Today’s Intention, Heading to Dallas, Appreciations and What I Ate

Today’s intention: rather than choose the path of fear and doubt. I choose the path of trusting and knowing.

Dear Friends,

I woke up at 5:30 am. I meditated until 7:30 am. I started a load of laundry. Angel woke up and had melon for breakfast. I did an enema and then started packing for our trip to idaho. When the laundry was finished washing, I hung it on the line. Then I drove to the church and cleaned it. Next I drove to the greenhouse and told Hyatt some last minute things he might need to know while I’m away.

I recieved a phone call from George’s girlfriend Peggy’s cousin. Peggy and George said she could have me come vacuum her house during my work shift today. She also wanted me to do some shopping for her and other things. I didn’t really want to be running around on errands with my truck packed up for my trip but I decided it would all be ok.

Back at home Angel watched Chuggington while I took a short nap. When I woke up, I drank 64oz. of blended watermelon and talked with Nick while he ate lunch. Peggy’s cousin called again and changed her mind about having me work for her today but wanted to hire me to do a bunch of work for her when I get back. Yay! Perfect! I knew that was going to work out. I finished packing and put it all in the truck. I vacuumed the house, I like leaving the house clean as a blessing. Hyatt, Nick, Angel and I did a blessing circle and I headed to George’s to work.

At George’s, I talked with Peggy a while and ate veggie rolls. Then I vacuumed the entire house. I did a thorough job, I moved furniture and got under and behind things. I swept the front porch and relaxed watching Daniel Tiger with Angel and George. I got hungry and warmed up some steamed rice and ate it. It felt like a rock in my stomach. I had a memorable conversation with myself.

Me: did you just eat a bunch of rice quickly without checking in with your body?

Myself: yes

me: You ate mindlessly?

Myself: yes

me: thank you for the reminder that I enjoy eating mindfully and how much better I feel when I do. I appreciate you.

Myself (beaming) : you’re welcome!

Me and myself hug happily.  Hi

I joyfully continued on with my day. It was time to leave George’s and head to Dallas.

On the drive, I listened to fun music and Angel slept the first 2 hours.  I arrived at my friends just as it was getting dark. I talked with my friend and her daughter for a while. Angel played with her grandson. They played really good together. I was too tired to stay up much longer so Angel and I went to bed. Angel nursed but didn’t fall asleep and I wrote my blog.

It was a fulfilling day and I am grateful.

I appreciate awesome friends.

I appreciate coconut water.

I appreciate rice.

I appreciate fun music.

I appreciate drives.

I appreciate the color pink.

Thank you for being a part of our lives.

I appreciate you!

Snuggly yours,



Today’s Intention, Game Night, Appreciations & What I Ate

Today’s Intention: pay attention to the silence behind sounds. Space makes all things possible.

Dear Friends,

I woke up at 7am. I had been up for a couple hours in the night but I felt well rested. Angel had melon for breakfast and I had 16oz fresh squeezed OJ. I spent time in meditation and yoga for about an hour. Then made a banana/raspberry/coconut water smoothie to take with. I drove to the greenhouse and did a little bit of work, then I went and did a house cleaning job. I cleaned for 3 hours. Angel played and ate more melon while I worked. I did a great job and finished just in time to head to George’s.

I drank the smoothie on the way to George’s while listening to fun music. Angel fell asleep. I arrived at George’s right on time. Angel watched pbs and colored with George while I went to the store. When I got back we all celebrated George’s birthday. Angel had coconut date rolls and coconut ice cream. I ate veggie rolls, coconut ice cream and peanuts. Not the best food combining and I was a little bloated but that was just fine.

On the drive home I listened to fun music. When I arrived home, I unloaded groceries and watched the sprinkle rain with Angel for a bit. Then friends arrived for game night at the same time 2 Airbnb guests arrived. I got the guests each settled in their rooms and they joined us for game night. We played games for 3 hours and it was a great time. I drank 32oz fresh oj. Angel played with the kids that had come to game night with their parents.

Everyone left and the guests went to their rooms. I took a cold shower with a very tired and fussy Angel. We went to bed and she nursed to sleep right away.

It was a wonderful day and I am grateful. Tomorrow our road trip to Idaho begins. I’m super excited.

I appreciate rain.

I appreciate yoga.

I appreciate friends coming to visit.

I appreciate music.

I appreciate laughter.

I appreciate bloating.

I appreciate coconut water.

I appreciate cleaning jobs.

Thank you for being a part of our lives.

I appreciate you!

Smiling and yours,



Today’s Intention & Appreciations

Today’s intention: understand that I cannot suffer and be present at the same time.

Dear Friends,

Today was a wonderful day of church, great conversations, laughs, naps, cuddles and most delicious of all…morning, afternoon and evening walks.

I am taking a day off from my blog.

I appreciate wagons.

I appreciate naps.

I appreciate stars.

I appreciate tickles.

I appreciate 2 year olds.

I appreciate Inspiration.

I appreciate the color purple.

Thank you for being a part of our lives.

I appreciate you!

Happily yours,


Today’s Intention, Sounds & Appreciations

Today’s Intention: choose to make it easy to live with myself.

Dear Friends,

Angel Baby is doing much better. Her fever broke again in late morning. She slept extra today but was otherwise completely content, eating and doing the things she likes to do.

I went for a long walk tonight pulling Angel in our new fold up canvas wagon that Nick gifted to us. It was just starting to get dark and I listened deeply to the sounds all around me. I mentally stretched my ears to see how many sounds I could hear that were far away and then listened to each sound all the way back in towards myself. I listened to sounds and erased their name. A dog barking was not a dog barking, it was just a baritone sound. The cicadas were not singing, I was only a undentified sound. I mixed and matched the sounds I was hearing. The tenor of a dog barking kept time to the sound of a chuga chuga train. The distant cars were whooshing a melody. The sound of my feet walking, a crunching bass rrythym. The silence in between the sound was vast and comforting.

Two ladies were sitting on their front porch of a house that was falling apart last year. This year it’s been repaired and remodeled and looks absolutely lovely. I tell them how wonderful their house looks. They say thanks and give credit to their brother. Saying what a blessing he is. I tell them he has done beautiful work.

Around the corner their are 2 people throwing grass into the back of a truck. As I approach, the truck drives away and the 2 people start walking in front of me. In front is a lady and she is marching away lecturing a man walking behind her. He mumbles some kind of protest every once in a while. I watch as if it is a scene in a movie. I am amused. It’s a great show. They turn down a driveway and I smile at them as I walk past. The lady immediately stops lecturing the man and they both burst into instant smiles. They talk to us for a few minutes, mostly talking to Angel about her walk and saying how cute she was. We wish other a good night and the movie scene changed as we walked on down the road.

Now we were witnessing a beautiful sunset. We watched the sun slowly set behind some beautiful live oak trees. It was a great ending to a delightful walk.

I appreciate sounds.

I appreciate wagons.

I appreciate fun drives.

I appreciate help with mulch.

I appreciate legs.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Miraculously yours,


Today’s Intention, A Good Cry, Appreciations & What I Ate

Today’s intention: release fears of rejection and unworthiness. Connect with my inner self, deeply feel the wholeness that I am.

Dear Friends,

I woke up several times in the night, checking on Angel. Sometime in mid morning her fever broke. I felt very relieved. I got up at 7:30am, I felt tired and sluggish from not sleeping well. I really just wanted to have a good cry. I was feeling fears of rejection and unworthiness and I knew they had surfaced because my body opens up when I’m on my period and stuff that needs to be released pops up so I can see it to release it. I was grateful for the fears being brought to my awareness and also feeling too tired to give it much effort.

I went into the front room of the house and the a/c was making a loud funny noise and not blowing cold air. I didn’t want to mess with putting in the spare a/c. I just wanted to lie back down and rest. I got out the spare a/c and with Nick’s help I got them switched around and the new/used a/c is much better. It even has an energy saver mode. Yay for the old one breaking down!

I cut up summer kiss melon for Angel and blended 64oz of watermelon for me and slowly drank it. I had a good cry while talking to Nick about the fears I was feeling and that felt awesome. Yes..sweet release! Angel played around me the rest of the morning while i listened to “The Power of Now”, lying on the floor and meditating. I did an enema in the late morning to get things moving. In the early afternoon Hyatt did a reiki session with me and I had another good cry during that. Thank you Hyatt! I felt more stuff release. I was feeling deeply connected to my inner self and my chest was purring by the time the session was over.

I had some more blended watermelon and then did a phone consultation before driving to work. On the drive to work Angel fell asleep and I listened to fun music. At George’s, I folded laundry and ran errands. I had veggie rolls for a snack while I was out and about.

After work Nick and I went to a Meetup at a vegan restaurant and Angel stayed with George and Peggy. On the drive to the restaurant I was feeling kind of puffy and yucky. I knew it was period detox stuff. I starred feeling frustrated about it but then I closed my eyes (Nick was driving) and went inside myself. I felt good deep inside and full of love. I came out and felt the wonderful sun shining on me and the wind blowing across my body and it all felt so amazing. My purr was back on and I felt incredible peace and connection. Everything I saw was beautiful and amazing. I was floating and the fears were gone.

At the restaurant I realized that I had gotten to Meetup day wrong when the group wasn’t there. We decided to just eat anyway and enjoy ourselves. I had steamed rice and veggies. The conversation was fun and I continued to feel deeply connected with everyone and everything. After dinner Nick took me back to George’s and I got Angel. Her fever had come back and she’s been asleep the whole time I had been gone.

I listened to fun music on the drive home. Nick had bought bright headlights that we put in my truck that morning, after putting in the new/used a/c and I was amazed at how much better I could see the road at night. Thank you Nick! When I got home, I put away groceries, put Angel to bed and chatted with Nick awhile until I realized how late it was getting. So I went to bed and wrote my blog. Angel is still burning hot. I hope her fever breaks in the night again. I’m not sure what is causing the fever but I have a feeling it’s her 2 year old molars that are cutting through.

I appreciate fevers.

I appreciate gifts.

I appreciate crying.

I appreciate release.

I appreciate fears.

I appreciate the color orange.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Peacefully yours,



Today’s Intention, My Period, Fever, Appreciations & What I Ate

Today’s intention: understand that life is not about solving my problems, it’s about realizing that I have no problems.

Dear Friends,

I woke up at 6:30am. I had slept deeply. I meditated facing east, greeting the sun. I paused my meditation to have a good bm and cut up a cantaloupe for Angel. I continued meditating and then did some yoga with Angel. I talked with Nick a while until he went to work. Then I blended up 64oz. of watermelon and drove to the greenhouse.

At the greenhouse I showed Hyatt some things to take care of when I’m gone on my road trip to Idaho and back. Angel ended up getting into a bunch of fire ants and got quiet a few bites. She handled it well and didn’t even really cry.

I drove to do some work removing all the hardware from kitchen cupboards and drawers to get them ready to be painted. Angel played and ate her melon while I worked. She is such a delightful child. I can work for hours and she is happy to entertain herself. I drank my blended watermelon. Which made me pee a lot and one of the times I went to pee, I saw I had started my period. Yay!! I love my monthly cleanse. I was extra excited because I had just been listening to the “Power of Now” and Eckhart was talking about how deeply connected women are able to become to their inner spirit during their periods. Yes! I experience that often during my menses. I feel so grounded and in love with everyone and everything.

After finishing work, I drove home. Angel fell asleep on the short drive. I brought her in and she slept on the couch for an hour or so, which is a long nap for her. I drank a 64oz. banana/mango/fig/coconut water smoothie. I laid down with Angel and took a 20 minute nap. It was light and refreshing. I relaxed and talked to Nick and Hyatt until Angel woke up. Then Hyatt, Angel and I headed to the swimming hole.

At the swimming hole we played and swam for a couple of hours. I ate some cherries and Angel ate more cantaloupe that Hyatt shared with her. I feel so peaceful when I am there in nature. The sounds and sights and smells are all so wonderful. There are tiny little white fish that nibble on you in the water and they are so cute with their big eyes. Angel gets excited when she sees them and says, “fish! fish!”. There are adorable big black ants that like to check out what is going on when I am resting on the shore. One stopped and was rubbing it’s face today. I thought my heart would melt from the cuteness.

When we got home from swimming, Angel had fallen asleep in the car again. This was very unusual for her to sleep this much. I laid her on the couch, then I made a big salad with lettuce, spinach, cabbage, pumpkin seeds and fresh picked tomatoes, with lemon tahini dressing. I ate the salad while I played cards with Hyatt.

I woke up Angel and she felt hot. Ah ha! That’s why she was sleeping so much, she has a fever. She ate some tahini for dinner and seemed just fine other than having the fever. I gave her a cool bath and nursed her. Hyatt took her on a walk and she was her usual happy self. I took her temperature and it was 103. We went to bed and she nursed to sleep. I will keep watching to see how she does but my intuition says that she is just fine and will pull out of it. Her behavior hasn’t triggered any warning signs, she’s alert and happy when she is awake.

Today’s Intention, Appreciations & What I Ate

Today’s intention: accept what is as if I had chosen it.

Dear Friends,

I am taking today off from my blog.

I appreciate fun family game nights.

I appreciate bananas.

I appreciate deep sleep.

I appreciate Angel falling asleep early.

I appreciate awesome friends.

I appreciate life.

I appreciate big squeezy hugs.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you.

Gratefully yours,


p.s. Breakfast and snack: 64oz. banana/raspberry/date/coconut water smoothie.

Lunch: 32oz. banana/strawberry/coconut water smoothie.

Dinner: a big salad with lettuce, spinach, cabbage, fresh picked tomatoes and half an avocado and a lemon tahini dressing.

Today’s Intention, Hot and Tired, Appreciations & What I Ate

Today’s Intention: breathe with reverence.

Dear Friends,

I loved focusing on my breathe today and breathing with reverence. Amazing!

I woke up at 5:30. I got up and did a morning meditation facing east with the front door open and the huge banana plant watching. I meditated for about an hour, focusing on my breath. I felt very serene and centered when I finished. I talked to Hyatt for a while about how his weekend went and shared about what I’ve been focusing on.

Angel got up and had sugar kiss melon. I ate some with her as well as some watermelon and a 16oz glass of fresh OJ. Then I drove to the greenhouse. Angel played while I worked at setting up more soaker hoses, adding soul to the new beds and putting bricks and boards around the boarder of the new beds. Hyatt walked there and he helped break up the compost and spread it out. We worked for an hour or so.

I drove back home. When we arrived I ate 3 bananas and Nick helped me put my bicycle in the back of the truck to take it in for a tune up and a new spoke. After that, I rested on the couch for a while until I decided I wanted to rearrange the front room. I had a lot of fun doing that and I love the way it turned out. I finished just in time to head to work. I drove to George’s and listened to “The Power of Now” on the drive. Angel fell asleep.

I dropped the bicycle off at the bike shop and arrived at George’s right on time. Angel and George played and watched PBS shows. I ate a handful of peanuts. Then I took out the garbage and recycling, moped the kitchen and bathroom floors and weeded their front yard pathway. George sent me to the store to get some things and I bought some veggie rolls while I was there. When I got back, I ate the veggie rolls and talked with George until it was time to go.

On the drive home I listened to fun music. I closed down the greenhouse on the way. When I arrived at home Nick helped bring groceries in. I was feeling really hot and tired. I started to feel cranky about that as I was bagging up dried tomatoes to send out tomorrow. Then I decided to be ok with being hot and tired..and suddenly I was ok with it.

Hyatt, Nick, Angel and I went for an evening walk. I went barefoot to get a full connection with the earth. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, it was a nice slow paced relaxed walk with great company. When we got home, I took a cold shower and Angel nursed to sleep.

It was a connected day and I am grateful.

I appreciate my lawn being mowed.

I appreciate soaker hoses.

I appreciate being hot and tired.

I appreciate help with dishes.

I appreciate 2 year olds.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Sleepily yours,


Today’s Intention, Guardian Angel, Appreciations & What I Ate

Today’s Intention: practice non resistance. Yield to overcome.

Dear Friends,

I woke up at 7am. I got up and talked with my friend who had stayed overnight for a while until she left to head home. I cut up a sugar kiss melon for Angel and drank 48oz of fresh oj. I talked with my roommate Nick for a while. Then I biked with Angel to the greenhouse. On the ride I realized I had a wobble in my back tire that was rubbing the brake. I got off to investigate and it was a broken spoke as I suspected. I undid my back brake and finished the ride.

I opened up the greenhouse and harvested some tomatoes. Then I rode to the store to get a quicken program so I could begin my new duties as the church treasurer. After getting the program I rode to meet surf the current church treasurer to get things transferred. On the ride I took the main road which was a straight shot. There is a narrow corridor along the way that is a fairly steep hill going down and back up. As I came into to the corridor I was next to a semi truck. I felt a sense of well being next to the truck. I knew the driver was watching out for us. The driver slowed up and gave me room to get in front of him. So I pulled in front and speed peddled down the hill with a huge semi truck following, ensuring us a safe passage through the narrow space. The driver was our guardian angel in that moment and I was incredible grateful. Angel Baby and I we’re cheering and hollering as we flew down the hill. Then I speed peddled back up the other side. When I got to where the road widened I moved over and waved thank you to the truck driver. He gave us a cheerful beep beep and went on his way. I felt exhilarated from getting my heart rate up and being filled with overflowing gratitude for having been shown such kindness. It made me realize that when I see the cars on the road as my protectors then that is my reality and I am protected. When I see the cars as a dangerous than I am in danger.

We arrived to meet with the church treasurer but she wasn’t there and must have forgotten. I rode to the post office and sent off a zucchini chip and apple chip order. I rode to the church and dropped off the quicken program. Then I rode home. At home I ate some watermelon and sliced up harvested tomatoes for a big dried tomato order. I got them all in the dehydrator, vacuumed and moped the doors. I listened to “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life” and “Power of Now” while I worked. Then I decided it was rest time. I laid on the couch, meditated and rested for a couple of hours. Nick came in the front room, we talked and played with Angel for a while until he headed back to his room to work some more.

I received a response from a futon I had inquired about. So Angel and I went to look at it. It was great, so I bought it and brought it home. Nick helped unload it and put it in the other Airbnb room. I made it up and then we all went out to run errands. We went to the store to get a canvas collapsible wagon. Then we went to eat. I had steamed brown rice and veggies. After dinner we closed up the greenhouse and went for a walk with the new wagon. It didn’t work out too well because the handle didn’t extend enough. I was having trouble focusing on the walk because I was dealing with a problem with an Airbnb reservation not showing up even though the guest had called me to talk about his arrival time. He couldn’t have gotten my number unless the booking was completed but I hadn’t even received a notification of a booking. So I was on the phone with him and trying to get a hold of Airbnb. Finally we got it worked out and i looked around me. I realized that I hadn’t even been present with my environment because I was so focused on fixing virtual problems. I put my phone away and enjoyed the rest of the walk.

When we got back to the car we went back to the store and returned the wagon. It was just too uncomfortable to pull with a short handle. Then we went home. I picked up the house, took a cold shower with Angel and went to bed. Angel nursed to sleep and I wrote my blog.

It was a magical day and I am grateful.

I appreciate semi trucks.

I appreciate bicycles.

I appreciate Airbnb.

I appreciate clean sheets.

I appreciate breath.

I appreciate tomatoes.

I appreciate hand stands.

I appreciate laughter.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Blessedly yours,


Today’s Intention, Swimming in the Rain, Appreciations & What I Ate

Today’s Intention: be soft like water.

Dear Friends,

I woke up at 7:30am. I had been up in the night and I was tired but Angel was awake and I had things I wanted to do. I shared 2 sugar kiss melons with Angel for breakfast. Then I made a banana/peach/coconut water smoothie to take to church. I was going to drive to the greenhouse to open it up when I remembered that I the seats in my truck were soaking wet from my windows being left open during a rain storm yesterday. Nick offered to drive us to the greenhouse and I accepted. After opening the greenhouse and grabbing food, Nick dropped up off at church. I cleaned the church, did the flower arrangements and set up for service.

During church I was in charge of the music. It was complicated doing that and tending to Angel. I felt myself getting frustrated and took Angel out of the service inbetween songs and lectured a 2 year old! I stood back and saw what was happening and decided to just go with the flow and not expect a certain outcome. After that I felt much better even though the songs got all mixed up..I just laughed it off and the congregation followed.

When church was over I cleaned up and then participated in a church meeting. I felt so tired and I noticed myself getting frustrated again during the meeting, when it was going on and on without things getting resolved in what I thought would have been a timely matter. Finally the meeting was over and I walked home with Angel on my shoulders. As I came up to the house I saw Nick outside polishing the headlights on my truck. Wow! I thanked him and he proceeded to tell me how he had hung my laundry on the clothes line and had taken it down after it dried. I immediately felt flooded with relief. Thank you, thank you Nick! I suddenly felt less tired. I realized than that a lot of the tired feeling I had experienced all morning was from thinking about all the stuff I needed to do. Ah ha! Of course, a beautiful example of how my thoughts cause my suffering. I was grateful to see that so clearly.

When Nick finished polishing my headlights we all went to the swimming hole in Nick’s car. On the way we went to a little restaurant and I ate a big salad. When we got to the swimming hole it started to rain. We decided we would still go swimming. It was so fun being in the warm river water with the cool rain coming down. We swam, skipped rocks and played for a couple of hours. Angel is getting so good at swimming!

On the drive home I felt refreshed and peaceful. I am incredibly grateful to have such a beautiful place to swim and be in nature. When we arrived home, Angel was asleep. I made a big salad for dinner and ate it while playing cards with Nick. A friend arrived at around 8pm and Angel woke up at the same time. My friend rested in her room and went to bed early. Angel ate sugar kiss melon and played while Nick and I played cards until 10pm. That is super late for me but Angel wasn’t going to be going to sleep early after a late evening nap.

I took a cold shower and did an enema before going to bed since I hadn’t pooped today. Then Angel and I went to her. Angel didn’t fall asleep while nursing but fell asleep while I was writing my blog.

It was a insightful day and I am grateful.

I appreciate Nick.

I appreciate rain.

I appreciate rivers.

I appreciate spiders.

I appreciate the color green.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Peacefully yours,