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Mulberry Tree

Dear Diary and friends,

There is a mulberry tree at a house down the road from me and it is full of almost ripe mulberries. I’ve been meaning to knock on the door and ask if I can harvest the mulberries when they get ripe. I had been putting it off because for some reason I had a fear about it. I was afraid it would be grumpy people that would tell me no but on the other hand..I knew deep inside that no matter what, knocking on that door would be a good experience.

Yesterday I was walking by the mulberry tree, pulling Angel in the wagon when I decided that today was the day to knock on that door. I brought Angel up to the door with me for cuteness appeal. We knocked on the door and it was opened to a familiar face. It was a lady that sings in the choir I had been singing in for one of the other churches in town. Since the church I go to doesn’t have a choir, I asked to join this other churches choir and they said sure. Anyway, the lady said we could pick as many mulberries as we would like. She invited us in and we talked for awhile. It was great to realize we lived so close to each other. Knocking on that door not only brought free mulberries into my life, it deepened a connection. What a blessing.

Thank you for mulberries.

Thank you for friendship.

Thank you for strength.

Thank you for breath.

I appreciate y’all reading my blog and being a part of my life.

Peacefully Yours,



  1. That seems wonderful! We have fresh raspberry, blueberry and black raspberry bushes at home to enjoy over the summer

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