Today’s Intention, Riggins & Parma Idaho & Appreciations

Today’s Intention, Riggins & Parma Idaho & Appreciations

Today’s Intention: observe what is there for me in each moment.

Dear Diary & Friends,

Heading up into the mountains on Monday afternoon with my friend Brett, I was feeling really exhausted. We stopped on a dirt road and all got out. I forgot to grab something from the front seat. I opened the car door, the corner of the door hit the side of my mouth so hard it knocked me to the ground. I understood then that I had not been acting with full consciousness and reverence. I was grateful that I received a reminder to be present that didn’t require stitches. The left side of my lip swelled up and had a good cut on it but it was nothing major.

Mornings in the Rocky Mountains are cold. I was sitting outside watching the sun rise over the eastern peaks. It would still be a couple of hours before the sun reached the cabin sitting on the west side of the mountain. I was cold and wrapped up in a towel but didn’t want to put on clothes, so I was toughing it out. I walked over to the deck above the garage to see if the sun would be arriving there any faster than it would reach the deck at the house. I stepped onto the deck and a rebounder was sitting in the corner. Ahh..of course…thank you universe! This was how I would stay warm until the sun reached me. I bounced and bounced and bounced and bounced. It seemed impossible for me to get tired or break a sweat. It did warm me up some. Angel woke up and we both sat on the deck wrapped in towels shivering. I pointed out the trees dancing to Angel, she looked up and said, “wow”. Eventually Angel and I took a long extra warm bath in the claw foot bathtub. By the time we got out, the sun had made its way to the corner of the deck. Ohhh…yummy, delicious sunshine.

I don’t remember all that I ate the past 2 days. It was all yummy fruits, veggies and some nuts. I didn’t blog while in the mountains. It was my rest time and there was no phone or Internet. We are now at my mom’s in Parma Idaho sleeping in the backyard. Angel just nursed to sleep. I am going to join her in dream land.

I appreciate mountains.

I appreciate tall pine trees pointing to the sky.

I appreciate cars.

I appreciate fresh air.

I appreciate cold mountain spring water.

I appreciate my mom.

I appreciate Brett.

I appreciate meditation.

I appreciate yoga.

Thank you for being a part of our lives.

I appreciate you!

Sleepily yours,


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