Life Is Full Of Poop and Pee

Life Is Full Of Poop and Pee

Dear Diary and Friends,

I woke up this morning to cat poop in the living room. Somehow the outside cat MaryBell was in the house.  I was quite cranky about waking up to that. I like my house clean with no yuckies. Anyway, I got over it mid morning until I went to lay on the day bed to read and almost laid on hidden cat poop behind a pillow. I decided to be grateful that I didn’t lay in it because that would have been way nastier than just finding it. I cleaned it up and washed the blanket twice. I might run it through another cycle in the morning just because.

At George’s their dog Baby pee’d on his girlfriend Peggy’s bed. I helped clean that up. I had to just laugh. Then Angel soaked through her diaper and got pee on George and his recliner. I helped clean that up. Some days are like that, especially when you have kids and pets. Pretty soon you just accept that there is going to be poop and pee to clean up and enjoy making things clean again.

I did get a nap in today before working for George but no walk. Tomorrow is my day off so I plan on walking a lot. I bagged up some finished raw mini pizza pies. They turned out really good. I changed the recipe a little and it was a very yummy change that made them taste even better. The ingredients and prices can be found here:

I appreciate cleaning.

I appreciate laughter.

I appreciate salad.

I appreciate free produce.

I appreciate Charlie filling up the hole in the driveway and finishing free gravel to do it with.

I appreciate donkeys.

I appreciate my truck.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Faithfully yours,


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