Today’s Intention, Last Day in Boise & Appreciations

Today’s Intention, Last Day in Boise & Appreciations

Today’s Intention: live my truth fully knowing that all things are possible.

Dear Diary & Friends,
Most of today I talked about in the video below. There are a few appreciations that I forgot to mention in the video. I am going to add them to tomorrow’s video.

Angel and I are all snuggled in bed. The house is quiet and peaceful. Angel was a little bit fussy today. I think it’s her 2 year molars that are coming in.

I appreciate my family.

I appreciate Angel getting excited about learning the word elbow.

I appreciate friends.

I appreciate mechanics.

I appreciate swimming pools.

I appreciate smoky air.

Thank you for being a part of our lives.

I appreciate you!

Faithfully yours,


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