In Love With Life

In Love With Life

Dear Friends,

We went on a lovely hike today to a beautiful swimming hole in Austin with the fruit festival group. I met more lovely people with beautiful fruit energy. When I am with people that live the fruitarian lifestyle the energy vibration is so peaceful and accepting. Several times thoroughout the day I closed my eyes and basked in the energy surrounding me. What a blessing it is to have found this lifestyle. I am so so very grateful to experience what it feels like to live off of fruit. It is like floating and my body feels pain so infrequently that it’s like I don’t even have a body a lot of the time. Simply amazing! Life is a beautiful constantly changing river and I am in love with it.

I appreciate the sun.

I appreciate new friends.

I appreciate floating.

I appreciate energy.

I appreciate acceptance.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Joyfully yours,



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