My Family

Today's gratitudes:<br /><br /><br />
I am grateful to the earth for compost<br /><br /><br />
-I get excited watching dirt being created<br /><br /><br />
-meets my need to grow food in healthy soil<br /><br /><br />
I am grateful to myself for eating fruit<br /><br /><br />
-I feel like my body is 16 years old when I eat fruit, my mind works so clearly<br /><br /><br />
-meets my need for nutrients and health<br /><br /><br />
I am grateful to my kids for cooperating when getting family pictures done<br /><br /><br />
-I feel happy to have such a beautiful and healthy family<br /><br /><br />
-meets my need for love and memories</p><br /><br />
<p>Today's goals:<br /><br /><br />
Officially get to that wood pile<br /><br /><br />
Deliberately enrich the lives of 5 people<br /><br /><br />
Return NVC CD to the library<br /><br /><br />
Keep practicing spanish<br /><br /><br />
Enjoy the beauty around me
Today’s gratitudes:
I am grateful to the earth for compost
-I get excited watching dirt being created
-meets my need to grow food in healthy soil
I am grateful to myself for eating fruit
-I feel like my body is 16 years old when I eat fruit, my mind works so clearly
-meets my need for nutrients and health
I am grateful to my kids for cooperating when getting family pictures done
-I feel happy to have such a beautiful and healthy family
-meets my need for love and memories
Today’s goals:
Officially get to that wood pile
Deliberately enrich the lives of 5 people
Return NVC CD to the library
Keep practicing spanish
Enjoy the beauty around me

Kiwi, mango, oj smoothie

One large mango

6 kiwi

10 valencia oranges

juice the oranges and put the juice in a blender

scoop  out the kiwi and put the fruit in the blender with the oj

scoop out the mango and put the fruit in the blender with the oj and kiwi

blend on low until smooth and creamy


Collard delight

Collard leaves de stemmed

chopped up raw almonds


-diced fresh tomatoes (as many as desired)

-diced small red onion

-diced jalapeno

-diced cilantro

-lemon or lime juice

Lay the collard leaf halves flat. Chop a small amount of raw almonds in a food processor. Cut up the salsa ingredients and mix together in a bowl. Put the almonds and salsa on the collard halves, roll up and enjoy 🙂

Kindness with boundaries

I don’t like my neighbor next door to me. I can’t stand the guy. He can appear nice but then he gets to drinking and turns into a complete ass. I was nice to him for a couple years after I moved in here. There was a couple of instances where he would be drunk and go off on me. One time he told me that he was going to poison my garden. Another time he went off on my boyfriend at the time when I had a fire pit in the yard about the smoke getting in his house. When I got home from work and heard about it, I went over to his house and told him that I didn’t want him to go into any more tyrants on me or my family. I said that if he had a problem he could come over and talk to us in a kind manner.

That didn’t work because the next outburst was on my daughter. He saw her outside and told her that if her cat goes in his yard again he was going to kill it. She came inside very upset and got me. I went outside to talk to the guy and he was in a complete out of control rage. I told him that he was upsetting a little girl and he needed to calm down and knock it off or I would call the police. He didn’t calm down, instead he said he didn’t care about my daughter and he was going to kill all the cats in the neighborhood, the he started yelling at the neighbor kids and telling them he was going to kill their dog.

I called the police. They came and he went into a rage on them. They hauled him in and since they found marijuana in his house they charged him with that as well. I got a call the next day from someone from the courts saying that the judge gave him an automatic no contact order  because of his past history of violence and that he was to stay 20 feet from me and my family. Also if he said one word to me I was to immediately call the police and he would get an automatic 3 years in jail. The no contact order was for 1 year.He was very good about honoring the order. I didn’t hear one word from him, which was fantastic!

That was 3 years ago. This summer he started waving at me when I would ride by, which he can since the order has been off for 2 years. I’ve been ignoring him and not waving back. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with this situation. He is obviously trying to make peace, but I don’t trust him at all. I don’t want him back in my life, on the other hand I don’t like ignoring people and acting like a bitch.

So the other night I figured out a plan. There is no reason I cannot make peace and wave back or even say hi back to him. Though, I will not initiate conversation and the second he starts into one of his tyrants I will call the police. I can be kind with very strict boundaries. I will not let him near my daughter or into my yard, but I don’t have to be cruel. This is a great opportunity for me to be able to practice kindness with boundaries.


Mentors and Prophets

September 24, 2012

My friend Janna that I met at the fruit festival is in town visiting. It has been really great having her here. We have been having so much fun. We went up to some hot springs up in the mountains on Saturday. That was a great time. She had her bicycle shipped here so we have been biking all over Boise. I’ve been making sure to show her all the cool sights.

On Friday’s I get together with my friend Melissa and Janna joined us. It was so awesome hanging out with such amazing women! With all three of us being raw vegan, we had great conversations.

Janna will be leaving tomorrow or Wed. I really don’t want her to go. I love having great people come visit me.

Next Sunday I am presenting the sermon at church. It is on 1Samuel 3. I was going to talk about three things. Listening, mentors and honesty, I am really nervous about doing this, but I feel it will be great for me.

Yesterday at church we were talking about prophets and how anyone can be a prophet. I feel that Dr. Doug Graham is a prophet. Then I got to thinking about what makes a prophet different from a mentor.

Here are the definitions of each from


A person gifted with profound moral insight and exceptional powers of expression.


A wise and trusted counselor or teacher.

I have many mentors in my life, so far. Wylla Barsness, Maggie Overstreet, Grant Campbell, Chris Kendall, Gary Jewell, Vicki Crane are a few. So what makes them mentors and not prophets? To me a mentor is someone who helps me makes good decisions in my daily life. I generally like my mentors and trust them.

The prophets in my life up until now are Doug Graham, John Weber, Reed Burkholder, Anne Hausrath and more. The thing about prophets is that I don’t always like what they have to say. A lot of times they tend to rub me the “wrong way”, but what they have said has been right on the mark. I also find myself holding prophets to a higher standard. When I find out they are human I have been disappointed and angry about it. Those are feelings I am continuing to work on.

On to another subject.

Today I am grateful for:

Myself for continue to strive for emotional and physical health and never giving up.

-I feel blessed to have myself

-Meets my need for love


-I feel happy and uplifted spending time with her

-Being around her meets my need for connection


Having a wood stove

-wood heat feels so warm and wonderful

-meets my need for security

Journey home from Health and Fitness week 2012

September 16, 2012

I woke up at 6a.m. I didn’t really want to be awake and knew I could fall back asleep but then I thought about Ohenewa leaving at 7a.m. and I wanted to see her one more time before she left.

I got up and looked around for Ohenewa, but I couldn’t find her, just her bags were by the door. So I folded some laundry while I waited. Soon Darrel showed up since he was the one driving her. It was time to go so he loaded up her bags and shortly afterward she came walking up the path with Neda.

At the last minute I decided I wanted to go along and Neda did too. She we all rode into Burlington together. We had a few extra minutes so we stopped at Fred Meyer and Ohenewa bought some things to take on her journey home. This was Ohenewa and Neda’s first health and fitness week, so they were recovering from being back in the “real world”. I remember feeling that when I finished my first health and fitness week. At the retreat it’s like a safe haven where there is only good healthy people and food. Then going out you see all the unhealthy people and all the unhealthy food, it can be a culture shock for a while.

At the shuttle we all said our goodbyes and promised to stay in touch. Darrel, Neda and I drove back to the retreat.


During breakfast I ate a canary melon and wrote my blog while Doug started his intern class. It brought back memories of the classes in Costa Rica that I had to sit through and a part of me was really glad I was leaving. As smart as Doug is and he knows more than anyone I know about food and nutrition, I don’t enjoy his teaching style.

I finished my blog and started packing up the car. I was feeling really happy and content about heading home. I was excited about the drive and looking forward to listening to my book on tape.

With the car loaded I said my goodbye’s which took a while. I was sad to be leaving my dear friends but happy to be heading home.

One the road I listened to my book on tape during the drive. It is a great book called “The Story of Edgar Sawtell”.


In Seattle I stopped in the international district and bought a very expensive durian. I ate the whole thing right outside the store. That was fun, I had a really friendly guy come by and talk to me about eating durian and I shared some with him.

Then I was on the road again. I got lost getting into and out of Seattle, but finally made it back to the interstate and was on my way. I missed a junction at Ellensburg, I guess I was too busy enjoying my book, so I checked on my phone and was able to take a highway down to Richland where I would be staying the night with my aunt Trudy.

I finally made it to Trudy’s house and it was great to see her and my uncle Jack. They have a really neat yard that they showed me around.



They also had a pear tree with very ripe pears. I ate about three of those yummy’s. Soon my aunt Jennifer and uncle ? showed up with 3 of my cousins. I have just started to get to know this side of my family so I am not good with the names yet. It is my biological dad’s side of the family and he has 12 brothers and sisters. So there is a whole lot of relatives that I have to remember.

It has been fun getting to know the family though. They are all so happy and nice. I like being around happy and nice people.

They started to make dinner for everyone and I went in the kitchen to help Trudy. She wanted to know what she could make for me. I said to not worry about it, that I had all my own food. I had a bunch of oranges and banana’s that I took with me when I left the retreat. I made up a 12 banana smoothie, then helped Trudy cut up veggies for everyone else’s stir fry.


At dinner I drank most of my smoothie except for one big glass that I was too full to fit in. I really enjoyed dinner. The conversation was great and not one person said anything about what I was eating. It was so nice just being able to eat my food without having to explain where I get my protein, etc.

After dinner aunt Jennifer and her family went home. I talked to Trudy and Jack for a while. It was so fun talking with them, they are such light hearted, happy people.

I finally made it to bed around 10p.m. I read for a while and went to sleep.

September 17, 2012

I woke up at 4a.m. and finally made it back to sleep around 6a.m. I woke up again at 8a.m. I had wanted to leave by 9 their time which would be 10a.m. my time. I knew I wasn’t going to make it, but I would try. I juiced all my oranges, 20 of them and blended up my leftover smoothie from last night with about 10 fresh bananas (I had my juicer and blender with me).

I put it all in jars and loaded up the car. It was 15 minutes until I wanted to leave and I really wanted to go on a run to get some circulation going before the drive. I also hadn’t exercised at all the day before and I feel so much better when I exercise. So I put on my vibrams and ran along the canal bank for a mile. It was a great run and felt so good!

I was ready to head out. I said my goodbye’s and was on the road again.


The drive was pretty uneventful. I drank my OJ and listened to my book on tape. I stopped a couple times to pee and one time to get gas. I love stopping in Oregon to get gas because they fill up the tank for me. I wish they did that in Idaho, not that I drive in Idaho very much, only on occasion when I borrow Steve’s car for travel.

About 30 miles from Boise I picked up TS from work and took him to Eagle to get his bike. I made it home just as my daughter Savana’s school bus was pulling away. Perfect timing!

At home I jumped on the trampoline with Savana for a while. That was fun and felt really really good after sitting for 6 hours. My friends Jamie came by as well as TS. I drank my banana smoothie and took my anti-biotic that I had been avoiding taking. I guess we will see if it cures my infection, hopefully it doesn’t make me sick.

I talked to Jamie for a while about projects and gardening. I am so grateful to have him as a friend, he is so creative and fun. He had also found a bunch of tile dumpster diving and we are going to tile my kitchen counters with it…woo hoo!

After Jamie left I talked to TS until it was time to leave. My house was a mess from my 18 year old being there alone while I was gone. I cleaned things up and made the kids dinner. Then I took my sons dog Freeda over to Jamie’s and we took his dog with us to the river. I am working on training Freeda and she did pretty good until we got back and Jamie split off to go to his house with his dog, then Freeda flipped out, got out of her collar and ran to Jamie’s. I went and got her, we had a stern talk and she was an angel the rest of the way home.

Back at home Savana and I got in the car and I drove to where I am house sitting for the week. On the way we stopped at her dad’s to get her school bag and went to the co-op where I got a big salad from the salad bar.

We got to where I am house sitting. Played with the dogs and I ate my salad. We went to bed and read for a while and went to sleep around 10p.m.

Days 6,7 and 8 of Health and Fitness week

September 13, 2012

I woke up at 6a.m. I hadn’t slept good. My hips are really sore from sleeping on the floor. My body is not used to such a hard surface, though I do think it is good for it.

I wrote my blog and did laundry again in the morning.


I ate a small amount of melon for breakfast. I can’t seem to get myself motivated to eat much in the mornings. I’m just not hungry.

After breakfast Grant and I worked on our duet that we are singing for the talent show tomorrow night. Every year we have done a duet for the past 2 years, so we are trying to keep up the tradition. This year we are singing the “Elephant song” from Moulin Rouge. We are not that good, but it’s all in fun.


At 10a.m. I went to class to work out. I grabbed 6 dates and ate them before the work out started.

We started out speed walking. I was feeling really sore from yesterday. I got a little over excited about working out and did too much. The speed walking went ok. Despite being sore I was feeling strong. Once we were warmed up we did a sprint. I ran my hardest and by the end of it I knew I was spent. My energy was completely gone and my body was telling me to stop. Instead of listening to my body, I kept going with the group and was doing easy jogging but even that was becoming too much. I finally started walking and just focused on getting back to the retreat. Everyone was way ahead of me, but I knew there way no way I was going to catch up, before long they were gone and out of my sight. It took me a while and a couple of times where I had to rest but I finally made it back to the retreat.

I went straight to my room. I lied down on my mat on the floor but my hips hurt so bad that I couldn’t get comfortable. There is a couch in the other room, I grabbed my blanket and lied down on the couch. I was instantly asleep. I slept for 3 and ½ hours…right through lunch. My body was so exhausted.


I got up and went out to the plum trees. I ate plums until I was full…so yummy.

The rest of the afternoon I did more laundry and talked with people in the lobby. I wasn’t up for doing much of anything.

I was feeling sad thinking about the upcoming winter and how I was going to make it through. I am going to miss working in my beautiful garden and eating fresh tree ripened local fruit.


Fresh squeezed OJ blended with nectarines and blackberries. It was really yummy. I had three large mugs full. I also had a bowl of raw split pea soup that was peas blended with a bunch of herbs. It was good, but a little much for my sensitive tummy. I wished I would have stuck with just the OJ.

I went to bed early at around 8:30p.m. I made up a bed on the couch because I couldn’t sleep on the floor for another night. I read for a while and went to sleep around 10p.m.


September 14, 2012

Woke up at 6a.m. I was hopeing that my body would not be as sore, but unfortunately it still hurt to move. I was frustrated that I had pushed my body so hard working out after being sick. Moderation!!! I need to learn moderation!!! That will be a great thing for me to practice.

I got up and did my usual blog and laundry. There was a lot more laundry today since everyone is wanting to get their laundry done on the last day.


I had one and half canary melons for breakfast. They were really sweet and delicious. I would have eaten more, but I still wasn’t that hungry.

After breakfast I found Grant and we practiced our song some more. It was our final practice time since we wouldn’t have any more time the rest of the day. The singing cheered me up some and got my mind in a happier place. Yay for singing!

I wasn’t about to go to work out class today. So I did more laundry, swept and cleaned the place up a little and wrote more of my blog. When I was done writing, I went out and watched the other work out classes. That was a lot of fun. Right before lunch Doug set up a power obstacle course and only the fittest participated in it. It was so incredible to watch and I got some great pictures.



Coconut water, banana lettuce smoothie. Lunch was outside on the patio picnic style. The lunch conversation seemed to be about Monsanto and the governement, etc. I really didn’t want to talk or put my energy in to thinking about negative things. I didn’t stick around long.

I decided to get a few steps ahead on all the laundry I would have to do the next day when everyone left and I would have to strip all the bedding and get the rooms ready for the next event, which is a fasting event. So those that weren’t changing beds or rooms I stripped and washed their bedding so they would have fresh sheets and towels for the week. That took up the rest of the afternoon.

At 5p.m. we had closing circle. I always enjoy the closing circle, where we all form a big circle and each of us take a turn lying on a mat in the middle of the circle and everyone says one word about the person in the middle. Grant writes all the words down and sends them to us in an e-mail. Since I’ve been to a lot of Doug’s events, I’ve been to a lot of closing circles. I haven’t looked over the e-mails I’ve saved with all my words in a while. I think that would be a fun thing to do.

After closing circle we had a very late dinner. It didn’t even start until close to 8p.m. I was feeling really tired and worn down. Plus someone had perfume on and it was giving me a slight headache. I was thinking that I wouldn’t be able to stay awake enough to do the talent show. I talked to Grant and said I wasn’t sure if I could do it and he said that would be fine.


I drank a bunch of OJ/blackberry juice and went and lied down in the activity room. I lied there for about a half hour and started to feel better. The calories from the juice seemed to give me a second wind. I came back to the dining room and ate a bunch of salad. Everyone was very silly and happy. It was fun being in that energy.

Finally at around 10:30p.m. the talent show started. Grand and I sand first and we messed it up as usual…lol. It was fun though. It was a fun talent show and pretty short which was good.

I finally made it to bed around midnight.


September 15, 2012

I slept in until 7a.m. Woohoo! I got up and right away started doing laundry. There were a lot of people that were packed up and ready to leave so I got to those rooms first.


I took a small break to eat one and half canary melons. Then I was right back at work. I worked like crazy through the morning. I needed to get all the beds ready in time for the fasters that were going to start showing up at noon. I wanted to make sure I got to those rooms first. I went and asked Grant if the room assignments weren’t done yet, they weren’t but Doug said we could do them whenever. I grabbed a piece of paper and said lets do it! Once the room assignments were done I went right back to work.

There were supposed to be a couple of people that the retreat hired to help me clean the rooms but they didn’t show up until 11p.m. I put them to work vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom while I continued with getting all the beds ready.


I managed to eat a few dates and a couple of apples for lunch. Then I was right back at work. I went full speed until around 2p.m. Meeting the fasters when they arrived and showing them to their room. When all that was left to do was wait on laundry, I found Doug and talked to him about an infection I’ve been fighting for almost a year. I wanted his advice on whether I should take the anti-biotics or not.

He said to find Grant and have him look up what the medication would do to my body. I found Grant up in his room. We both did a bunch of research on-line and discussed what would be the wisest decision. The side effects from the medication could be severe but most likely not too bad for me since I’m in such good health. Basically would it be easier for my body to continue to fight the infection on it’s own or would it be easier for my body to recover from the medication and get it’s good bacteria back.

I was tired and lied down on Doug’s bed and fell asleep for about 15 minutes. Doug came into the room and I woke up. We all continued our discussion and Doug said the wisest choice in his opinion would be to take the anti-biotic and recover from that.

I felt much better having made a decision and am looking forward to moving ahead. I know my body will be much stronger once this infection is gone.

I got up and went straight back to work. I had a few breaks waiting on laundry and during those breaks I called my mom and each of my kids. During another break I watched Doug working with Laura Dawn on the trampoline teaching her how to do a back flip. I learned a lot just watching. The human body is so amazing!


I was so hungry at dinner time. I drank a whole lot of OJ/nectarine juice. I drank so much that I was too full to eat anything else. I ate a tomato slice and a little bit of lettuce, but that was about all I could get down.

Once dinner was over I did more laundry and talked to people. We had a meeting where we introduced ourselves to the fasters and they told a little of why they came to fast.

I finally made it to bed around 11p.m.

Day 5 of Health and Fitness week

September 12, 2012

Woke up at 6:30a.m. I was feeling really good. I was ready to start working out again and looking forward to it. I wrote my blog and did laundry during the early morning.


I ate a small amount of cantaloupe, but wasn’t that hungry yet since I hadn’t been exercising for a few days.

I went to Doug’s lecture on body sculpting. It was a repeat, since I’d already heard it before, but I still enjoyed hearing it again.

At 10a.m. I was excited for the work out class to start. We did an obstacle course and I really enjoyed that.  I especially enjoyed doing pull-ups and core work. We then went outside and did some stretching and more core work, as well as some bouncing on the rebounder. My favorite part was working on upper body strength and working with the weights. I really really want to get my upper body stronger. It was also such a good work out for my almost healed rotator cuff. I want to get some of those little weights when I get home.


I ate some celery and a few dates.

When class was over Doug was doing games on the trampolines. That was super intense and Doug was pushing us hard. I was practically crawling off the trampoline by the end of it. It felt sooo good to work my body. I just love that feeling! After being sick and fasting for a day, I feel even stronger and cleaner now than I did before. I like that!


Peach, lettuce smoothie and I drank about 4 large glasses, I also munched on a whole bunch of yummy celery.

After lunch I called a couple of people that were wanting some coaching on changing their lives and striving to take the path to health.

A bunch of people were going on a walk up the mountain and I wanted to come along. The walk was really good. I was in the back talking with a man named Paul and we were sharing our stories of finding this lifestyle and we both feel so blessed to have found this way of living. I could have gone down so many roads and tried so many ways of eating, but instead I found the one that has healed my body, mind and spirit in more ways than I could have imagined. Yay!

It was getting cold up the mountain. Paul and I decided to turn back early, we were joined by a boy named Ricky. He is 12 and is here with his mom. It was just incredible talking with him. I want him to talk to my daughter! For being so young, he is very wise. He was talking about food and how he feels the difference in how it affects his body. He was saying that when he eats foods that are not fresh fruits and vegetables then he instantly feels less energy and like he cannot think as clearly. So young and already listening to his body! I was very impressed by him.


On the walk back I was getting really hungry. Luckily we came across some blackberries and feasted on those for a while. Then coming into the retreat there are a bunch of plum trees with yummy ripe plums and we ate some of those. I also had a few dates when we got back to the retreat.

It was 2 hours before dinner and my body was telling me to rest. So I did. I sat in the sun for a while. Then I took a super hot shower (it felt so good). Then I lied in my room and rested until it was time for dinner.


Fresh squeezed oj blended with nectarines. One of my favorites! There was more served at dinner but I wanted to keep it simple so I stuck with the juice. I drank a lot…about 5 large glasses full.

During dinner I had a great conversation with a woman that is studying to me a medical doctor. She shared her story of dealing with mental illness and being medicated for it  most of her life. Like myself she found that through eating a pure diet she has no more depression and mental issues. She got off all her medications and feels amazing eating this way. I was really happy to be able to talk to someone else who has gone through a lot of what I have. I hope we are able to stay in touch and it’s really exciting to me that she is going to be a doctor promoting health and nutrition instead of the typical drug prescribing doctor.

After dinner I went to bed and read for about an hour. I went to sleep around 9:30p.m.

Day 4 of Health and Fitness Week

September 11, 2012

I woke up at 6a.m. I felt like my fever had broke. I laid there a while and decided I could get up. I was still a little dizzy, but felt like myself again.

I worked on my blog and did laundry. Not much had built up on my day “off”, so thankfully there wasn’t a lot to do.


I drank one tall glass of blended nectarines and pears.

I was feeling much better, but still a little dizzy and not 100%. I wanted to start working out but knew that I needed to rest another day.

Around 11p.m. I went and lied down and slept for 3 hours. I missed lunch but that was ok because I wasn’t really that hungry yet.

I got up and Doug was teaching a class out in the sun. I lied down with the beautiful sun on me and listened to the lecture for a while.

My mom called and talked to me about how my grandpa was doing. He’s having a hard time being alone since my step grandma died a couple of weeks ago.

When I got off the phone I decided I could do an easy work out. I got on my tall bike, which has been sitting being neglected, and I rode a mile or so through the country. It was great to be out exercising again! I love the feeling it gives me.

When I got back I grabbed a book and sat in the sun reading. My brother called, I hadn’t talked to him in a long long time and he was excited because he just got a really good job. I was happy for him. When I got off the phone I read for a while longer.

I could hear something really fun going on in the work out room so I went to check it out. They were doing all kinds of fun things with balancing each other with their bodies in different ways. I took lots of pictures and secretly wished I could participate.



At dinner I had about 4 large glasses of fresh squeezed OJ blended with pear and peaches. My tummy was very full and not happy that I had drank so much so fast. The rest of dinner I didn’t really eat, just a little bit of salad with a lemon dressing. I knew I had pushed my limits with the juice and didn’t want to mess things up just as I was getting better. I’ve learned that listening to my body is always best.

After dinner I went to bed early. I couldn’t fall asleep so I read for a while. I finally started to drift off when Danielle came in the room.

She was in tired and in a bit of a “huff”, her crashing around woke me up and so I just got up and turned on the light for her so she could see.

She got everything she needed and went to take a shower. I read until she came back figuring if I went back to sleep she would wake me up when she came back anyway. After a while Danielle came back in the room with Katie. She was in a much better mood, laughing with Katie. They both filled me in on their “love” lives, which was what all the laughing was about. We had fun talking, finally we went to sleep around 11p.m.