Dear Friends,

Victoria woke up at 6:30am. She read for a while, went to the bathroom, started a load of laundry and did deep breathing. Angel woke up and nursed. Then they read Angel’s stories together for a while. Victoria got dressed and made their bed. They went into the kitchen. Angel took a bath in the sink while Victoria juiced tangelos, lemons, celery, cucumbers and apples.

Victoria got Angel out of the bath, dried her off and got her dressed. Angel played in the backyard while Victoria hung clean laundry on the clothes line. Then Victoria jumped on the rebounder. When finished, she put Angel in the jogging stroller and went on a run. They didn’t make it far, Victoria was still sore from her last run. She walked home slowly going through the old cemetery, listening to the birds and enjoying the beauty around her. Victoria felt so grateful to receive such beautiful gifts from nature.

When they arrived back home, Victoria put Angel in the truck and drove to Round Rock for a fruitluck. As she was leaving town she saw the local farmers market and stopped. She bought a bunch of fresh picked oranges. Yay! Victoria and Angel listened to fun music on the drive. They arrived at the fruitluck, their friends Sarah and Ariel were already there. The kids played in the playground while Victoria and Sarah talked. Then they all ate oranges and raw crackers that Victoria had made and was giving to Sarah.

They all said their goodbyes and Victoria went on a scenic drive before going to work for George. Angel fell asleep on the drive and woke up when they arrived at George’s. At George’s, Victoria did a few chores. Then she drank a banana strawberry coconut water smoothie while listening to George and playing with Angel until it was time to go home.

Victoria enjoyed the ride home. Her mind was quiet and peaceful. Victoria was grateful and listened to fun kids music with Angel. When they arrived home, Victoria checked the mail, got the clothes off the line, put them away and talked with Savana Storm and Tyler, while Angel played with the cat. Then Victoria and Angel went to bed. Angel nursed and then they read stories.

It was a wonderful day.

I appreciate music

I appreciate friends

I appreciate cats

I appreciate gifts

I appreciate electricity

Thank you for reading my blog and appreciations.

I appreciate you!

Blessedly yours,


p.s. Breakfast: 16 oz. lemon water; 16 oz. celery, cucumber, apple juice.

2nd breakfast: an apple

Lunch: 64 oz. 13 mango and oj smoothie; 2 fresh picked oranges.

Dinner: 64 oz. 9 banana, 6 strawberry, coconut water smoothie.