Madly In Love With Life; What Angel and I Ate & Appreciations

Madly In Love With Life; What Angel and I Ate & Appreciations

Dear Diary & Friends,

You know those days where you feel madly in love with everyone and everything? I’ve been having a lot of those lately. Day after day is blissful. I know this sounds kind of made up and unbelievable but it’s not. I’m not trying to pretend to be filled with joy, I truly am filled with joy. I’ve fallen in love with all of life, even the “bad” or hard things in life. All of it is supposed to be and I am grateful for all of it.

Yesterday I woke up at 5am. I had the day off of work and I was feeling inspired to finish remodeling the bathroom. The day before I had found a big mirror and a light fixture at a couple of thrift stores and I had invisioned exactly how I wanted it to look in the bathroom. I was excited to get started and make the magic happen. I also had other projects I wanted to work on as well.

I started the morning fixing the storm door on the tiny house. It was coming loose on the top and needed new screws. Then I got started spray painting the frame for the bathroom mirror. I wanted it to have a lot of time to dry in the sunlight, so I could install it that day. When I finished that I got the juicer and juiced a watermelon. I put the juice pulp in the dehydrator. Then I started a load of laundry and installed a blind on my daughter Savana’s bedroom window. Next I took off the old light fixture in the bathroom and installed the new one with the help of Charlie my roommate. Angel played with her toys around the house while I was working on all this.

I touched up the paint where the new light fixture didn’t match correctly. I switched laundry and checked on the drying mirror frame. It was mostly dry. So I took out the old medicine cabinet out of the wall and put up the new mirror over the hole in the wall. The new mirror looked great! I touched up the paint again where the mirror didn’t cover. Then I put up the rest of the shelving and pictures. I cleaned the bathroom and it was finished, just in time to get Savana from school. I was so proud of my work. The bathroom looks so good!

After getting Savana from school I made dinner for my Airbnb guest and also made a zucchini noodle vegan lasagna to take to a friend the next day. Then I sat and talked with Savana a while and Angel played with her sister. I made Savana supper and took a shower with Angel. We went to bed and read stories for a while. Then Angel nursed to sleep and I listened to “Conversations With God” on YouTube until I fell asleep.

I slept really deep and had vibrant happy dreams. I woke up at 8am. It was so nice to have gotten to sleep in. I made a smoothie and packed up the car. I got Angel ready and headed to Austin with my roommate Charlie. I took the scenic route to Austin on the county roads and it was a lot of fun. Texas is beautiful country. When we arrived at Austin, I dropped off the vegan lasagna at my friends (his wife had died last week). He wasn’t there but I left the lasagna on his doorstep. Then we went to a fruitluck at Whole Foods.

The fruitluck was really nice. It was a small group and I enjoyed seeing everyone. It had been a while since we had a fruitluck. After everyone left I did some shopping at Whole Foods, then sat outside in the sun talking to Charlie while Angel played at a little playground. We hung out until it was time for me to go to work.

Work was mostly running errands for George, except walking Baby the dog around the block. When Lee walking Baby it was cold out and I didn’t have my jacket. So I walked briskly but I still got cold. I felt my body tending up against the cold but then I suddenly really wanted to enjoy the cold. I purposefully relaxed my body and breathed a big cold air breath. It felt so amazing! For the rest of the walk I relaxed into the cold and allowed it to be without resisting it in anyway. I loved it! The cold didn’t feel like a bad thing anymore. Instead it felt like a very beautiful thing and I was grateful for everything that was happening in that moment. The cold, the walk, the sun, the dog, the sky…I was madly in love with it all. I passed a young man taking pictures of his car, he looked up at me. I was in love with him and I smiled at him. He smiled back really big and said with gusto, “it’s a beautiful evening!” I laughed and said, “yes!” I next passed 2 men standing next to a car they were giving a jump start. I was madly in love with them. The looked up and both smiled big and wished me a good evening. I smiled back and returned their greeting.

When the walk was over I let Baby back in the house and then ran one last errand for George before heading home. The drive home was fun. I listened to fun music and Angel fell asleep. When I arrived home, I put Angel to bed, unloaded the car with Charlie’s help, got my Airbnb guest settled, washed the dishes while talking with Savana, went to bed and wrote my blog.

Breakfast: (Angel) handful of pecans, 8oz. banana, raspberry, lettuce, pear and cacao smoothie. (Me) 16oz. smoothie.

Lunch: (Angel) 8oz. watermelon juice, 8oz. smoothie, pecans and pumpkin seeds. (Me) a few blackberries, 8oz. watermelon juice, 16oz. smoothie.

Dinner: (Angel) 8oz. smoothie, pecans. (Me) steamed broccoli with garlic, 16oz. coconut bliss coconut ice cream.

Snack: (Angel) 2 mandarin oranges. (Me) 4 mandarin oranges, a handful of pumpkin seeds.


I appreciate an abundance of love.

I appreciate fun conversations.

I appreciate the cold.

I appreciate creating beautiful things.

I appreciate early bedtimes.

I appreciate life.

I appreciate my amazing body.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Lovingly yours,


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