Dear Friends,

Today while bicycling home from a extremely fun cleaning job, I stopped in at the local grocery store. It is a little store and usually doesn’t have much in the way of produce. Sometime though, they have good sales. Today I hit the jackpot…pints of strawberries for 99 cents.

I rode home to relieve Savana of her babysitting duties. She was going to pick up her cat who just got spayed as soon as I got home. I asked if she could drop Angel and I off at the grocery store on her way and pick us up coming back. She agreed in her teenage-ish way of sighing a lot. Great!

Savana dropped us off and I happily strolled into the grocery with an empty cart (except for Angel in the seat, of course). I went directly to the strawberries and started filling my cart. I decided to leave a few for other people but my heart wasn’t truly in it, so I left 5 pints. I joyfully strolled up to the cash register, giggling to myself about the treasure I had in my cart.  I found the pot of gold and gold means an abundance of strawberries.

I hand the cashier one of the packages of strawberries and say, “I have 16 of these”. The cashier says, “they are limited to 3 per person”. It took a second to register, then I started laughing. “Of course!”, I say still laughing. The cashier starts to explain why there is a limit. I am absolutely delighted about this whole experience at the moment. I tell her “I understand and it is because of people doing what I’m doing. I will buy 3 of these strawberries please”. She tells me that a lady had come in earlier and tried to do the same thing. I think to myself, “well, thankfully they didn’t let her take all the strawberries, because then I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to try and take them all myself”. Lol. The cashier tells me she can put all the other containers of strawberries in my cart back. I tell her, that it is ok. I would enjoy doing it.

I’m singing to myself as I neatly put the strawberries back on the shelf. “I guess I’m meant to leave more than 5 containers”, I say to Angel and we laugh about it. We wait outside and enjoy the fresh air while waiting for Savana to pick us up. After a few minutes she drives up and I tell her the strawberry story on the way home.

When I arrive at home it dawned on me that I still wanted to get my hands on more of those strawberries. I needed to get some help. I called my friend Ali and started to explain the strawberry situation and 3 container limitation per person. Before I even finished she said she would go get 3 containers and bring them by later. Yes!!

Then I realized that Savana and her boyfriend Tyler could help out with this situation. I asked Savana if she could drive me to music club later and buy strawberries on the way. She sighed her agreement. Then later she came out of her room and asked if I could drive myself to music club. I started to protest because of the strawberries! She quickly interrupted and said her and Tyler could go later in his car and they could both get strawberries. Bingo! Yes, of course, I’ll drive myself to music club.

Then I gratefully sat down and ate a pint of strawberries. I love the color red.

I appreciate challenges.

I appreciate bicycling.

I appreciate opportunities.

I appreciate strawberries.

I appreciate mocking birds.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Happily yours,


p.s. Breakfast: 64 0z tomatoes cucumber celery juice.

Lunch: 64 oz. mango, fresh oj and a little bit of tomato cucumber celery juice. ( I ran out of oj but it turned out delicious)

snack: a pint of strawberries and one strawberry kombucha.

Dinner: hasn’t happened yet but I’m guessing fruit from the fruit salad I am taking to music club.

Update! : my friend Ali just showed up with 9 pints! lol I said, “how did you do that”? She said, “I bought 3, my daughter bought 3 and my co-works bought 3. Yes! Ali is so much fun!