I Love Preparing Food For Others To Enjoy

I Love Preparing Food For Others To Enjoy

Dear Diary and Friends,

I just finished bagging up a large on line dehydrated snack order. It is such a joy to make good quality food for people. I love love love the food as I prepare it and I love love love it when I get it out of the dehydrator and bag it up. I love the smells, the colors and the textures. I even love cleaning up, lovingly washing the dehydrator trays…making them sparkly clean, wiping out the dehydrators. I am grateful to experience all of that in my life. I am grateful to make food for others to enjoy.

I had a really fun evening at my friend Pastor Pam’s tonight. She shared her adventures that she had on her pilgrimage to Israel and we had a lovely dinner of soup and salad. It was a delightful walk home, warm and the stars were shinning bright. Angel Baby fell asleep in the wagon. The walk to pastor Pam’s was also delightful. Angel Baby pushes her baby stroller alongside the wagon. First we went to the park. I practiced hand stands and I went across the monkey bars and back. Angel spent most of her time there being pushed in the swing until my arms were done pushing. Then we finished walking to Pam’s going Angel’s pace. We watched ants for a while. We watched a really long train go by. We stood and did nothing a few times and we practiced learning walking safety skills.

It was a perfect day.

I appreciate walks.

I appreciate parks.

I appreciate friends.

I appreciate naps.

I appreciate books.

I appreciate making food for others.

I appreciate gaining weight.

I appreciate salad.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Delightfully yours,


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