill from our home.

These are wild flowers that are all over this time of year.

The bush in front of this house has a beautiful purple flowers. 

There was an event going on at a park we walked past. Angel took a ride in the kiddie train.

Beautiful plants in front of the old cemetery. I think they are canons.

We got caught in a big rain storm but I didn’t get pictures. I made sure to keep my phone dry. I tried hiding from the rain under a nearby tree but it didn’t help much..we got soaked and it was a blast.

I appreciate rain.

I appreciate walks.

I appreciate mandarins.

I appreciate greenhouses.

I appreciate lungs.

I appreciate almonds.

Thank you for being a part of our life.

I appreciate you!

Content and happy,


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