Saying goodbye to Anthony

October 26th, 2011
Woke up at 6 a.m.  Wrote my blog. Got Savana up, fed her oatmeal and fresh squeezed oj for breakfast. Sent her off to school and went back to bed.

I woke up again at 9 a.m. Anthony got up also. I uploaded the first part of our video about our adventures. I didn’t do high quality to save on time and it didn’t turn out very good. I figured I would re-do it later.

I made 60 oz. of fresh squeezed oj, blended with 6 mango’s. I drank that for breakfast. Then I blended 14 banana’s up with a little bit of water and bottled it up to take with me.

Anthony and I said our goodbyes. He would be gone by the time I got home from work. I am going to miss him a lot. With us both being fruitarians and sharing the same energy vibes…we really bonded. I will really miss eating fruit together.

I left for work and grabbed a watermelon on the way out of the door. I cried a little bit on the mile ride. My first job went well. After that I took the bus downtown. I rode 5 miles from downtown to Wylla’s. At Wylla’s I ate my watermelon and we talked as usual. I told her all about our adventure to Southern Idaho this weekend and about the ass slapping incident with my brother in law. She is so wonderful to talk with and gives me her words of wisdom to keep me on track.

After Wylla’s. I rode 5 miles back downtown. It was a chilly day, but the sun was shining bright and beautiful. I was enjoying being out on my bike.

Downtown I got on the bus. There was a really good looking young guy on there. I smiled at him when I got on, just like I smile at everyone. I sat one seat away from him and I could see him inching over, thinking about talking to me. So I asked him how things were going and that started us talking. His name is Dante and he is 26, works at a one the grocery stores in town. It was a enjoyable conversation and we decided to stay in touch 🙂 I got my introduction for the day in and it was a good one.

I got off the bus and went to the grocery store to buy some stuff for my next clients, Bob and Maggie. I must have been putting out a glow of some sort because I had many people approach me and randomly talk to me while I was shopping. It was very interesting, but the interactions were all good energy and positive. I was having fun with it.

After getting groceries, I rode a mile to my clients house. I talked to Maggie a while and she watched the video I had put up on youtube and I drank my 14 banana smoothie. Then I made dinner and cleaned the house. Savana called me while I was there and wanted to know when I was going to get her hair cut. She wanted it done for halloween and I hadn’t gotten around to it. I told her to ride her bike and meet me and we would go to a walk in hair salon and get it cut.

I met Savana as I was leaving Bob and Maggies and we went to “Great Clips”. I walked in the door and an old acquaintance of mine was working there. We talked and caught up on each others lives while she was cutting Savana’s hair. It was great to hear how well she was doing.

We left “Great Clips” and rode a mile home. When I got there Anthony was gone and I was thinking about where he might be right now on his bicycle. Probably somewhere in eastern Oregon.

I had about an hour of free time before I had to do a phone consultation. I was trying to get the video to upload at a higher quality. Youtube was telling me I needed to update my firefox. So I downloaded the newer version only to find out that it wouldn’t work on my computer because it was too old. So now I had no access to the internet at all. I was feeling frustrated with computer crap and deleted the new version I had downloaded only to find out I now had no firefox at all. ARG!! So I asked Savana if I could use her laptop until I got mine fixed. She reluctantly said I could. I quickly made up a salad with 1 lb. of mixed greens and my tahini, lemon dressing and ate that.

I did my consult and right after that I called into a radio show in LA that I was a guest on for the hour. I had a lot of fun doing that. I think I did ok in talking about the fruitarian diet and how it has changed my life in fantastic ways. I was a little bit nervous, but not too bad.

After that I tried fixing my computer for a while before I gave up and went to bed at around 10:30 p.m. My bed was very lonely. There was no one to snuggle with, all my snuggly friends were gone and I cried for about a minute, then I felt better and went to sleep.


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  • David

    October 28, 2011 at 2:08 pm Reply – These guys are fueled by plant foods. Incredible results and incredible exercise routines. Really inspirational they can do all this on a plant food diet.

    • Vibrant Victoria

      October 28, 2011 at 2:14 pm Reply

      thanks for sharing David

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