January 23, 2013

Today’s gratitudes:
I am grateful to the earth for cantaloupe
-I feel hydrated and bouncy
-meets my need for nutrition and vibrance
I am grateful to myself for having a good work ethic
-I feel useful and important
-meets my need for giving and expression
I am grateful to Trace StJohn for asking for my help when he wanted to express himself to someone he was angry at in a loving and compassionate way. (wow!)
-I feel honored and respected
-meets my need for growth, creativity and spreading good energy
I am grateful to Savana Everett for playing dress up with us last night when we went out to mingle.
-I feel playful and fun
-meets my need for sharing and play

Today’s goals:
sweep floors
surprise Trace
show kindness to everyone I come in contact with

Yesterday’s food:
breakfast: water from one young coconut
lunch: 8 banana/raspberry smoothie
snack: 4 banana/raspberry smoothie
snack: 16oz. fresh squeezed oj
dinner: one cantaloupe, 2 cucumber, mint salad (I surprised Trace for dinner with this salad….he was ecstatic and loved it…yay)

1767 calories
439g carbs
8g fat
27g protein

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