Today’s Intention: be soft like water.

Dear Friends,

I woke up at 7:30am. I had been up in the night and I was tired but Angel was awake and I had things I wanted to do. I shared 2 sugar kiss melons with Angel for breakfast. Then I made a banana/peach/coconut water smoothie to take to church. I was going to drive to the greenhouse to open it up when I remembered that I the seats in my truck were soaking wet from my windows being left open during a rain storm yesterday. Nick offered to drive us to the greenhouse and I accepted. After opening the greenhouse and grabbing food, Nick dropped up off at church. I cleaned the church, did the flower arrangements and set up for service.

During church I was in charge of the music. It was complicated doing that and tending to Angel. I felt myself getting frustrated and took Angel out of the service inbetween songs and lectured a 2 year old! I stood back and saw what was happening and decided to just go with the flow and not expect a certain outcome. After that I felt much better even though the songs got all mixed up..I just laughed it off and the congregation followed.

When church was over I cleaned up and then participated in a church meeting. I felt so tired and I noticed myself getting frustrated again during the meeting, when it was going on and on without things getting resolved in what I thought would have been a timely matter. Finally the meeting was over and I walked home with Angel on my shoulders. As I came up to the house I saw Nick outside polishing the headlights on my truck. Wow! I thanked him and he proceeded to tell me how he had hung my laundry on the clothes line and had taken it down after it dried. I immediately felt flooded with relief. Thank you, thank you Nick! I suddenly felt less tired. I realized than that a lot of the tired feeling I had experienced all morning was from thinking about all the stuff I needed to do. Ah ha! Of course, a beautiful example of how my thoughts cause my suffering. I was grateful to see that so clearly.

When Nick finished polishing my headlights we all went to the swimming hole in Nick’s car. On the way we went to a little restaurant and I ate a big salad. When we got to the swimming hole it started to rain. We decided we would still go swimming. It was so fun being in the warm river water with the cool rain coming down. We swam, skipped rocks and played for a couple of hours. Angel is getting so good at swimming!

On the drive home I felt refreshed and peaceful. I am incredibly grateful to have such a beautiful place to swim and be in nature. When we arrived home, Angel was asleep. I made a big salad for dinner and ate it while playing cards with Nick. A friend arrived at around 8pm and Angel woke up at the same time. My friend rested in her room and went to bed early. Angel ate sugar kiss melon and played while Nick and I played cards until 10pm. That is super late for me but Angel wasn’t going to be going to sleep early after a late evening nap.

I took a cold shower and did an enema before going to bed since I hadn’t pooped today. Then Angel and I went to her. Angel didn’t fall asleep while nursing but fell asleep while I was writing my blog.

It was a insightful day and I am grateful.

I appreciate Nick.

I appreciate rain.

I appreciate rivers.

I appreciate spiders.

I appreciate the color green.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Peacefully yours,