Health and Fitness Week 2010

I was fading fast going into health and fitness week. I had been eating horribly, gained some weight and was feeling sorry for myself since not one person in my family wanted to see me succeed. I was tired of having no support and the food I was eating was pulling me into a depression.
The first day at health and fitness week I started menstrating and it was very heavy and painful from eating so many fats the week before. (When I don’t eat fats I hardly even notice it, it is so light and uneventful). So I was bloated and miserable, surrounded by these fit amazingly healthy vibrant people, that seemed to really like and accept me from the first moment they saw me. I truly felt out of place. I was angry at myself for allowing myself to fall so far down that I couldn’t enjoy the week that I had been so much looking forward to.
That first evening I spent in tears, just sobbing and sobbing….releasing all my frustration, anger and deep deep sadness.
After that night my inner spirit recovered quickly. I embraced all the wonderful energy everyone there was so willing to give and gave back all I could in full force.
I felt so loved and supported the entire time.

Meal times were so much fun. Everyone just feasting on incredible amounts of beautiful organic fruits and veggies. Sharing meals like that just doesn’t happen in my day to day life. The best part is that after the meals were over everyone still felt great, there was no one grabbing their stomach moaning about not feeling good.

I loved the fitness group I was in. It was the beginner group and it was plenty for me. I found out quickly that any other exercise besides bike riding is a challenge for me. I literally have no other muscle endurance or strength in any other areas. It is going to be fun getting my body fit in different ways. Jumping rope is the first weakest link I want to tackle and have it down by next year. It was my least favorite exercise during the week 🙂 I also want to look into joining a team sport such as softball or soccer.

My favorite part was the people. The amount of physical hugs and being touched while walking past someone was so wonderful. It just filled my heart to complete fullness.

Doug was fantastic! Even more incredible that I expected him to be. I am so grateful for him. Without his book I believe I would not be alive today, and even if I was alive I would not be thriving like I am now.

I am proud of myself for making this a reality.

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  • RawDad

    September 21, 2010 at 12:07 am Reply

    Great Job VE….sounds like a great memory.

    All the best – RD.

  • Kim

    September 21, 2010 at 3:35 am Reply

    Thanks for the recap! You made me laugh out loud about the typical moaning and groaning after eating large non-80/10/10 meals. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your athletic goals…so inspiring to me!

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