The Silliness of it All, What I Ate & Appreciations

The Silliness of it All, What I Ate & Appreciations

Dear Diary and Friends,

Today I was feeling a little bit bloated and sluggish from all the high fat raw cookies I ate over the weekend. I laughed at the silliness of it all and took a rest day since it was my day off. I love how easily I laugh and how lightly I take things.

I meditated when I woke up but only for about 10 minutes before Angel woke up, I was grateful for the time I did get in. I make Savana her morning smoothie and packed her lunch. Then I started to make a few dehydrator trays of mini pizza pies. I ran Savana to school in the middle of it and finished putting them together when I got back. I drank 16oz. of celery, cabbage, cucumber, carrot and lemon juice while I worked. I read stories to Angel for a half hour. Then I walked to the bank with Angel in the wagon to make a deposit. I ate 4 apples on the walk. I let Angel walk on the way back and she was being so adorable. I had left my phone at home so I didn’t get a video.

Back at home I juiced a bag of jtalked to a friend on the phone for a an hour. Then I spent 5 hours adding a 7 day menu plan and shopping list to my website. I also added a bunch more recipes and changed some of the way it looked. I am not super computer savvy so this was a huge undertaking and I was happy with what I got done. I drank 32oz. banana strawberry smoothie while I worked. I was somewhat cranky with Angel during the time I was working on the computer. Being bloated and working on website stuff takes my full concentration. So she didn’t get as much attention from me today as usual and tried climbing on my often to remedy that. Finally I realized that I was being cranky because I was wanting my website changes to happen more than I was wanting to pay attention to Angel. Angel was wanting the opposite. I was resisting her wants and saw them as interfering with my wants. So I stopped resisting and decided that the changes I had already made on my website were the ones that were supposed to happen and now it was Angel time. I know she likes talking to her grandma so I called my mom on FaceTime which was fun for Angel. While they talked I ate almost a whole container of dates. When we got off the phone I played with Angel a while. Then I took a half hour nap while Angel played around me. It was a refreshing short nap and Angel let me sleep, she was content that she had gotten in her mommy time.

When I woke, I watched a Christmas movie with Angel and we shared a bowl of banana nice cream. We really enjoyed our cuddle time. When the movie was over we went to bed and Angel nursed to sleep right away.

Breakfast: 16oz. celery, cucumber, cabbage, lemon and carrot juice. 4 apples.

Lunch: 32oz. banana strawberry smoothie. 10 dates

Dinner: 5 banana nice cream.

I appreciate 80 degree December days.

I appreciate bananas.

I appreciate my website.

I appreciate accomplishments.

I appreciate bloating.

I appreciate laughing.

I appreciate contentment.

I appreciate walks.

I appreciate friends and family.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Blissfully yours,


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