Today’s Intention, Fruitluck & Appreciations

Today’s Intention: understand that when I am suffering, I am only a thought away of peace and contentment.

Dear Friends,

This is a short blog today.

Today was fruitluck day! I had such a wonderful time meeting up with fruity friends. We have all grown so close and it’s refreshing to share our struggles and our victories with each other each week. Eating only fruit and vegetables can be isolating at times and having face to face connections with local people who understand the path you are on is uplifting.

I appreciate fruitlucks.

I appreciate wonderful phone calls.

I appreciate my truck getting washed.

I appreciate summer rain storms.

I appreciate sitting and watching the rain.

I appreciate early bedtimes.

I appreciate durian.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Sleepily yours,


Today’s Intention & Appreciations

Today’s Intention: do everything…walk, eat, drive, talk, breath…with reverence.

Dear Friends,

I’m taking the day off from my blog.

I appreciate lettuce.

I appreciate coconut water.

I appreciate audiobooks.

I appreciate George.

I appreciate pet sitting.

I appreciate Nick.

I appreciate Airbnb.

I appreciate the color orange.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Authentically yours,


Today’s Intention, Snacks and Juice, Appreciations and What I Ate

Today’s intention: align with what is. 

Dear Friends,

I woke up at 5:30am. I did some deep breathing and read “Real Magic” by Wayne Dyer. I fell back asleep around 7:30 and slept for an hour until Angel woke up. I got up and had a nice poop. Angel and I went outside and shared 2 sugar kiss melons. Then I had another good poop. Yay! 2 poops!

I cleaned most of the house where I am house sitting. I left a little bit to touch up tomorrow or Saturday morning before Oliver’s mom Pam comes back. Angel played outside with Oliver while I cleaned. Then we all walked to my house. I made a banana/strawberry/coconut water smoothie and shard with Angel. Angel played with her toys and I relaxed for a little bit. I received a phone call from my mom ordering a bunch more kale chips and zucchini chips. So I drove to the store with Angel to get ingredients.

When we arrived home I juiced a bunch of lemons and limes and sliced a bunch of onions and started them drying. Then I made a big batch of zucchini chips, kale chips, onion flax crackers and dried apples. I put it all in the dehydrators. Angel helped me and I am amazed at how helpful she actually is. She watches what I do and sees what I need to do next. When I was juicing she started handing me the apple pieces when I needed them next. She’s so smart! Next Hyatt helped me slice apples and I juiced 128oz. of apple juice. When I finished and cleaned up, I felt very accomplished. We all listened to “Excuses Begone” while I had been working in the kitchen. I love that book!! Good stuff!!

I made myself a big salad for dinner. It was lettuce, cabbage, mushrooms, tomato, a small amount of avocado and a small amount of sunflower seeds..with a light lemon tahini dressing. It was a huge salad and it took me an hour to eat as I savored each bite while playing rummicube with Hyatt and Nick. We played the game until 7pm. Then I walked back to Oliver’s house with Nick. He walked Oliver and I pushed Angel in the stroller. We went the scenic route since it was still early. Angel fell asleep on the walk which I knew she would because she didn’t have a nap. At Oliver’s house, I said goodbye to Nick and went straight to bed with Angel.

It was a wonderful slow paced productive day and I am grateful.

I appreciate fresh apple juice.

I appreciate big salads.

I appreciate walks.

I appreciate morning naps.

I appreciate rummicube.

I appreciate my legs.

I appreciate the color yellow.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Fabulously yours,


Today’s Intention, A Blissful Day, Appreciations and What I Ate

Today’s Intention: think with awareness.

Dear Friends,

Angel woke me up at 6:30am. She nursed and then we walked to our house with Oliver (we are still house/dog sitting). On the walk I listened to “Excuses Begone” and did deep breathing. At home we shared a melon and I cut up and packed another one to go. Then my roommates and friends Nick and Hyatt followed me in my truck. Hyatt drove Savana’s car and Nick drove his car with Angel and Oliver. Hyatt dropped Savana’s car off at one repair shop to get a new tire put on. Then he got in Nick’s car and they followed me to another repair shop to drop off my truck to get a new radiator put in. I also got in Nick’s and he took us to the greenhouse and dropped us all off.

Hyatt and I worked in the greenhouse for about an hour or so while Angel and Oliver played. Then we walked back home. On the way we ate cantaloupe and stopped at the repair shop where Savana’s car was at. The new tire was put on, so Hyatt drove the car home with Oliver. Angel and I finished walking. I arrived home 25 minutes before I was scheduled to be interviewed on video. Just enough time to take a nice big poop and get set up. The interview went great and I had a blast doing it.

I rested for a couple of hours while Angel played. Then I made a banana/mango/strawberry/ coconut water smoothie. Hyatt drove me to pick up my truck with a new radiator and I drove it home where Hyatt was waiting. I then got back in the car and we went to the swimming hole. Angel fell asleep on the drive. When we got there, I took a short nap on a blanket until Angel woke up. Angel, Oliver and I played in the water and drank our smoothie for a couple of hours. Then Hyatt pushed Angel on the swing and I did yoga, head and handstands and deep breathing.

When we arrived back home. I made a big salad and enjoyed every bite. It tasted so good. Then I played cards with Hyatt and ate some of my dehydrated Onion flax Crackers with salsa. Angel ate some seeds, raisins and shared a melon with Hyatt. Then Angel watched Sarah & Duck on Netflix while I meditated a few minutes and then did a phone consultation. I love love love doing consultations. After the consultation I walked to Oliver’s house with Nick and Angel. Then Nick and I talked for while until bedtime. Angel didn’t fall asleep while nursing and has been playing while I wrote my blog.

It has been a blissful day and I am grateful.

I appreciate rivers.

I appreciate Hyatt.

I appreciate wind.

I appreciate evening walks.

I appreciate vehicles getting repaired.

I appreciate little fish nibbling at me.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Blissfully yours,


Today’s Intention, Crabby Pants, Oil Change, Appreciations & What I Ate

Today’s Intention: know that I do not attract what I want. I attract what I am.

Dear Friends,

Angel woke up today fussy and crabby. Most likely from her 2 year molars breaking through. I didn’t have my morning mediation, I didn’t set my daily intention and I hadn’t slept well. So never the less, we were both crabby. I forgot to stock up on fruit where I am house sitting, so first thing we walked home with Oliver to get some fruit.

At home, we had some sugar kiss melon which Angel ate a lot of and was still a crabby pants. My friend and Airbnb guest played with Angel while I snuck outside to do an oil change on my roommate Nick’s car. He was paying me to do it for him rather than pay a shop. I had an hour to do it before taking Savana to an appointment. Nick’s car is really low to the ground. I could barely squeeze under it and once I was there I couldn’t get enough leverage to loosen the bolt on the oil pan. Hmmm…so I looked around and saw where I could move the car to straddle a dip in the ground. I did that and it was perfect! Though I still couldn’t get the bolt loose. I went inside and got a hammer. Nick was in the kitchen and saw me get the hammer. I held it up and told him to not worry, his car was in good hands…hehe. Angel saw me inside the house and started fussing, so I quickly exited.

Back at the car I used the hammer to hit the ratchet handle and sure enough, the bolt loosened right up. Yay! I let the oil drain out and took off the oil filter. All was going well! I went to put the new filter back on and it was the wrong one. Arg! I went inside, washed up and drove to NAPA. I got the right oil filter and drove back. I compared the new and old oil filters and they didn’t match. I drove back to NAPA and brought the old oil filter with me. They checked and even though they didn’t match, they said the new one was the right one. So I drove back home again. I put on the new oil filter…hmm…it was the right one. It fit perfectly. I put the bolt back in the oil pan and put on the new oil. Success! I still had 15 minutes to shower, make a smoothie and take Savana to her appointment.

We arrived at the appointment right on time. The appointment took almost an hour and a half and Angel continued to be a crabby pants the whole time. Well..we both continued to be a crabby pants the whole time. We shared a 64oz. banana/strawberry/coconut water smoothie. Finally we arrived back home just in time to meet a potential temporary roommate and show him around.

Then I bagged up a bunch of ripe bananas to freeze until it was time to leave and take Savana to the bus station for her trip to Boise. I left Oliver with Hyatt at my house so he wouldn’t be alone the rest of the day. Angel thankfully fell asleep on the hour drive. We stopped and had lunch.  I was going to order a salad but instead ordered steamed rice with a vegan veggie sauce. It didn’t settle too well in my fruit loving stomach but I did some deep breathing and the feeling passed. Angel was fussy the whole time at the restaurant. After lunch we drove to the bus station and I stayed until Savana had her tickets and was ready to go.

I looked at the time and checked how far of a drive it was to work. I was surprised it was another hour long drive. I was going to be 45 minutes late for work. Then I was instantly crabby again. On the drive I was grumbling about Savana’s dad buying tickets to leave in that town rather than Austin. I was grumbling about driving so much on bald tires and on and on and on. Finally I couldn’t take listening to myself anymore. Whoa cowgirl! We are putting on the brakes about complaining.

I started playing the audiobook “Excuses Begone”. Ahhh…that was much better. I decided it was never too late to set a daily intention. So I did that. Crabbiness was gone. Instead I was telling myself funny jokes and laughing and laughing. I had an absolute blast the rest of that drive and George wasn’t bothered a bit about me being late.

At George’s, Angel watched pbs shows with him and I ran errands. There were a lot of errands and they took up the whole 3 hours. I enjoyed myself and was able to get some groceries for myself while doing his grocery shopping. When I got back, I ate some veggie rolls, olives and drank some coconut water. Angel had been happy as ever while I was gone running errands but immediately started being fussy when she saw me. Hmmm…maybe it’s me. 😆

On the drive home I listened to the same audiobook and had fun laughing at my own jokes some more. Angel fell asleep. When I got to town, I closed down the greenhouse and deeply smelled it’s wonderful smell. Then I went home. I unloaded the groceries and drove to Oliver’s house while Nick walked Oliver over. Angel woke up and was her happy self. Yay! Though I was thinking she might not go to sleep later.  Nick showed up with Oliver. We talked for a few minutes, then I went to bed with Angel. She nursed and surprisingly fell asleep again. Woohoo! I had no poops today…ah ha..that explains a lot!

It was a crabbilicious day and I am grateful.

I appreciate fussy babies.

I appreciate fun drives.

I appreciate dogs.

I appreciate groceries.

I appreciate bald tires.

I appreciate gifts.

I appreciate squeezy hugs.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Crabblessly yours, 😂


Today’s Intention & Appreciatons

Today’s intention: live mindfully rather than mindlessly.

Dear Friends,

I’m taking another day off from my blog. It was an official day off. I enjoyed relaxing most of the day and then had friends over for game night in the evening. We had a lot of fun playing “bananagrams”.

It was a peaceful day and I am grateful.

I appreciate friends.

I appreciate games.

I appreciate walks.

I appreciate A Course in Miracles.

I appreciate silence.

I appreciate peaches.

I appreciate clarity.

I appreciate meditation.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Peacefully yours,


Today’s Intention and Appreciations

Today’s Intention: leave behind the fear of what other people think or say about me. Practice flowing with unconditional love.

Dear Friends,

I am taking a day off from my blog.

I appreciate Savana.

I appreciate leaves blowing in the wind.

I appreciate help around the house.

I appreciate amazing new roommates.

I appreciate clean laundry drying on the line.

I appreciate Angel dancing.

I appreciate a church family.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Restfully yours,


Today’s Intention, Fruitluck, Appreciations and What I Ate

Today’s intention: practice radical humility.

Dear Friends,

I woke up at 3am. I listened to “Excuses Begone” by Wayne Dyer and stretched. I fell back asleep at 6:30am and woke again at 8am. I nursed Angel and then had a good poop. I fed Oliver and  walked home with Angel. At home I fed Angel sugar kiss melon and sliced tomatoes for an order of sun dried tomatoes. I drank 32oz. watermelon juice while I worked.

I made a 64oz. banana/strawberry/coconut water smoothie and packed it along with some strawberries for the fruitluck. Hyatt drove, we dropped off recycling and opened up the greenhouse on the way. At the greenhouse I had another good poop! Yay!! I felt all cleaned out.

I enjoyed the scenery on the drive to Austin. We arrived at the fruitluck and I was really hungry. I drank my smoothie and ate some cherries and jicama. I enjoyed checking in with everyone and seeing how their week went. There were a couple of new people and it was fun getting to know them. I swam a little bit with Angel. Then it was time to go to work. Hyatt stayed in town with a friend.

Angel fell asleep on the drive to George’s. I was so tired, I almost fell asleep myself. When I arrived at George’s, I was 10 minutes early so I closed my eyes and zonked out. I woke up 15 minutes later and went inside George wasn’t home. He arrived 5 minutes later with his girlfriend. I love how I never seem to be late even when I’m late. Lol.

Angel woke up and watched pbs with George. I dusted, made a bed, cleaned the kitchen and swept the from porch. Then I made a big salad with lemon tahini dressing. I shared it with Angel. I still felt hungry and didn’t have any more food with me so I looked around at what was available and settled on a couple handfuls of peanuts. Then I sat and wrote my blog.

After work I plan on going to the grocery store before driving home. Then when I get into my town, I will close up the greenhouse, drop off groceries at my house, then go to Oliver’s house and spend the rest of the evening with him.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the day and I am grateful.

I appreciate fruitlucks.

I appreciate meeting new people.

I appreciate water.

I appreciate hugs.

I appreciate heat.

I appreciate cherries.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Fantastically yours,


Today’s Intention, Walks, Appreciations and What I Ate

Today’s Intention: live without force.

Dear Friends:

I had a delightful dream last night. I dreamt that I Eckhart Tolle was my roommate. Haha. Every time I would start to get stressed or worried about something Eckhart would crack a joke and I would laugh realizing how silly it was to put such importance on things that are meaningless. I woke up filled with joy and laughter.

I woke at 4am and went back to sleep from 6am to 7:30am. I did stretching and deep breathing for a half hour, while Angel played around me. I fed Oliver and Ariel woke up. We all got in the car and drove to my house. I used the bathroom and had a so so ppoop. Ariel sat at the table and ate breakfast consisting of mangos and dried figs for breakfast, Angel had sugar kiss melons and I had 32oz. fresh oj. Ariel stayed at the house while Angel and I went with Savana to take her drivers test for her drivers license. When we got there we were missing a bunch of stuff and still had to take an online course, so we came back home. On the way we dropped off the car at the repair shop to get an alignment and a tire rotation. I was standing outside the car with Angel waiting for Tyler to pick us up, Savana walked across the street to get some water, I saw her talking to Hyatt who was walking back from the greenhouse. So I decided to walk back with Hyatt.

It was a wonderful walk. I had fun talking with Hyatt. Angel was talking away and pointing out things she knew the names of. I enjoy her so much. When we got home, I drank some watermelon juice and ate some banana/strawberry nice cream with Angel while playing cards with Hyatt. After cards Savana joined us in a game of rummicube. Ariel had some kale chips and an avocado and jumped on the rebounder.

When the car was finished, Nick gave me a ride to pick it up. Then I drove home, got Ariel and Angel and headed to work. When I arrived Ariel’s mom Sarah met us there. Ariel went home with her mom, Angel and I went in to George’s. Angel colored and watched pbs shows with George. I ate a salad with lemon tahini dressing, then went and ran errands. While I was gone I guess Angel had a big blow out poop. George and his girlfriend Peggy managed to get her cleaned up and changed but it took both of them. Haha. I’m sure it was a big one! Angel usually poops 4 times a day and she hadn’t gone yet. When I got back from running errands, I went poop too, it was another small one. I then cleaned the kitchen, folded laundry and swept and mopped the floors. When I finished it was time to go home.

On the drive home I was tired. I appreciated the feeling of being tired. I found by relaxing into the tired feeling rather than fighting it, it was easy to stay awake and simply enjoy the feeling. It was time to feel tired and all was well.

I arrived into town and went to the greenhouse, harvested tomatoes for a dried tomato order I had received earlier and closed it up for the night. When I got home, the household or rather…the “community of abundance”…all sat in a circle around Meghan and Calla. We each shared what we were grateful for about them and sent them off with blessings. They are leaving tomorrow evening.

Then I walked to Oliver’s house with Angel and Nick. I had forgotten Oliver’s leash when I drove him to my house that morning, so Nick got his leash, walked back home to get Oliver, walked him over and walked back home. I took a bath with Angel and went to bed.  Angel did not fall asleep and has been climbing all over me while I have been writing my blog.

It has been a blessed day and I am grateful.

I appreciate hugs.

I appreciate walks.

I appreciate a variety of people.

I appreciate the car getting aligned.

I appreciate George and Peggy.

I appreciate early bedtimes.

I appreciate the moon.

I appreciate poop.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Satisfactorily yours,


Today’s Intention, Examining My Thoughts, Appreciations and What I Ate

Today’s Intention: understand that when I judge others, I judge myself, for we are all one.

Dear Friends,

I woke up at 8am. I had woken in the night for a couple of hours but felt well rested. I did some stretching and deep breathing. Then I went in the bathroom, had a good bm and took a bath with Angel. When we got out Angel ate some sugar kiss melon and I had a glass of fresh oj. I fed Oliver and let him outside. Ariel (my friends 15 year old daughter who is staying with me until tomorrow) woke up, I cut up a sugar kiss melon for her and set it on the table along with some kale chips, some cherries and a glass of oj. Then I walked home with Angel on my shoulders, which she loves.

On home I put Angel in the truck and we drove to the kc hall where I heard they would be giving away fresh produce. We stood in a long line and received a number, then we waited 2 hours to get the produce. I experienced a lot during those 2 hours. Many thoughts went through my head and I found it difficult to be in the moment, mostly because I was hungry. I had thoughts about whether it was worth standing in line for 2 hours. When I examined that thought, it didn’t even make sense. Worth what? What is wrong with standing and waiting? Why do I need a desired outcome in order to stand and wait? If I was truly aligned with doing what I wanted to be doing at that moment then the outcome would be irreverent. When living in each moment, there is no outcome, there is simply the moment.

I also found my thoughts going into judgements about the people around me. I caught that one really quick and instead practiced seeing the beauty in everyone I saw and sending them love and well being thoughts. I also did some handstands and stretching to pass the time and get myself back in alignment physically and I practiced mental and spiritual alignment. Finally it was our turn. I was gifted a watermelon, a huge bag of apples, 3 heads of lettuce and a bunch of red onions.

I took my gifts home and cracked open the watermelon right away. It was a great one! I shared it with Angel and my roommates and felt extremely grateful. Then I took my daughter Savana’s car and drove back to where I was housesitting to get Ariel.

Ariel seemed to have had a great time while I had been gone. She had eaten all of her food and was in a great mood. She didn’t even seem to notice that I had been gone almost 3 hours. We got in the car with Oliver and drove back to my house.

At my house Ariel jumped on the rebounder while I bagged up a celery salt and dried tomato order that was finished. Then Ariel helped me make Onion flax Crackers and I put them in the dehydrator to take to the fruitluck on Saturday. I walked downtown to the post office to mail out the online order and get Savana’s car from her since she had taken it to the library and would be there a while. Angel stayed at the house with Hyatt, Meghan, Calla, Oliver and Ariel.

When I arrived back home, we all loaded up and drove to the swimming hole. We spent 2 hours relaxing, eating melon, drinking a smoothie and playing in the water. It was really nice and I tend to feel refreshed and revived every time I spend time there. It’s magical.

On the drive home from swimming, Angel briefly fell asleep but woke up again as soon as I brought her inside. I had dropped off Oliver at his house and fed him before going home. At home, I made a big salad with lemon tahini dressing that I enjoyed 2 big bowls of with Ariel and Angel. Then she snacked on a bunch of dried figs for dessert. Meghan and Hyatt had gone to the store with Calla and took the car. So I cleaned the house and put away clean laundry while Ariel, Nick and the Airbnb guest Ronnie all stood around in the kitchen talking about this and that.

When Hyatt, Meghan and Calla came back from the store, Ariel, Angel and I drove to Oliver’s. Ariel got settled in her room and I went straight to bed with Angel. I thought for sure Angel would nurse to sleep, but she didn’t. She has been climbing all over me while I’ve been writing my blog.

It has been a fantastic day and I am grateful.

I appreciate water.

I appreciate stretching.

I appreciate free produce.

I appreciate on line orders.

I appreciate people.

I appreciate singing.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Sleepily yours,