Getting Sick; What Angel & I Ate; Manifestations and Appreciations

Getting Sick; What Angel & I Ate; Manifestations and Appreciations

Dear Diary & Friends,

Friday morning I woke up feeling a little bit achy and feverish. I was hosting first Friday coffee with my church at the library and I really really wanted to be there. So I got up and made my Airbnb guest vegan zucchini noodle dinner to warm up after work. Then I made Savana a smoothie for breakfast, packed her lunch and took her to school. After that I drove to the church, grabbed the things I needed and went to the library. With the help of other church members we got everything set up right on time.

I enjoyed talking with everyone who came in for first Friday coffee. It is an event that is at the library every first Friday for people in town to socialize. I love it and try to make it every month. This month I signed up to host it and asked the church if they wanted to join in and they did. I felt worse and worse physically as the morning went on but I enjoyed myself regardless. I didn’t feel much like eating and only had a few strawberries and pieces of pineapple.

I was glad when the event ended. I packed up and drove home. I could feel that I had a good fever going and was achy all over. I called Peggy and George and told them I wasn’t feeling well. Peggy told me to stay home that day and Saturday and to consider them paid sick days. I am so grateful to work for such wonderful people!

I took my temperature and it was almost at 101 degrees F. I had just laid down on the couch and Savana messaged me and asked me to get her from school because she wasn’t feeling well either. I figured getting her now would be easier than getting her after school anyway. So I loaded Angel back in the car and we got Savana. When we got back home o went back to lying on the couch and let Angel watch educational stuff on YouTube.

Having a fever is blissful. I dozed in and out of sleep while listening to audiobooks about successful people and living in the moment. My dreams were colorful and full of laughter. My body aches all over but instead of thinking that it should be different or that I shouldn’t be hurting, I accepted it fully and released all resistance to it. I was amazed at how good it felt when I simply let it be. I was grateful for being sick and achy. It was such a beautiful experience and great practice for living in acceptance.

I drank a small amount fresh OJ all day, had some herbal tea that Savana made me and ate 4 mandarin oranges in the evening. That night I had amazing colorful fever sleep. It was the best!! The next morning when I woke up my fever had broke. I was a little bit Back to normal life…hahaha. After getting up and around. I drove to Round Rock on the back roads. Angel and I had great fun. We stopped and warched some deer prancing around. Angel was so excited and kept calling them reindeer. Then we stopped and talked to a herd of cows that were all up against a fence next to the road. They were mooing at us and we mooed back. Angel was delighted, saying they had cute ears. They do have really cute ears!

We finally got to Round Rock and went grocery shopping. I let Angel push her own cart and she loved that. I was feeling slightly exhausted by the time grocery shopping was over and thinking that maybe I should have rested another day. Next we drove to Restore to look for a bathroom sink and mirror. They didn’t have any that fit and we didn’t stay long because I didn’t want to overdo it. Lastly we went to Lowes and I got a faux finish sponge to finish up the bathroom walls that my roommate Charlie had painted.

I was feeling really tired on the drive home but I put in a good audiobook and was home before I knew it. When I arrived home, I put away groceries, cleaned the house to get ready for more Airbnb guests, made my other Airbnb guest vegetable soup and salad for dinner, then I rested. It was a nice day so I laid out back and looked at the clouds with Angel. She found all kinds of things in the clouds, houses, horses, flowers. It started to get a little bit chilly so I built a fire in the fire pit and we had fun sitting around the fire the rest of the evening until it was time for supper and then bed. Angel had one and a half avocados for supper and I had some broccoli and cauliflower warmed but not cooked.

The next day was Sunday. We woke up bright and early. I had Airbnb guests on the daybed in the front room so we quickly grabbed some fruit and walked to church with the wagon. On the way we fed Rein the horse some apples I had that were going bad. Rein was thrilled to get more than her usual one apple. Since I arrived at church so early I decided to do some extra cleaning. I thoroughly oiled all the pews and furniture in the sanctuary with orange oil. It looked so nice when I was finished, the place glowed with love. I finished doing my regular cleaning right before Pastor Pam and other church members started to arrive.

Church service was wonderful. I love that church! Angel does so good during service and today was her best day yet. After service we had a church potluck. I had fresh OJ, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple and mini bananas. It was very satisfying and I was back to feeling 100%. The conversations were lots of fun and we watched a comedy show called “The Vicar Of Dibley”. I thought it was really funny. I enjoy British humor.

The walk home from church was blissful. There was a warm gusty wind that felt vibrant and lots of people waved at us as they drove by. It seems a lot of people’s spirits are up after having a long cold front, a really cold one for Texas. I know my spirits are up and I am grateful for contrast and I’m grateful the cold fronts in Texas don’t last for months.

We arrived home I sent Savana and Tyler off to fetch a used washing machine that I bought from on line. My washer keeps leaking water when it gets off center and it gets off center all the time. So I got a front loader and I’ll see if that goes better. Then I made supper for my Airbnb guest and put it in the fridge to warm up later. After that I used my faux finish sponge and finished painting the bathroom. It turned out looking awesome! Yes!!

It was so nice out, Angel and I walked to the park. On the way I did a handstand in a grassy field. I somehow missed and fell over flat on my back and knocked the wind out of myself. After getting my wind back, I did another handstand and this time did my usual graceful roll out of it when I started to fall backwards. I was glad I hadn’t lost my touch after all.

We played at the park for an hour or so. On the walk home Angel found some piles of dirt to play in, then we found dandelions to blow. We arrived home just as Tyler and Savana drove up with the new washer. With the help of my roommate Nick, Tyler and Savana we got the old washer out and the new washer in. I ran a load in the new washer and it worked great! Angel and I ate our supper of blueberry banana nice cream while I talked with my roommate Nick. He is so fun to talk with, he is moving out at the end of the month and I will miss our chats.

After supper I took a shower with Angel and we went to bed. She nursed to sleep right away and I wrote this very long blog.

Breakfast: (Angel) 1 mango, pumpkin seeds, 8oz. fresh OJ, half an apple. (Me) 24oz. fresh OJ

Lunch: (Angel) a bunch of strawberries and blueberries and one mini banana. Half a cookie. (Me) strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, 6 mini bananas and 24oz. fresh OJ.

Snack: (Angel) 8oz. fresh OJ.

Supper: (Angel) bowl of blueberry, banana nice cream. (Me) large bowl of blueberry banana nice cream

Manifestation list:

With ease and blessings to all involved I receive $100,000.00 a year in income through service.

I joyfully eat a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and have vibrant health.

I speak fluent Spanish.

I accept all people, events and things as they are.

I live in complete surrender to what is.

Thank you for all this and more!

I appreciate clouds.

I appreciate walks.

I appreciate fevers.

I appreciate surrender.

I appreciate a new/used washer.

I appreciate my church.

I appreciate writing.

I appreciate audiobooks.

I appreciate mini bananas.

I appreciate hand stands.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate y’all!

Delightfully yours,


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