January 13, 2012

Today’s gratitudes:
I am grateful to the earth for fire
-I feel warm and fortunate
-meets my need for warmth and comfort
I am grateful to myself for sharing my fruit
-I feel thrilled
-meets my need for contributing to others
I am grateful to Trace StJohn for a wonderful evening
-I feel playful and frisky
-meets my need for fun and companionship
I am grateful to Angela Buffington for all the years of friendship
-I feel enriched
-meets my need for bonding

Today’s goals:
share my joy
sit ups and push ups
do something wonderful for myself

Yesterday’s food:
breakfast: coconut water from one young coconut
lunch: 8 banana/raspberry smoothie
dinner: 8 banana/raspberry smoothie
snack: 4 banana/1/2 a cherimoya smoothie and 4 medjool dates

2553 calories
653g carbs
10g fat
32g protein


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I am a transformational coach. I help people find the truth inside of themselves to live a peaceful and content life.


  • felt

    January 13, 2013 at 9:50 pm Reply

    Did healing your eyes work?
    What was the book that you were listening to?

    • Vibrant Victoria

      January 14, 2013 at 5:27 pm Reply

      Yes and no. I haven’t been doing the relaxation techniques, so my results have been slow. Plus this winter I’ve been driving a friends car a lot and have had to put my glasses back on to drive. I will keep at it though. I use the Bates method…you can look it up on-line.

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