Singing, What Angel & I Ate & Appreciations

Dear Diary and Friends,

I had a great time today. I went to a fruitluck. I always enjoy that. It’s great connecting to people and sharing. I brought a durian and it was one of the best durian I had in a long time. So creamy and delicious. Yummy! After the fruitluck I went to work for George. George watched “Daniel Tigers Neighborhood” with Angel. The episode was about using the potty. Later Angel disappeared. We found her in the bathroom naked trying to sit on the potty. I set her on there and even though she didn’t go, she pretended to go. That was awesome. I’ve been trying to get her to use the potty for a while. Yay, thank you Daniel tiger.

The rest of the time at work. I wrapped presents and cleaned while I was there. It was fun. Yesterday when I went to work, I brought my bicycle and trailer and rode to the grocery store to get groceries. I loved it!! It felt so good being on my bicycle and hauling groceries. It was heavenly. I miss bicycling in a city sometimes, after all, I did 6 years bicycle only in Boise. It was an amazing 6 years.

After work, I drove home in a heavy rain storm in the dark. Visibility was poor but we made it. When I got to town I drove to the bistro to watch a local choir sing. When I arrived I found out the choir had canceled because of the rain storm. The owner was playing his guitar and singing. After a while he asked me to come up and sing with him. I was surprised but very happy to do it. We sang for about and hour and had a blast. Angel ran around entertaining everyone while we sang.

It was a really fun day.

Breakfast: (me) 1 young coconut water, 16oz. lemon water, 1 pear, 1 apple and 48oz. banana strawberry cacao smoothie drank over an hour. (Angel) 1 young coconut meat, 16oz. smoothie, a few pecans.

Lunch: (me) 3 durian pods, 1 heirloom tomato. (Angel) 3 durian pods, raspberries, pecans and grapes.

Dinner: (me) a big salad with lemon tahini dressings. (Angel) pecans

I appreciate fruitlucks.

I appreciate friends.

I appreciate rain.

I appreciate music.

I appreciate spontaneity.

I appreciate vacuum cleaners.

I appreciate bananas.

I appreciate Daniel Tiger

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Spontaniously yours,


Connecting with People, What Angel & I Ate & Appreciations

Dear Diary & Friends,

I spent the morning reading and napping. Then in the afternoon Angel and I walked downtown. We went into the shops and said hi to people. I love doing this every week and Angel thinks it’s the best thing ever. She knows exactly where her favorites places are in each store. She talks to people and tells them about things that interest her, right now it is Christmas trees. Then when we leave she says “bye, have a good day”. I think it is wonderful. I had surprising conversations with a few people today that really deepened our connection. I really appreciate them opening up and sharing with me. I really love small town southern life.

This evening we went to the library and sang carols. Angel ran around and sang until she was worn out. She fell asleep on the short drive home. Yay!

Breakfast: (me) coconut water, 16oz. lemon water, 4 pears and 32oz. banana strawberry smoothie. (Angel) 8oz. smoothie, coconut meat from one young coconut and a mango.

Lunch: (me) 3 1/2 apples, 16oz. fresh oj (Angel) 1/2 apple, 8oz. smoothie, pecans and 6 strawberries.

Dinner: (me) 3/4 of a small durian, 16oz. fresh oj. (Angel) 1/4 durian, 8oz. fresh oj.

I appreciate connections.

I appreciate fresh air.

I appreciate walks.

I appreciate reading.

I appreciate naps.

I appreciate acceptance.

I appreciate early bed times.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Faithfully yours,


A Simple Life, What Angel & I Ate & Appreciations

Dear Diary & Friends,

I woke up at 2am. I read until 4am and went back to sleep. I woke again at 6:45am. I meditated for 20 minutes. Then I dry brushed, put on coconut/lavender oil and got dressed. I let Oliver out to go potty, then I made a smoothie for Savana and juiced a bunch of lemons. I got Angel dressed and she played with Oliver while I made Savana her lunch. I drove Savana to school. Then went to the store to get some pictures printed out and shop. Next we went to story time at the library. Angel loves story time and dancing around during the songs. I posted a video of her dancing below. She is so cute!

When we arrived home from story time I read for a while and took a nap. Angel played with her toys around me while I slept. After I woke up I wrote out a bunch of Christmas cards and got them ready to send out. I was missing an address for an aunt so I called a bunch of family members to get her address and talked to them all a while but non of them had her address on them.

At 3:20pm, I drove and picked Savana up from school. We went and got something to eat. I had steamed veggies and Angel had steamed brown rice. Then we went to the store to see if the pictures were finished but they weren’t. Angel had a great fun running around the store with her big sister. After the store we went home. I read while Angel watched Frosty the Snowman. My mom called and I talked to her awhile. I finally got my aunts address. Right after that, my friend Corrín called and we talked a while. Then it was bed time. Angel nursed to sleep right away and I wrote my blog.

Breakfast: (me) 16oz. lemon water. 4 juicy pears. One young coconut juice. (Angel) 8oz. fresh oj, meat of one young coconut.

Lunch: (me) 58oz. banana strawberry smoothie. (Angel) 8oz. banana strawberry smoothie, a bunch of peanuts and half a pint of strawberries.

Snack:(Me) 9 coconut date rolls. (Angel) 7 coconut date rolls.

Dinner: (me)  steamed veggies (broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, peppers and onions) (Angel) steamed brown rice.

Snack: (me) 32oz. room temperature tomato soup.  (Angel) nursed.

I appreciate naps.

I appreciate story time.

I appreciate friends.

I appreciate Charlie helping around the house.

I appreciate books.

I appreciate meditation.

I appreciate breath.

I appreciate slow paced days.

I appreciate family.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you.

Kindly yours,



Basking in Life, What Angel Baby & I Ate & Appreciations

Dear Diary and Friends,

Angel woke up at 3am. We read 17 stories before she was ready to go back to sleep. It was a fun middle of night bonding time. At 7am I woke again. I put on coconut/lavender oil and got dressed. I woke Angel up and folded up our bed. I let Oliver out, then made fresh squeezed grapefruit and oj juice. I offered some fresh juice to my Airbnb guest when he came into the kitchen. He was happy to have some. Yay! Sharing health!

I made Savana a smoothie and packed her lunch. Then I drove her to school and came back home. I meditated, then I checked my email messages responded to the consultation emails I received. That took a couple of hours, I like to make sure I give thorough responses and offer insightful guidance.  Then I got on facebook and responded to any comments I received. I like to limit my time on social media and save it until after I have meditated and responded to emails.

I decided to go to the store and print out holiday pictures to send to family and friends. Angel and I had fun at the store. We printed out the pictures and got some produce and other things we needed. I let Angel walk most of the time rather than ride in the cart and she loves that. When she started getting too crazy I put her in the cart and she happily ate strawberries and raspberries.

When we arrived home from the store. I sat down and wrote out Christmas cards and put a picture in each until I ran out of pictures. I still had more people to go, so I guess I will print more out tomorrow. I cleaned the Airbnb guest room after the guest left and started a load of laundry. It was such a nice day I went out back with Angel and Oliver. While we were out there enjoying the warmth and sunshine I thought it would be fun to start a fire in the fire pit.

The rest of the evening was spent enjoying the fire. My roommate Charlie came out and sat with us for a while. Then a very tired Angel sat in my lap watching the fire while I sang her to sleep. I love being a mom💕💕💕. I put Angel to bed in the tiny house. Then I took a shower and joined her. I am basking in life and the luxury of going to bed early as I delightfully write my blog.

Breakfast: (me) 16oz. lemon water. 16oz. fresh Oj. Juice from one young coconut. (Angel) the meat from one young coconut, handful of strawberries and 8oz. fresh oj.

Snack: (Angel) 1banana.

Lunch: (me) 58oz. banana strawberry smoothie. (Angel) 8oz. banana strawberry smoothie. A few pecans. Half a pint of strawberries and half a pint of raspberries.

Dinner: (me) a large container of mixed greens with lemon tahini dressing. (Making your own tahini is easy. Soak sesame seeds for 48hours, changing the water every morning and evening. After 48 hours, drain blend them in a high speed blender and you have tahini.)(Angel): a bowl of raw peanuts.

Snack: 15oz. applesauce. (Apples are great to eat if you want something more to eat after eating a higher fat meal because they are subacid fruits and have less sugar than sweet fruits, so they will not cause blood sugar issues).

I appreciate evening fires.

I appreciate always having everything I need.

I appreciate early bedtimes.

I appreciate a slow paced life.

I appreciate snuggle time.

I appreciate children’s books.

I appreciate stretching.

I appreciate handstands.

I appreciate the color brown.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Lovingly yours,


Appreciations & What Angel Baby & I Ate

Dear Diary and Friends,

I haven’t posted in my blog for a few days. That’s the first time in a few years that I have skipped more than one day. I’ve taken days off blogging but would post my appreciations. I might skip days every once in a while. I enjoyed the break. It won’t ever be for long though. I have been journaling almost daily since 4th grade, I love keeping a diary. Now I keep one for everyone else to see, which is great fun!

Breakfast: (me): 16oz. Lemon water. 16oz. Mango fresh oj smoothie. (Angel): 32 oz. of the same.

Snack: (Angel): raw pumpkin seeds and pecans.

Lunch: (me): 64oz. 8 banana, handful of strawberries smoothie. 5 dates. (Angel) 1/2 a pint of strawberries, 1 mango, 1 banana.

Dinner: (me): big bowl of mixed greens with 1/2 an avocado. (Angel): 1/2 a pint of strawberries. 1/2 an avocado. 8oz. fresh oj.

I appreciate family pictures.

I appreciate warm weather returning.

I appreciate walks.

I appreciate Charlie helping with household chores.

I appreciate good books.

I appreciate lemons.

I appreciate a wonderful church family.

I appreciate singing.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Vibrantly yours,


Rainy Day, What I Ate & Appreciations

Dear Diary & Friends,

It was a drizzly rainy day. I had slept poorly and was feeling sluggish in the morning. I took Savana to school then went to pastor Pam’s. She had reconstructive back surgery today and I rode with her to the hospital and drove her car back home. I will be taking care of her dog Oliver until she gets back home. I wasn’t feeling that great on the ride there but I had some smoothies and that helped. Traffic was bad and it took us 2 hours to get there. On the way home traffic had cleared up. I stopped at H-E-B and got some produce and had lunch, then breezed on home.

I stopped and got Oliver before going to my house. At home I took a long nap while Angel watched educational stuff on the laptop. I woke up just in time to pick up Savana from school. I picked her up then we went to the store and out to dinner. When we got home I watched a movie, took a long hot hot, then cold shower and went to bed. Angel nurses to sleep right away. It was a quick day with all the driving and napping.

Breakfast: 4 banana, handful of strawberry smoothie.

Snack: 4 honey mango and 8oz. Oj smoothie.

Lunch: spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots and lentils.

Dinner: a piece of homemade apple pie.

I appreciate rainy days.

I appreciate hot showers and heaters.

I appreciate that cold fronts are short in Texas.

I appreciate roommates.

I appreciate Oliver the dog and Pastor Pam.

I appreciate movies.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

The Silliness of it All, What I Ate & Appreciations

Dear Diary and Friends,

Today I was feeling a little bit bloated and sluggish from all the high fat raw cookies I ate over the weekend. I laughed at the silliness of it all and took a rest day since it was my day off. I love how easily I laugh and how lightly I take things.

I meditated when I woke up but only for about 10 minutes before Angel woke up, I was grateful for the time I did get in. I make Savana her morning smoothie and packed her lunch. Then I started to make a few dehydrator trays of mini pizza pies. I ran Savana to school in the middle of it and finished putting them together when I got back. I drank 16oz. of celery, cabbage, cucumber, carrot and lemon juice while I worked. I read stories to Angel for a half hour. Then I walked to the bank with Angel in the wagon to make a deposit. I ate 4 apples on the walk. I let Angel walk on the way back and she was being so adorable. I had left my phone at home so I didn’t get a video.

Back at home I juiced a bag of jtalked to a friend on the phone for a an hour. Then I spent 5 hours adding a 7 day menu plan and shopping list to my website. I also added a bunch more recipes and changed some of the way it looked. I am not super computer savvy so this was a huge undertaking and I was happy with what I got done. I drank 32oz. banana strawberry smoothie while I worked. I was somewhat cranky with Angel during the time I was working on the computer. Being bloated and working on website stuff takes my full concentration. So she didn’t get as much attention from me today as usual and tried climbing on my often to remedy that. Finally I realized that I was being cranky because I was wanting my website changes to happen more than I was wanting to pay attention to Angel. Angel was wanting the opposite. I was resisting her wants and saw them as interfering with my wants. So I stopped resisting and decided that the changes I had already made on my website were the ones that were supposed to happen and now it was Angel time. I know she likes talking to her grandma so I called my mom on FaceTime which was fun for Angel. While they talked I ate almost a whole container of dates. When we got off the phone I played with Angel a while. Then I took a half hour nap while Angel played around me. It was a refreshing short nap and Angel let me sleep, she was content that she had gotten in her mommy time.

When I woke, I watched a Christmas movie with Angel and we shared a bowl of banana nice cream. We really enjoyed our cuddle time. When the movie was over we went to bed and Angel nursed to sleep right away.

Breakfast: 16oz. celery, cucumber, cabbage, lemon and carrot juice. 4 apples.

Lunch: 32oz. banana strawberry smoothie. 10 dates

Dinner: 5 banana nice cream.

I appreciate 80 degree December days.

I appreciate bananas.

I appreciate my website.

I appreciate accomplishments.

I appreciate bloating.

I appreciate laughing.

I appreciate contentment.

I appreciate walks.

I appreciate friends and family.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Blissfully yours,


Appreciations & What I Ate

Dear Diary & Friends,

Im taking a day off from my blog.

Breakfast: 64oz. of cucumber, cabbage & carrot juice drank over 4 hours. 5 apples.

Lunch: big salad and lentil soup.

Dinner: big salad and raw cookies.

I appreciate church.

I appreciate laughing at my own jokes.

I appreciate meeting new people.

I appreciate my truck.

I appreciate walks.

I appreciate air.

I appreciate usefulness.

I appreciate having everything I need.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!



Wrong Day, What I Ate & Appreciations

Dear Diary & Friends,

I woke up at 3:30am and didn’t go back to sleep. I read and meditated until 5am when Angel woke up. She played around me while I finished my meditation. Then I took a shower with Angel and Oliver. Then I walked to a breakfast with Santa event with Angel. When we got there they were serving McDonald’s for breakfast. I bought a ticket but said we didn’t want breakfast. The ladies at the front were trying to talk us into having the McDonald’s breakfast. My snooty side took over and I informed them that we didn’t eat plastic. Lol. They suggested we at least get some juice. I informed them I had fresh squeezed OJ in the wagon. Then I decided to stop being snobby because it didn’t feel good and was preventing me from connecting and living in gratitude.

Angel had a blast at the event. She got her face painted, made a bell necklace, colored and watched a children’s dance group perform. It was an awesome children’s Christmas event. When we were finished, we walked back home. Savana helped me make cookies for the community choir Christmas concert I was performing with that afternoon. I had taken the day off from the fruitluck and work for the concert. Savana worked on the cookies while I made a bunch of dehydrated snacks for orders I received, cinnamon rolls, mini pizza pies, kale chips, zucchini chips, onion flax crackers, sun dried tomatoes and banana blueberry fruit roll ups. I was very busy and loved every minute. I also had raw cookies that I had made to add to the cooked cookies.

I walked to Oliver’s house with Angel in the wagon with the cookies and finished cleaning Pam’s house. Then I walked to perform at the community choir. The strange thing was is that no one was there. I called a lady in the choir to see what was going on. She informed me that I had the wrong day and that the performance was next week. Oh!!! Lol. I guess I was all confused. Well, that gave me some free time. I walked back to Oliver’s and swept Pam’s from porch, driveway and back patio. Then Pam arrives home. Oliver was sure glad to see her. We sat and talked for a while, then I walked downtown to participate in the town Christmas events planned for the evening.

Angel rode in a little train and screamed through the whole ride. So we decided to check out a big immobile train they had opened up to see inside of. That went much better. Angel loved that. Then we got some veggies tacos and I talked to a friend on the phone until the light parade started. Angel was mesmerized by the light parade. She kept cheering and clapping. It was so cute! 

When the parade was over we walked home and went to bed. I read Angel stories and then she nursed to sleep right away.

Breakfast: 64oz. cabbage, cucumber, carrot juice drank over 4 hours.

Lunch: a few high fat raw cookies.

Dinner: vegetables and salsa in 2 taco shells.

Snack: 3 more high fat raw cookies.

I appreciate small town life.

I appreciate great friends.

I appreciate mistakes.

I appreciate the color gold.

I appreciate coloring.

I appreciate trains.

I appreciate lots of walking.

I appreciate clapping.

I appreciate time with Savana.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Cheerfully yours,


Everything is Happening Perfectly, What I Ate & Appreciations

Dear Diary & Friends,

The morning started off with meditation. My mind was very busy this morning and did not want to be silent. I just flowed with it and did get a few times of having no thoughts meditation. After meditation I dry brushed, put on lavender and coconut oil and got dressed. I let Oliver out and went to my house. I bagged up finished organic sun dried tomatoes. Then I made Savana a smoothie and packed her lunch. Then I drove her to school.

I drove to the post office to mail off a dehydrated snack order. Then I drove to church and cleaned while Angel played in the nursery. I love cleaning the church and making it beautiful. When I finished I went home. Angel took a bath in the kitchen sink which she loves. I talked to a friend on the phone and then worked on my website for a while. Then I realized it was the 1st. and it was bill paying time. I really enjoy paying bills. I always feel so grateful for power and water and a phone, etc.

I left for work early so I could go grocery shopping before work. I stopped at got raw spring rolls from my new favorite food truck on my way out of town. The drive was delightful. The weather has been perfect, mid 70’s. It was fun shopping at the store. Angel wanted to walk so we practiced staying close and helping mom put groceries in the cart. She is such a delightful child. After shopping I went to work. At work I was informed that the little car that I wanted to buy from George and Peggy when they got a new one (which they did) will be sold to someone else. I immediately felt really sad about that. I was hoping to have a little gas efficient car to commute to work with since my truck is a gas hog and their car is a Honda Fit stick shift which are hard to find. I noticed how sad I was feeling and let myself feel the sadness. I realized the sadness was less about the car and more about not being the first choice. Then I reminded myself that if the car was meant to be mine to use then it would have happened. I also reminded myself that I don’t need to be other people’s first choice to feel important. I chose to believe the thought that everything is happening perfectly and then I felt really grateful to have my truck. Then I got to work, I started weeding out the front flower bed but then George wanted to lay down and nap so I came inside to keep an eye on Angel and Baby the dog. I started my blog and picked up around the house.

After work I plan on driving home and going to bed early. Angel didn’t have a nap so that plan will probably happen but you never know.

Breakfast: 64oz. banana strawberry smoothie shared with Angel.

Lunch: 48oz. mango blended with fresh OJ smoothie shared with Angel.

Dinner: 2 large spring rolls. Lettuce, cilantro, cucumber and carrots rolled in rice paper.

I appreciate mangos.

I appreciate cleaning.

I appreciate my truck.

I appreciate friends.

I appreciate feelings.

I appreciate acceptance.

I appreciate meditation.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Gratefully yours,