Yesterday was a blissful, fun day.

I woke up. Grabbed a case of grapes and 4 melons that I had bought the day before. Loaded everything up on my bike and took off. I had to get the the Mennonite Church and clean it before 9:30. I made it there and finished cleaning just as people were starting to show up. I quickly ate a huge crenshaw melon…it was so perfectly ripe and juicy…I get excited just thinking about it. Since I was there I decided to join my Mennonite friends in the Adult Ed. class. We talked about serenity. I was able to share about some things I was working on…such as…I am trying to figure out how when I happen to be around chaos and negative energy, how to keep my positive energy and not take on the negativity. Like what I experienced as my mom’s the other day. I know that people sending out that kind of energy need to be shown love and kindness more than anyone else. I don’t know how to show them that love and kindness and I want to learn. I just love being with the Mennonites. They were so helpful and basically I learned that it is all about practice. I just need to keep practicing 🙂 How wonderful is that?

After church there was a potluck. There were a lot of people there because it was a joint worship Sunday where all the Mennonite churches in the valley met at one place. Great opportunity to get in my introduction in for the day. Which I promptly did, I met a man holding a very little baby. His name is Jeremy and I forgot the babies name. At the potluck I was not even tempted by all the food. I just filled up a plate as high as I could with grapes, sat down and started eating. Had great food and conversation the whole meal, met two more people Duane and I can’t remember his wife’s name. Since everyone is used to me eating mass amounts of fruit..I didn’t even have to explain my food choices 🙂

After the potluck I rode to Jamba Juice and met my friend Will. We had plans to go on a hike up to a plateau called Tablerock. I got my favorite smoothie bottled up at Jamba Juice…fresh squeezed oj blended with mango. Then Will and I took off on our adventure. It was a really fun hike. At the top I introduced myself to two more people. Jonathan and Josh, they caught my attention because they were eating apples. I got them on video.. here is a link  Hike to Tablerock . I drank my smoothie and we hiked back down.

After the hike I rode across town to a friends birthday party. This particular friend is hard for me to be around. His energy is very chaotic and confusing to me. I decided this would be a chance to practice my energy work. So I showed up, I was early and the first one there. Immediately I could sense his energy and I felt extremely tired. I just wanted to turn around and head back out of the door and start running. I knew that would be very hurtful to him though and I didn’t run. I stayed. He went to take a shower and I grabbed a melon, went out back and walked around, peacefully eating. I was almost done eating when my friend came out back and asked if I would do him a favor. I don’t like being asked to do favors and was instantly irritated and the tiredness came over me again. I just wanted to lay down and go to sleep. He asked me if I would pick some tomatoes out of his garden. I didn’t want to…that was the last thing I wanted to do. I wanted to get the hell out of there. Instead I picked tomatoes for him. I brought them in and told him I had to leave. He seemed a little upset that I was leaving, so I explained that I had to go through my e-mails and pick up my daughter. Just then the doorbell rang and a bunch of people showed up. People that knew me, but I didn’t know them. They said they were friends with my sister and her husband. I started talking to them. More people to introduce myself to! So I met Jeff, Fawn, Jason and Perry (sp?).  Other people showed up as well and I introduced myself to them, but I forgot their names. Perry and I bonded and somehow we got to talking about food, then other people joined in and I got the usual questions about where I get my protein, etc. I made sure to keep it all positive, the last thing I wanted was to get into an argument about food. I just smiled and was accepting of how other people said they wanted to eat. By that time I was cutting it close on the time to pick up my daughter. So I said my goodbyes and rode home.

I made it home and a little while later Savana’s dad dropped her off and she got ready for bed. After she was in a bed I got a phone call from my friend Ron in NY. We talked for about an hour, great fun conversation. Making plans for him to come visit…fun stuff. I made a big salad while talking to him. A pound of mixed greens, with raw tahini lemon dressing on it. Yummy! Ate that, answered my e-mails and off to bed 🙂




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