Somehow everything seems to work out for the best

Woke up at 5 a.m. Had bad dreams all night. Felt super dehydrated…ahh…that salt from the salsa at the buffet! I remember Doug Graham saying once you eat table salt that it takes 4 months for your body to recover. That’s not until February…aww…bummer.

I got up and drank a bunch of water. At 7:45 a.m. I had a physical therapy appointment for my shoulder, that I partially tore the rotator cuff on back in May. I wanted to get some more sleep before then, so I went back to bed, but I couldn’t fall asleep.  I was thinking about an e-mail that I had gotten the day before from a boyfriend that I had my senior year in high school. I hadn’t heard from him for 22 years. He found my web site when he was looking for organic and health food information. It was really great getting in touch with him! He is doing great..happily marriage, loves his job, two kids. It just gave me a warm fuzzy feeling to know that he is doing so well years later. I love making contact with people from my past and finding out they are having and have had a great life.

When I left for physical therapy I left Savana at home. She said she still had a sore throat. My physical therapy wasn’t very far away. I hadn’t been to therapy in two months. I had been traveling around. First I went to the fruit festival and then a couple weeks later I was at health and fitness week. When I was officially back in Boise I had my play practice, so I am just now getting back to it. It was very obvious that I hadn’t been working on my shoulder. When my therapist measured I had lost 10 degrees in movement. It’s time to get serious again about doing my exercises and getting my shoulder back to 100 %.

When I got home I made Savana some toast and applesauce for breakfast. I had 64 oz of a mango, fresh squeezed oj smoothie. The interim pastor of the Mennonite church came over to help me install my wood stove.  There was another guy from the church that was supposed to meet us…he didn’t show up so I called and he had forgot but said we could come to his house and get the tools we needed. So we drove there. The pastor got the tools while I was invited to pick as many grapes as I wanted off of their vines. I picked three big bags full by the time we left. Free food!!

After that we needed to go to a wood stove store to get the pipes. On the drive I ate a bunch of grapes. At the store we asked about a 5 inch pipe for my little wood stove. They didn’t sell 5 inch..only 6 and 8 inch. We would have to special order an adapter and it was going to cost $650.00 for all the pipeing.  We visited a couple of other stores and ran into the same thing. By that time we knew we wouldn’t have time to install the pipes even if we did get them. I was feeling really tired from waking up too early.  We decided to go back to my house and research other options. I suggested we stop at one of my neighbors on the corner. An older retired man and his wife live there named Ray and Joanne. Ray installed his wood stove, so I thought he might have some useful information.

I am so glad we did stop. Ray said he had a beautiful wood stove that included all the pipes for sale for $500.00. We took a look at it and it is so much nicer than the stove I have, and it has everything we needed. Score! I bought it! The pastor won’t have time to help me install it for 2 weeks, but I think I can make it until then.

Back at home Savana wanted more toast for lunch. I made myself a big salad with a lb. of mixed greens and my raw tahini, lemon dressing. It was really good and satisfying. I had a friend stop by and pick up an old rabbit cage that she wanted. I was supposed to go to my private yoga session and then Savana was supposed to go to voice lessons. She said she didn’t think she could sing with her throat hurting, so I canceled both things and decided to take a nap.  I was so tired, I thought I would sleep for a couple of hours. The phone woke me up a half hour later, it was my mom and she was in one of her negative moods. I managed to get off the phone quickly and even though I wanted to go back to sleep, it just wasn’t happening. So I got up and made up 95 0z. of fresh squeezed oj and bottled it up to take to my play performance.

My friend Anthony called me, the one I wrote about a couple of days ago traveling to Boise from upstate Montana on his bicycle. Anthony was about a 4 hour drive away from Boise, 240 miles and he was tired. He wanted to know if I could come get him. I really wished I could, but I didn’t have the car and I had to be at my play in a couple of hours. I suggested he rest for day or two and I could come get him on Saturday. He said he would call Saturday morning and let me know how he felt. I told him to call early because I had a friend I had to pick up at the airport at 2 p.m. So both the people coming to visit me might be visiting at the same time. It can be a fruit party! 🙂

Savana’s grandma Lee had called and said she missed Savana and wanted her to stay the night. So when I left for my play I sent Savana over there. I got a call on my way out the door from a lady who wanted to do my consultation. Yay! I had a great talk with her on my bike ride to the play.

When I got to the play one of my 32 oz,jars of oj had broken and all the oj had spilled out. Oh well, I had the other 2 jars to hold me over and they did. The play performance was great! I felt fantastic and had tons of good energy to share. I realized before the play started that I hadn’t done my introduction for the day. Oh no! I quickly looked around and I didn’t know the lady sitting at the ticket table. I promptly went over and her name is Claudia.

I got home around 10 p.m. and was writing my blog when I got a chat message from Anthony on facebook. He is doing great, he made it to Riggins, Idaho. Only 160 more miles to go. He is going to try to do another 60 miles tomorrow and then he will call on Saturday and let me know what he wants to do. Yay Anthony!!!

It is 11 p.m., I just ate about 6 dates and I am headed to bed. I have four cleaning jobs tomorrow, plus my play. Need to get lots of rest 🙂

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