Today’s Intention, Arriving Home & Appreciations

Today’s Intention, Arriving Home & Appreciations

Today’s Intention: breathe I am love.

Dear Diary & Friends,

We have arrived home! It was a wonderful vacation and I’m glad to be back in my peaceful happy home. Being away has shown me that I truly have been blessed with a beautiful paradise here in Texas. Savana, Tyler, Hyatt, Nick and Bebe all welcomed us home with big hugs. They helped unload the truck and I was filled of joy and appreciation for them taking time to help us get settled in. The house looked fantastic and I look forward to seeing the greenhouse tomorrow.

Before bed I took a long cold (luke warm) shower. I called a friend and we talked for a while. Then Angel and I read stories. Angel is glad to be home, she is climbing all over me and singing happily while I write my blog.

I thought it would be fun to share what I wrote to one of my clients in an e-mail. I find great healing for myself through helping others:

“Thank you for reaching out to me. I appreciate you!

Yes, not being able to stay all raw is often due to emotions. We tend to think that “comfort” food is going to comfort us or make us feel better in some way. That is a lie though. It is a false and very short lived comfort, not a true comfort that is rich and real.

Start your mornings with quiet meditation. Picture yourself eating fresh fruit and veggies all day. Picture each mean. Taste each things and see yourself enjoying it. Feel in your body the joy of eating fresh foods and feel healthy. Say to yourself “I am health and I prefer fresh fruits and vegetables, they taste amazing and are all I want.” Only focus on what you do want and avoid focusing what you don’t want. You cannot do a don’t.

If throughout your day you do end up choosing to eat something besides fresh fruits and veggies. Make it no big deal. Remind yourself that it’s ok to make mistakes and tell yourself all the great things you have eaten that day in the way of fresh fruits and veggies. Thank yourself for the reminder that you don’t prefer cooked food and that you do prefer fresh food. Talk kindly and lovingly to yourself always. Remind yourself several times each day…I am kind. I am love. I am peace. Whatever you believe you are, you will be.

As for the death in your family. Death is supposed to be a part of life. It is a good thing and always happens to each of us at the time it is supposed to happen. Let yourself grieve. Instead of trying to stop the grief or seeing it as painful. Change your belief about grief. Fall in love with grief, feel it fully and notice how it actually isn’t painful but feels good. Bask in the good feeling of grief. It is there to bring healing and empowerment, allow it to do that.

Know that your life is on purpose. We are here to expand our understanding of love. Fruit is love and so are we. Anytime we choose to be unloving in anyway then we suffer. Love is who we are, everything else is what we are not.

If you would like to continue emails, I would enjoy that. Weekly is often what people choose to do but I will leave that up to you.

Have a joyful and loving day,

I appreciate traveling

I appreciate prosperity.

I appreciate my home.

I appreciate audio books.

I appreciate adventures.

I appreciate honesty.

I appreciate not needing to be right.

I appreciate acceptance.

I appreciate being love.

Thank you for being a part of our lives.

I appreciate you!

Fabulously yours,


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