October 20th, 2011


First of all I wanted to make a few things in my blog clear. I had someone asking me on facebook yesterday if I am having sex with Anthony and “Joe” every night. The answer to that is NO. When I say snuggling, it is simply that.

Woke up at 7 a.m. Woke Savana up. Made her oatmeal and applesauce for breakfast and sent her off to school. Anthony and “Joe” got up as well, which was a nice surprise. Usually they sleep in a lot later. I wrote my blog while Anthony made me some fresh squeezed oj. I blended the oj with 2 mango’s and bottles up 50 oz. to take with me. The banana’s I had bought the week before were finally ripe. Yay!! So I grabbed 10 of those and took off for work.

I rode a mile to the bus stop. At the bus stop there was a lady there that I didn’t know. Great time to get my introduction in early in the day. Her name is Mary. On the bus an older man starting talking to me. I introduced myself to him as well, to make up for yesterday. His name is “Fred”. He lives in Eagle which is about 10 miles outside of Boise. He drives into Boise. Parks his car and rides the bus to work. I thought that was pretty cool. I drank my oj/mango smoothie while I was talking to him.

I got off the bus and rode a mile to my first job. It went well. Then I rode 3 miles to my second job. At that job I used their vita mix and made myself a 10 banana smoothie, it was yummy. I had realized the night before when Anthony brought me the banana smoothie that it was time to start eating banana’s again. I usually don’t eat very many banana’s in the summer. During the hot months I feel so good eating the juicy stone fruits, melons, berries and all the local produce. In the winter I pretty much live off banana’s and go through a case a week. I had been resisting winter coming and going back to banana’s…I didn’t want to! Once I had that banana smoothie last night though, I knew it was time and my body was wanting them.

So welcome back banana’s!

After my second and last job I rode to meet Anthony and “Joe” downtown. When I got there Anthony was there feasting on a watermelon but Joe was not there. Anthony said that Joe had gone back to bed, said he was too tired and didn’t come along. I was a little bit irritated about this because I had wanted to show him some more things around Boise. I called my house and Joe answered the phone all sleepy and said all this bike riding was wearing him out. Anthony said he had eaten two sandwiches and then fell asleep. We both found that quite amusing, since we knew if either of us ate two sandwiches we would be comatose for the rest of the day. It’s hard keeping up with us fruitarians 🙂 I decided to not be irritated and have a good time with Anthony.

We rode a mile to the Boise Bicycle Project and did some work on Anthony’s bike to get it ready for him to hit the road again. Anthony loved it there and the guys that work there helped him out so much, explaining a lot of things to him. We were there a good 2 hours. After that we rode a mile to a grocery store called Winco to see about getting some bulk produce. I usually don’t shop there even though they are inexpensive, because their produce always looks horrible. As usually the produce wasn’t looking so great. I did notice that they have more of an organic selection though. Awesome! I bought a bunch of mango’s, some lemons and organic mixed greens there.

Then we rode a mile to the co-op. We had a case of dates waiting for us that we had ordered earlier in the week. I also bought some potatoes for Savana and some more raw tahini. We were both thinking by then that we were starving to death. We rode downtown to wait for Savana to get off the city bus for her voice lessons. We feast and feasted on dates. So freaking yummy!

Savana arrived and ate some of her dinner that I had ordered for her from a local restaurant called “Bittercreek”. One of the only restaurants I will support. The owner of Bittercreek uses as much local and organic produce as possible. They make from scratch all their sauces including ketchup. They use metal straws and cloth napkins. Most of their meat is local and organic and they give me the scraps to feed to my cats. I have my own little section in the freezer in the basement 🙂 Also they have compost bins in the basement and they are trying to have zero waste come out of the restaurant by the end of 2012.

Savana rode off to voice lessons and Anthony was wanting to get some avocado’s. We rode a mile to a store called Albertsons since he didn’t like the ones at the other two stores we had visited earlier. Albertsons is crazy expensive and the price of avocado’s was ridiculous. So I told Anthony on his way home to stop at another grocery store by my house called “Fred Meyer”. I knew they would have good avocado’s at a good price.

After Savana’s voice lessons we met her went to Flying M. She ate the rest of her dinner and I made up some of my raw tahini/lemon dressing to take with me to my play. We all rode together part of the way back to my house. It was such an amazing ride. We were all howling and carrying on. I turned off early to go do my play, it was about a 4 mile ride. Anthony and Savana went on to my house. Savana was going to go to her grandma’s for the night, but instead she wanted to stay with Anthony and Joe while I was at the play. I felt like she would be safe in that situation and Anthony and Joe said it was no problem.

The play went great. I ate a lb. of lettuce with my tahini/lemon dressing before and during intermission. I had found out about my cousin dying of a drug overdose. I wasn’t close to him but was still feeling somewhat sad during the second half of the play. By the time the play was over and I rode the very cold 3 miles home I was feeling a little better.

Once at home, Savana was already in bed. Anthony and Joe were watching a “Bugs Life” on my laptop. Anthony said he was really impressed with Savana on the bike ride and how strong she is and how much endurance she has. I was like…ya! She’s my daughter…I make sure she was is tough. I want her to be a happy strong functional adult.

I checked my e-mail on Savana’s laptop. Joe made me 20 oz of fresh squeezed oj. Then we all watched the movie version of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”…which after doing my play for a couple of months I was feeling pretty tired of Rocky Horror. The guys enjoyed it though and we all went to bed around midnight. I was all snuggled warm in the middle again…hehe.