Making Raw Cookies, Appreciations & What I Ate

Making Raw Cookies, Appreciations & What I Ate

Dear Diary & Friends,

I woke up at 6:30am. I meditated until 7am. Then I made Savana a smoothie for breakfast and packed her lunch. I drove her to school at 7:45am. After dropping her off I cleaned half of Oliver’s house.( I am pet sitting him until Saturday.) I did a really thorough job and it took a couple of hours. Angel watched Spirit on Netflix while I cleaned. I enjoyed making everything super shiny and pretty. Tomorrow I will clean the other half to have it all beautiful for Pam when she gets home on Saturday.

I came home after cleaning and hung laundry on the line. Then I spent a couple hours in the kitchen making raw vegan cookies to take to the Christmas community choir concert on Saturday. I love making somewhat healthy snacks for other people to enjoy. I also received a big order for sun dried tomatoes so I cut those up and set them out to start drying. Angel happily played with Oliver and her toys.

When I finished in the kitchen I relaxed and took a nap while Angel watched “Beat Bugs”. She got a lot more screen time today than usual but that’s ok. After my nap I got the clothes off the line and put them away. Then I left to pick up Savana from school and ran a few errands. I stopped by a new Chinese food truck in town to see what they had. I asked if they could make me a vegetable spring roll and they were happy to do it. It ended up being 2 huge vegetable spring rolls wrapped in rice paper for only $3.50. I only had my debit card to pay and the owner said they only took cash. I offered to write a check but she said to just come back and pay them when I had cash. I graciously thanked her and look forward to giving her a lot of my business. Those spring rolls were so good!

When I got home I walked around the yard looking at the trees and plants. I talked to Savana a while, then my mom on FaceTime while Angel took a bath in the kitchen sink. A lady came by and gave me a deposit to rent out my guest room in January and February. I now had cash to pay the spring roll place. Yay! I will go by there tomorrow and give them a big tip. Angel got out of the bath. She ate strawberries and I ate a big salad while we ate and hung out with our roommate Nick. Then I wrote my blog and bedtime will be soon. Oliver is already asleep.

Breakfast: 32oz. cabbage and carrot juice. 64oz. banana strawberry smoothie drank over 4 hours.

Lunch: 2 vegetable spring rolls. Lettuce, cucumber, carrots wrapped in rice paper.

Dinner: big salad. Mixed greens, tomatoes and pine nuts with a lemon tahini dressing.

I appreciate lettuce.

I appreciate pet sitting.

I appreciate a slow place.

I appreciate living mindfully.

I appreciate clean dishes.

I appreciate creativity.

I appreciate singing.

I appreciate naps.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Blissfully yours,


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