January 30, 2013

Today’s gratitudes:
I am grateful to the earth for mango’s
-I feel warm and tropical
-meets my need for delicious food and health
I am grateful to myself for never giving up on healing
-I feel enduring and persistant
-meets my need for happiness and vitality
I am grateful to Trace StJohn for considering my needs
-I feel loved and cared for
-meets my need for understanding and help
I am grateful to my sons Scott Soper and Shawn Soper for being such great kids
-I feel blessed and proud
-meets my need for family, love and connection

Today’s goals:
file taxes
work extra
get fliers made

Yesterday’s food:
breakfast: 10 banana/raspberry smoothie
lunch: 3 dates
dinner: 8 banana/raspberry smoothie

2130 calories
548g carbs
7g fats (yay!)
25g protein

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