Today’s Intention, Walks, Appreciations and What I Ate

Today’s Intention, Walks, Appreciations and What I Ate

Today’s Intention: live without force.

Dear Friends:

I had a delightful dream last night. I dreamt that I Eckhart Tolle was my roommate. Haha. Every time I would start to get stressed or worried about something Eckhart would crack a joke and I would laugh realizing how silly it was to put such importance on things that are meaningless. I woke up filled with joy and laughter.

I woke at 4am and went back to sleep from 6am to 7:30am. I did stretching and deep breathing for a half hour, while Angel played around me. I fed Oliver and Ariel woke up. We all got in the car and drove to my house. I used the bathroom and had a so so ppoop. Ariel sat at the table and ate breakfast consisting of mangos and dried figs for breakfast, Angel had sugar kiss melons and I had 32oz. fresh oj. Ariel stayed at the house while Angel and I went with Savana to take her drivers test for her drivers license. When we got there we were missing a bunch of stuff and still had to take an online course, so we came back home. On the way we dropped off the car at the repair shop to get an alignment and a tire rotation. I was standing outside the car with Angel waiting for Tyler to pick us up, Savana walked across the street to get some water, I saw her talking to Hyatt who was walking back from the greenhouse. So I decided to walk back with Hyatt.

It was a wonderful walk. I had fun talking with Hyatt. Angel was talking away and pointing out things she knew the names of. I enjoy her so much. When we got home, I drank some watermelon juice and ate some banana/strawberry nice cream with Angel while playing cards with Hyatt. After cards Savana joined us in a game of rummicube. Ariel had some kale chips and an avocado and jumped on the rebounder.

When the car was finished, Nick gave me a ride to pick it up. Then I drove home, got Ariel and Angel and headed to work. When I arrived Ariel’s mom Sarah met us there. Ariel went home with her mom, Angel and I went in to George’s. Angel colored and watched pbs shows with George. I ate a salad with lemon tahini dressing, then went and ran errands. While I was gone I guess Angel had a big blow out poop. George and his girlfriend Peggy managed to get her cleaned up and changed but it took both of them. Haha. I’m sure it was a big one! Angel usually poops 4 times a day and she hadn’t gone yet. When I got back from running errands, I went poop too, it was another small one. I then cleaned the kitchen, folded laundry and swept and mopped the floors. When I finished it was time to go home.

On the drive home I was tired. I appreciated the feeling of being tired. I found by relaxing into the tired feeling rather than fighting it, it was easy to stay awake and simply enjoy the feeling. It was time to feel tired and all was well.

I arrived into town and went to the greenhouse, harvested tomatoes for a dried tomato order I had received earlier and closed it up for the night. When I got home, the household or rather…the “community of abundance”…all sat in a circle around Meghan and Calla. We each shared what we were grateful for about them and sent them off with blessings. They are leaving tomorrow evening.

Then I walked to Oliver’s house with Angel and Nick. I had forgotten Oliver’s leash when I drove him to my house that morning, so Nick got his leash, walked back home to get Oliver, walked him over and walked back home. I took a bath with Angel and went to bed.  Angel did not fall asleep and has been climbing all over me while I have been writing my blog.

It has been a blessed day and I am grateful.

I appreciate hugs.

I appreciate walks.

I appreciate a variety of people.

I appreciate the car getting aligned.

I appreciate George and Peggy.

I appreciate early bedtimes.

I appreciate the moon.

I appreciate poop.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Satisfactorily yours,


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