Today’s Intention, A Blissful Day, Appreciations and What I Ate

Today’s Intention, A Blissful Day, Appreciations and What I Ate

Today’s Intention: think with awareness.

Dear Friends,

Angel woke me up at 6:30am. She nursed and then we walked to our house with Oliver (we are still house/dog sitting). On the walk I listened to “Excuses Begone” and did deep breathing. At home we shared a melon and I cut up and packed another one to go. Then my roommates and friends Nick and Hyatt followed me in my truck. Hyatt drove Savana’s car and Nick drove his car with Angel and Oliver. Hyatt dropped Savana’s car off at one repair shop to get a new tire put on. Then he got in Nick’s car and they followed me to another repair shop to drop off my truck to get a new radiator put in. I also got in Nick’s and he took us to the greenhouse and dropped us all off.

Hyatt and I worked in the greenhouse for about an hour or so while Angel and Oliver played. Then we walked back home. On the way we ate cantaloupe and stopped at the repair shop where Savana’s car was at. The new tire was put on, so Hyatt drove the car home with Oliver. Angel and I finished walking. I arrived home 25 minutes before I was scheduled to be interviewed on video. Just enough time to take a nice big poop and get set up. The interview went great and I had a blast doing it.

I rested for a couple of hours while Angel played. Then I made a banana/mango/strawberry/ coconut water smoothie. Hyatt drove me to pick up my truck with a new radiator and I drove it home where Hyatt was waiting. I then got back in the car and we went to the swimming hole. Angel fell asleep on the drive. When we got there, I took a short nap on a blanket until Angel woke up. Angel, Oliver and I played in the water and drank our smoothie for a couple of hours. Then Hyatt pushed Angel on the swing and I did yoga, head and handstands and deep breathing.

When we arrived back home. I made a big salad and enjoyed every bite. It tasted so good. Then I played cards with Hyatt and ate some of my dehydrated Onion flax Crackers with salsa. Angel ate some seeds, raisins and shared a melon with Hyatt. Then Angel watched Sarah & Duck on Netflix while I meditated a few minutes and then did a phone consultation. I love love love doing consultations. After the consultation I walked to Oliver’s house with Nick and Angel. Then Nick and I talked for while until bedtime. Angel didn’t fall asleep while nursing and has been playing while I wrote my blog.

It has been a blissful day and I am grateful.

I appreciate rivers.

I appreciate Hyatt.

I appreciate wind.

I appreciate evening walks.

I appreciate vehicles getting repaired.

I appreciate little fish nibbling at me.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Blissfully yours,


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