Saturday Fruitluck And Winter Ramblings

Saturday Fruitluck And Winter Ramblings

Dear Diary and Friends,

Today was our weekly fruitluck. I had an incredible time. We met at a wandering vegan market. There were a few people there that hadn’t been in a while. I loved getting reaquinted with them. I loved the energy and the conversations abd the weather and everything. It was a lovely experience.

I am so glad it’s warm again. Those 3 days of grey, cold winter we had were challenging. I can handle 2 days but on the 3rd day my happy goes away. All those years of living through Idaho winters with inversions and weeks without seeing in the sun. The winter before I moved to Texas it didn’t get above 25 degrees all of January and not a peek of sunlight due to an inversion. I tried happy lights and supplanting vitamin d and tanning booths to bring back my happy. Nothing worked except going south in the winter. I understand that some people love cold, grey weather and it works for them. For myself I thrive with sunlight and warmth. I’m so grateful to have faced my fear of leaving Idaho. I was 2 months pregnant, recently divorced and still decided to move south. You go girl!! Lol. I love Texas.

I’m rambling on in my journal writing tonight. Lol.

I appreciate warm weather.

I appreciate people.

I appreciate flowers.

I appreciate strawberries.

I appreciate lavender oil.

I appreciate leaves.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Warmly yours,


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