Today’s Intention, Fruitluck & Appreciations

Today’s Intention, Fruitluck & Appreciations

Today’s Intention: Breathe I am health.

Dear Diary & Friends,

Today was a long busy fun day, so I am keeping this short. I went to a fruitluck in Austin and met new people. Yay! I love meeting new people. We had fun eating fruit and swimming. Plus I got to hold a 6 month old baby. Angel initiated practicing her swimming skills. She is quite impressive on how well she can swim underwater.

After the fruitluck I went to work at George’s. Angel stayed with George and his girlfriend Peggy. They watched pbs and played in the backyard. I went shopping which was interesting because they are remodeling the grocery store. It took a long time to find everything and I enjoyed getting the chance to practice patience, letting go and acceptance. For that I am grateful.

I appreciate fruitlucks.

I appreciate meeting new people.

I appreciate kisses.

I appreciate kindness.

I appreciate coconut water.

I appreciate handstands.

I appreciate forgiveness.

Thank you for being a part of our lives.

I appreciate you!

Lovingly yours,


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