Today’s Intention, Crabby Pants, Oil Change, Appreciations & What I Ate

Today’s Intention, Crabby Pants, Oil Change, Appreciations & What I Ate

Today’s Intention: know that I do not attract what I want. I attract what I am.

Dear Friends,

Angel woke up today fussy and crabby. Most likely from her 2 year molars breaking through. I didn’t have my morning mediation, I didn’t set my daily intention and I hadn’t slept well. So never the less, we were both crabby. I forgot to stock up on fruit where I am house sitting, so first thing we walked home with Oliver to get some fruit.

At home, we had some sugar kiss melon which Angel ate a lot of and was still a crabby pants. My friend and Airbnb guest played with Angel while I snuck outside to do an oil change on my roommate Nick’s car. He was paying me to do it for him rather than pay a shop. I had an hour to do it before taking Savana to an appointment. Nick’s car is really low to the ground. I could barely squeeze under it and once I was there I couldn’t get enough leverage to loosen the bolt on the oil pan. Hmmm…so I looked around and saw where I could move the car to straddle a dip in the ground. I did that and it was perfect! Though I still couldn’t get the bolt loose. I went inside and got a hammer. Nick was in the kitchen and saw me get the hammer. I held it up and told him to not worry, his car was in good hands…hehe. Angel saw me inside the house and started fussing, so I quickly exited.

Back at the car I used the hammer to hit the ratchet handle and sure enough, the bolt loosened right up. Yay! I let the oil drain out and took off the oil filter. All was going well! I went to put the new filter back on and it was the wrong one. Arg! I went inside, washed up and drove to NAPA. I got the right oil filter and drove back. I compared the new and old oil filters and they didn’t match. I drove back to NAPA and brought the old oil filter with me. They checked and even though they didn’t match, they said the new one was the right one. So I drove back home again. I put on the new oil filter…hmm…it was the right one. It fit perfectly. I put the bolt back in the oil pan and put on the new oil. Success! I still had 15 minutes to shower, make a smoothie and take Savana to her appointment.

We arrived at the appointment right on time. The appointment took almost an hour and a half and Angel continued to be a crabby pants the whole time. Well..we both continued to be a crabby pants the whole time. We shared a 64oz. banana/strawberry/coconut water smoothie. Finally we arrived back home just in time to meet a potential temporary roommate and show him around.

Then I bagged up a bunch of ripe bananas to freeze until it was time to leave and take Savana to the bus station for her trip to Boise. I left Oliver with Hyatt at my house so he wouldn’t be alone the rest of the day. Angel thankfully fell asleep on the hour drive. We stopped and had lunch.  I was going to order a salad but instead ordered steamed rice with a vegan veggie sauce. It didn’t settle too well in my fruit loving stomach but I did some deep breathing and the feeling passed. Angel was fussy the whole time at the restaurant. After lunch we drove to the bus station and I stayed until Savana had her tickets and was ready to go.

I looked at the time and checked how far of a drive it was to work. I was surprised it was another hour long drive. I was going to be 45 minutes late for work. Then I was instantly crabby again. On the drive I was grumbling about Savana’s dad buying tickets to leave in that town rather than Austin. I was grumbling about driving so much on bald tires and on and on and on. Finally I couldn’t take listening to myself anymore. Whoa cowgirl! We are putting on the brakes about complaining.

I started playing the audiobook “Excuses Begone”. Ahhh…that was much better. I decided it was never too late to set a daily intention. So I did that. Crabbiness was gone. Instead I was telling myself funny jokes and laughing and laughing. I had an absolute blast the rest of that drive and George wasn’t bothered a bit about me being late.

At George’s, Angel watched pbs shows with him and I ran errands. There were a lot of errands and they took up the whole 3 hours. I enjoyed myself and was able to get some groceries for myself while doing his grocery shopping. When I got back, I ate some veggie rolls, olives and drank some coconut water. Angel had been happy as ever while I was gone running errands but immediately started being fussy when she saw me. Hmmm…maybe it’s me. 😆

On the drive home I listened to the same audiobook and had fun laughing at my own jokes some more. Angel fell asleep. When I got to town, I closed down the greenhouse and deeply smelled it’s wonderful smell. Then I went home. I unloaded the groceries and drove to Oliver’s house while Nick walked Oliver over. Angel woke up and was her happy self. Yay! Though I was thinking she might not go to sleep later.  Nick showed up with Oliver. We talked for a few minutes, then I went to bed with Angel. She nursed and surprisingly fell asleep again. Woohoo! I had no poops today…ah ha..that explains a lot!

It was a crabbilicious day and I am grateful.

I appreciate fussy babies.

I appreciate fun drives.

I appreciate dogs.

I appreciate groceries.

I appreciate bald tires.

I appreciate gifts.

I appreciate squeezy hugs.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Crabblessly yours, 😂


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