My son is 18 today!

I woke up this morning at 8 a.m. and was out the door by 8:45 a.m. I had a slightly stuffy nose and my throat was a little sore from nasal drip. I was sure I wasn’t sick…I’m a fruitarian…I don’t get sick!

I still had 7 peaches left from yesterday that I took with me. My first job was 5 miles away with 2 hills to climb. These are my oldest clients…at least he is. Their names are Peggy and Big. Big is 89 and Peggy is 80. They are wonderful people.

When I got there I ate my 7 peaches and cleaned for 2 hours. As I was cleaning I realized that today was the 7th and it was my oldest sons 18th birthday. I sent him a happy birthday text and then promptly started crying again. I was so happy that he was 18. At soon as he graduates high school in May, he can move to Boise and we can spend as much time together as we want. I have been waiting 7 years for this day, ever since their dad got custody of my boys and decided to be all controlling and manipulative with them. I won’t have to deal with that anymore with my oldest. I still have 2 more years before my other son is 18. Then I will be free of their dad completely!

I had a little extra time before I had to be at my next client Wylla’s. I had decided the other day that I needed to get some sexy winter clothing. I am tired of looking frumpy all winter. So I stopped at a second hand store and tried on some cute long sleeve shirts and sweaters. I found a few nice ones. My last client of the day Maggie called and canceled me coming that afternoon. By that time I was running late for Wylla. So I pedaled as fast as I could the 5 miles to her apartment.

At Wylla’s I ate the other half of my watermelon that I had left there on Wed. Wylla and I had a wonderful time as usual. I told her all about my emotional breakdowns over the past 3 days and she seemed to think it would all turn out for the best.

After Wylla, I had a few free hours before I had to be at my play performance. Woo hoo! My bike had been running horribly for a week or more, so I biked downtown 3 miles to the Boise Bicycle Project to do some work on it. I am so glad I did. It was a slow day in there so I had the help of 2 guys that worked there. After looking it over we decided it needed a new chain, sprocket and pedal. With three of us on the job, we changed it all out in 45 minutes. I have this amazing sprocket now that has an awesome hill climbing gear! I can’t wait to climb my next hill 🙂 We also aired up my tires really tight. I hadn’t realized how low the air pressure was. So now my bike rides like it is brand new. So awesome!

Next I stopped at Tree City Smoothie and had them bottle up 64 oz. of fresh squeezed oj, blended with mango and spinach. Then I rode to the co-op and bought some vegan lipstick for the play. After that I rode to Flying M and drank 42 oz. of fresh squeezed oj. At flying M there were two people working there that I hadn’t met. So I introduced myself to them, their names are Anthony and Jessie.

I needed to get new clips for my backpack and the store that I knew sold them was across town. I didn’t have time to bike so I decided to ride the bus. I had about a half hour wait so I stopped in at the “Lux”, which is a sort of a vintage used clothing store. I tried on a few things, but none really fit the way I wanted them to. Before I left I introduced myself to the lady working there, her name is Michele.

I got on the bus and one of my favorite homeless people was on there. His name is Duel. He was happy to see me and talked to me the whole time about how he finds places to sleep and how he stores his stuff and how he stays warm, etc. It was a good conversation and he was so happy to have someone to talk to. I have a real soft spot in my heart for him, he is a dear person.

I got off the bus and bought my clips. It was only about 2 miles to get to my play. I had to go pee really bad on the ride. I passed by an empty lot and ran behind some bushes. Walking back to my bike I noticed pears lying on the ground under a tree. Ah ha! A pear tree. I was excited to pick some pears, but unfortunately the tree has already been picked clean. At least someone else is enjoying the fruit and it’s not just rotting 🙂 I had gotten a phone call when I was on the bus from my tenants that I rent my house in Shoshone Idaho out to. They said their gas got turned off and now it is back on but the furnace is blowing out cold air. I told them they needed to re-light the pilot light. They didn’t know how to do that. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to drive the 2 hours to Shoshone over the weekend just to light the furnace and then drive 2 hours back. I called a friend of mine that lives in Shoshone, he said he wasn’t sure how to do it either but he would go over and take a look.  So before I got the to my play my friend called back and said that he got the furnace running again…yay. Not even a minute later a got another call from one of the Mennonites and they are going to work on helping me get my wood stove installed…yay. Then not even a minute after that I had a friend call and say she left 3 all day bus passes under my front door mat because she wasn’t going to use them…yay! I love it when things flow like that.

Tonight was opening night for our play. I wasn’t very nervous, I was sure everything would go just fine. In the dressing room everyone was spraying mass amounts of perfume and hairspray. It made me instantly feel nauseous. My nose started dripping and my sore throat came back. I felt so drained and tired.  Then I couldn’t find my lipstick, and I figured it must have bounced out of  it’s bag while I was biking. The first half of the play went good. At intermission I drank my 64 oz. of smoothie. I felt really cold and achy. I am not sick I kept telling myself. Next thing I know I was being woken up and I had fallen asleep and missed the first half of scene 2. Damn it! I almost started crying then, I felt like the other actors could have had my back and woken me up in time. Then again, it is my responsibility to make sure I get out there.

After the play there was a lady named Roxie that had been borrowing my roommates car that came and picked me up, since I needed  the car tomorrow night. My 18 year old is going to come see my play for his birthday present! So very cool. I loaded up my bike, dropped her off at her house and drove home. I had the heater on full blast. It felt so nice to be warm.

I made it home and I am so exhausted. It is now 12:30 a.m. I am going to take a hot bath since I flipped on the hot water heater breaker this morning. I have to get up at 6 a.m. to get my boys. My nose is running, I really need to spend a day just sleeping. I think I will set Monday aside to do just that since I don’t work that day.

Good night!

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