Humoring Myself; What Angel & I Ate; Manifestations and Appreciations

Humoring Myself; What Angel & I Ate; Manifestations and Appreciations

Dear Diary & Friends,

Once in a while I do things in public to humor myself. Mostly it comes over me in the produce section at the grocery store. One of my favorite things to do is…frantically start grabbing bunches of bananas and putting them in my cart. People will start to panic and think I am taking all the bananas….they will hurry over and snag a few bunches themself before I take them all. It’s great fun and people buy more bananas. Lol

Another thing I like to do is stand next to a certain section of produce such as pears. I will talk to Angel in a louder than normal voice about how amazing the pears are right now. I mention how they are perfectly ripe and juicy they are. I grab a few pears and wander off. Then I watch the show out of the corner of my eye. People will head straight to the pears and get some. Yes!!! I’m a secret fruit pusher. Hahaha.

Breakfast: (Angel) 16oz. banana strawberry cacao smoothie. (Me) 48oz. banana strawberry cacao smoothie.

Snack: (Angel) peanuts and pecans

Lunch: (Angel) 1/2 a durian (Me) 1/2 a durian.

Supper: (Angel) 16oz. fresh oj and a pint of strawberries. (Me) steamed spinach and mixed vegetables with tahini.

Manifestation list:

I maintain a healthy weight of 130lbs. eating a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and continue to have vibrant health.

With ease and blessings to all those involved, I receive $100,000.00 a year or more in income.

I have a beautiful remodeled bathroom.

I speak fluent Spanish.

I delightfully donate 10% or more of my income and 5 hours of my time weekly.

I enjoy a lovely pond in the backyard.

I accept all people and things exactly as they are.

I have a talented and affordable handyman.

I plant 30 fruit trees in 2018.

I live in complete surrender.

I own my house.

I am grateful for all these amazing things in my life. Thank you!!


I appreciate my house.

I appreciate my bathroom being painted.

I appreciate fun conversations.

I appreciate warmer weather.

I appreciate squeezy hugs.

I appreciate my girls.

I appreciate laughter.

I appreciate an awesome car.

I appreciate my body.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Gratefully yours,


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