Heading home from the Woodstock Fruit Festival

August 28th, 2012

I was woken up at 2 a.m. when Shawn came in. I wasn’t able to go back to sleep. After lying in bed for an hour I read for a while. Then tried to go back to sleep for another hour. Finally I gave up, went to the infirmary and wrote my blog. It took me an hour and a half to get it completely done. At 7a.m. I went back to bed and slept from 7:30a.m. to 8:30a.m.


I was real tired and dragging, but I had to get to work. I went to the dining room and quickly made a 10 banana smoothie. When I got to work I found out all we needed to do was to clean up all the supplies and put them in boxes. Between myself and my 3 other co-workers doing that it didn’t take very long at all. I drank my smoothie while cleaning up.

I then went and lied down again to see if I could get a little bit more sleep. I tried for about a half hour and then called it quits. I got up and packed my backpack. I hadn’t even worn half of my clothes and was wondering why I had packed so much. Next trip I will remember to pack a little less.

Once packed, I went and made another 15 banana smoothie to share with Savana because I knew she would be hungry soon. The kids got up and packed their bags. Shawn was really crabby. I asked if he had eaten anything and he said he wasn’t eating any more fruit. I suggested that he might feel better if he ate but he was determined to not eat.

We brought our bags down by the road and set them down.

The closing ceremony was starting, so the kids went up to it. I headed to the kitchen to see if there was any durian left. I was thinking I shouldn’t be eating durian and just stick to low fat but I wanted some anyway. In the dining room there was not one durian left. I was actually really thankful for that! I guess it was just going to be bananas.

The closing ceremony took an hour and a half. I had found Shawn and sat by him. He was still really crabby and was mad the ceremony was taking so long. When it was over I said goodbye to a bunch of my friends and the kids and I went to see about packing up the car. When we were walking down the path a cricket jumped in front of us. Shawn looked at me and then stepped on the cricket. I knew he had done it to upset me. I asked him why he would do something like that and he said because it needed to die. I said that maybe he could try to be more compassionate and he just kept being mean. I realized that he was just going to keep acting this way if I kept debating with him. So I stopped and gave him a hug and told him I loved him. He really didn’t like that but it stopped his behavior.

At the car we loaded everything up. We were riding with my friend Vickie and her kids Katy and Drew, who are 20 and 17. We were all ready to go but we couldn’t find Katy and Drew. Finally Shawn found then still up at the rec hall. We all got in the car and were off.


On the drive I drank most of the banana smoothie I had made as well as some nectarines I had bought at a grocery store we stopped at. My kids ate at subway. I didn’t want to pay any attention to what they got so I just sent them into the store with money. They were happy they got to eat “real” food, that I call “fake” food…lol.

We also stopped at a mall where there was a target store so I could see about getting a new battery for my phone since it still wouldn’t hold a charge for more than an hour. Target didn’t have any but they suggested Radio Shack on the other side of the mall. So I went there and they didn’t have the battery either. I decided I would just wait until I got home and go to my phone company and get a new battery there.

At another point we stopped at a whole foods and I bought a bunch of plums to take on the plane the next day. It was a very long drive. We didn’t have gps and were using google maps. I think it took us the long way. We finally made it to the hotel by the Newark airport at 9p.m. Vickie was really tired and frustrated from driving so long and in unfamiliar territory.


We settled into the hotel room, Vickie made up a big salad of spinach, tomato, nectarine and a tiny bit of pine nuts. We squeezed a lemon over it to use as a dressing. It was a really good salad.

We all went to bed around 10p.m. and I thought I would fall right asleep but then Vickie and I started talking and giggling. I think we fell asleep around midnight.

August 29th, 2012

I woke up at 5:30a.m. Got the kids up, we gathered up our stuff and took the shuttle to the airport. I was really happy to be headed home. Going through security there was no line and all they had were those new scanners that I won’t go through. So I opted out. Immediately there was a very friendly lady that patted me down. I don’t think I’ve ever been treated so well going through security before. I liked it.

Savana had her bag searched and she had a little bit of water in her water bottle. The attendant told her to take it back out and drink it, then come back through security. He sent her out and she was taking a long time. I realized that she didn’t have her boarding pass or passport with her. I told the attendant that sent her out and he took them out to her. I was a little bit angry that they would send a 12 out in the Newark airport by herself. She made it back through ok and my “mom fears” were settled down.


The place ride went good. I ate some of my plums and slept a little. It was the smoothest plane ride I’ve ever been on. When we landed there wasn’t even a bump. I told the pilot when we were getting off what a great job he had done.

We only had an hour layover and we found our gate. The kids went and got food, then I went in search of a smoothie place. I had no luck. I called TS and asked if he would get some ripe bananas and bring me a banana smoothie when he met us at the airport. He said he would do that and I knew with the smoothie I would have plenty of energy to ride home from the airport.


The next plane ride went just fine, I ate the rest of my plums. We got to Boise right on time. TS was waiting with my smoothie…yay! He had also aired up our bike tires for us so they would be ready to ride home. I drank most of my smoothie and we all headed home on our bikes.

On the way we stopped at my phone companies store, that store didn’t have batteries. The store that carried them wasn’t too far out of the way home so we rode there. I bought a battery.


The kids were hungry again and wanted to go to a nearby Sizzler. I’m not really a fan but I took the kids. I had a whole bunch of green salad without dressing.

Shawn’s girlfriend was nearby so she came by to see Shawn. He stayed with her while Savana, TS and myself rode the rest of the way to my house. My house and garden looked really good. I was so happy to be home.

Savana’s dad came and picked her up. Shawn made it home, TS went to his house and I went to bed at around 10p.m. It was so nice to be sleeping in my own bed:)



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