Dear Friends,

Victoria and Angel spent the morning juicing. They made celery, cucumber, apple juice. They juiced a watermelon, peel and all. Then they made lemon juice and then finally tangelo juice.

After cleaning up the kitchen, they decided to go for a walk. Angel fell asleep immediately. Victoria lowered the back of Angel’s seat so she could lay down. When she did that, a snail fell off the back of the stroller onto the road. Normally Victoria would have just tossed it gently into the nearby grass but today something different happened. Victoria picked up the snail and looked at it. Its little eyes were waving around and Victoria found it to be adorable. She asked the snail where it would like to be placed. She set it on a nearby mailbox but the snail didn’t seem interested in sticking to it. So she held it up to a tree. It gently touched the tree, shrunk back and then reached for the tree again. This time it grabbed hold. Victoria watched it move along the tree trunk for a while, she found it fascinating to watch how it moved and wondered if it was making eye contact or not with its wiggly eyes.

Later that day Angel and Victoria were standing in the front doorway naming all the things they saw. Angel pointed out a snail stuck on her baby gate. It was in a spot where Angel could easily get to it and accidentally squish it. Victoria thought to move it to a safer area. She picked it up and it immediately tucked up inside its shell. She held it and watched and waited. It didn’t take long and it started to come out of its shell. Victoria was mesmerized. It was like watching a suspense movie. The body slowly rolled out of the shell in a circular motion. Slowly and gracefully it unrolled, at last exposing its head. Then Victoria saw the eyes pop up out of the body. She found that to be delightful and laughed from the joy of it. Victoria was grateful for snails and her heart grew bigger.

I appreciate snails.

I appreciate dewberries.

I appreciate breath.

I appreciate flowers.

I appreciate ants.

I appreciate chairs.

I appreciate strollers.

Thank you for reading my blog and appreciations.

I appreciate you!

Thankfully yours,