January 3, 2012

Today’s gratitudes:
I am grateful to the earth for peaches
-I feel happy and bright
-meets my need for yummy food, health and nutrients
I am grateful to myself for smiling
-I feel joyful and beautiful
-meets my need for sharing and expression
I am grateful to my son Shawn Soper for coming to live with me for a while
-I feel blessed and thankful
-meets my need for family and love

Today’s goals:
Do my best at work
Take time for reflection
Nurture myself
Enjoy the beauty all around me

Yesterday’s food:
2685 calories:
677g carbs
12g fat
36g protein

160z. fresh squeezed oj blended with 10oz. frozen mango’s and 10oz. frozen peaches.
10 banana’s blended with coconut water from one young coconut
5 mejool dates


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I am a transformational coach. I help people find the truth inside of themselves to live a peaceful and content life.

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