Last day of health and fitness week 2011

The last day I decided I wanted to participate in at least one of the activities. The whole week I’ve been milling around, but I haven’t been doing the classes. I participated the first day, but then didn’t after that and I wasn’t sure why. I figured that out…I have a shoulder injury from a bike wreck that happened in May. It is a partially torn rotator cuff. It is hard to do a lot of things and when I do group work outs I tend to forget and move it in certain ways that hurt it. I want it to heal as soon as possible so I can get on with my life, so I don’t like when I hurt it. It’s just better for me to do my physical therapy exercises and play it safe.
So…anyway…back to the last day. There was a treasure hunt in the afternoon and I wanted to make sure I go all my work done so I could go. I woke up at 5:25, did my first wake up calls, started some laundry. Hung out in the sanctuary talking to people. When the morning work out started at 6 I decided to participate. About 15 min. into it my shoulder started aching. So I stepped out. I went into the lobby and was doing some things on my computer when Chris Kendall came running down the stairs. It was then that I realized I had forgotten to give him his wake up call. Ahhhhh! I started groveling, apologizing profusely. Chris was saying it was no big deal…he just hoped he could join class late. Usually if you miss the warm up, you can’t join. I hoped he could as well and thankfully he was able to.
For breakfast I had watermelon. There was great breakfast conversation, though I don’t remember what it was, I remember how it felt. It was a very happy, warm cozy feeling. The same feeling I had been basking in all week.  Since I had been taking it easy almost all week and napping everyday. I renamed health and fitness week for myself and called it rest and recovery week. That being said, I went a took a 2 hour nap.
For lunch I had blended banana’s. After lunch we had our closing ceremony. During closing ceremony we all sit in a circle. Each of us takes a turn lying down in the middle of the circle, then each person says one word that they feel represents the person in the middle. Last year I cried through my circle time. I was so happy that these people loved and accepted me. This year I didn’t cry, but it was very meaningful once again. I will get sent my list by e-mail sometime soon, but I remember a few of the words people said. Harley said “hard-core athlete”, which I thought was great fun coming from hard-core Harley. Doug said, “see ya later”, which I loved, since I will be seeing him later to work at his retreat this winter in Costa Rica…though I didn’t know it at the time πŸ™‚ There was a young 19 year old there named Kevin just starting out on 80/10/10, his word for me was “yum”, I was very surprised he said that about me. I’m 20 years older than him and I guess I must look pretty good for my age πŸ™‚ So those are all the words said about me that I remember off the top of my head. I remember Doug’s word for me last year was “perfect”. I really took that one to heart.
After closing circle we had a treasure hunt. That was a total blast even though I didn’t get to finish it. There was one clue we could not figure out, we had been from one end of the property and back. We even found the prize through our searching, but couldn’t get the prize until we found that clue because we didn’t want to cheat. After looking for a long time, I ended up having to go into town with Grant, which was good. I was feeling low on carbs and that gave me a chance to re-fuel with some banana’s.
Dinner was a huge party and celebration. The theme was “Alice in Wonderland” and the kitchen crew went all out! We started out having a picnic on the floor in the dinning hall drinking orange/nectarine juice. Then the white rabbit let us out through the rabbit hole to drink our elixir and eat our biscuit. The biscuit was a dehydrated something or other. I took one bite and my stomach was upset. My body was still wanting me to stick with mono meals so I didn’t eat anymore the rest of the night and let my body just digest the juice. After our visit down the rabbit hole we were lead into the sanctuary where a huge feast was set up. We all had a great time acting out the movie, switching seats and having un-birthday parties.
After our crazy, fun dinner party we had a talent show. Grant and I sang Brad and Janet’s song from “The Rocky Horror Show”, I am going to be in the play here in Boise and so conveniently had the music for it on CD. We had been practicing in the car on our trips to town, but we never did get a chance to practice acting it out. We both slaughtered it, forgot lines and such…lol…but nobody cared. I did another talent and that was jumping rope. There is a story behind this that I wrote about in my first entry of health and fitness week 2011. My record so far if I remembered right was 70 in a row, so I told everyone that and even though I hadn’t jumped in a while, I was going to try to make it that far. I started jumping and only made it to 38. Oh well! Not a big deal…and I started to walk away, but I was cheered on the try again. So already feeling a little winded, I started again. Made it to 72, the whole room was in an uproar, cheering. I felt so incredibly loved and happy. 
At some point throughout the day I was sitting in the lobby and Doug walked by. He asked when I was leaving. I told him tomorrow, but I wasn’t going home I was going to walk around Seattle for a few days before heading back. He suggested I stay there for a few extra days instead. Great deal, I would get more time with my fruitarian family πŸ™‚
I’m not sure what I learned from health and fitness week yet this year. I will probably be able to figure it out by next year πŸ™‚

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  • Anonymous

    September 20, 2011 at 3:40 pm Reply

    Thank you for sharing, Victoria! πŸ™‚

  • Vibrantvic

    September 20, 2011 at 3:41 pm Reply

    my pleasure πŸ™‚

  • Yogaranka

    September 24, 2011 at 1:50 am Reply

    Dear Victoria,

    Please keep up the good work of journaling and sharing with us. I enjoyed reading your posts so much. I'm dying to read more about Ron too, wink wink.

  • Vibrantvic

    September 24, 2011 at 4:07 am Reply

    yes…Ron…he calls me his sunflower..hehe.
    I need to give you your money back yogaranka that you donated to my internship…since I am on staff now I only pay for the travel πŸ™‚

  • Vibrantvic

    September 24, 2011 at 4:07 am Reply

    also I have moved my blog to

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