Floating with joy.

Woke up at 6 a.m. this morning. I could hear my roommate was awake in his room and I hadn’t gotten to talk to him much, so I knocked on his door and he was getting ready to leave on a trip for a few days. We talked a little and then he started rubbing my shoulders which ended up being a half hour full shoulder, arms, hands and head massage. So wonderful first thing in the morning. I have to best roommate ever!

My roommate left and since Savana was staying home sick from school. I went back to bed until 9a.m. I got up and was getting ready to go to work, I canceled my other job for the day since Savana was sick, but this job was only a couple of hours and just down the road. Savana said she would be fine staying by herself and she could call me if she needed anything, I could be back home in 5 minutes time. A little before I was ready to leave, I talked to one of my friends that lives clear across the country and he is coming to visit me on Saturday. Yay!!! So super excited!

I was too excited to eat. So I just went to work. The job went great. I came back home and Savana had cleaned up her room…yay again! I made some fresh squeezed oj for Savana and myself. I mixed mine with 6 peaches. Had 64oz. worth. Savana drank her oj and had some applesauce.

My aunt had called me earlier in the week and she was in town from Omaha and wanted to have a family dinner at 3p.m. today. At the all you can eat food buffet…of course…that is the only place my grandpa will go. It is in a town about 30 miles away. I wasn’t about to make Savana ride her bike there with her being “sick”, even though she didn’t seem to be very sick…she said she still had a sore throat. So in order to get to the buffet by bus we had to leave at 1p.m. I rode my long board and Savana rode her scooter to the bus stop. We got downtown and had 20 minutes to spare until we caught the next bus. We rode all around downtown for the fun of it. It was a beautiful sunny warm day.

We got on the next bus, which would only take us about 5 miles from where the buffet was. I called my grandpa and he said he would come pick us up. We had a 45 minute wait before grandpa got there. Savana and I relaxed on the grass and basked in the sun. I was so happy and peaceful. I just let my mind drift as I lay there, so warm and comfortable. I felt like I was floating and this intense joy came over me. I’ve only reached this place once before, a couple of years ago after being all raw for a couple of months. It was such a wonderful feeling, so light and pleasurable…almost like an orgasm, but gentler…sweeter and not sexual. This feeling lasted about 5 minutes, before I slowly I floated back to reality. What a fantastic experience!

My grandpa and his wife Ginny were in the car with my Aunt driving. We got to the buffet and there were a lot of other family members already there. My cousin that I haven’t seen in years and years was there. It was so great to see her and catch up on what she was doing with her life. She has 2 boys, one 11 and the other 4. They were great kids, very polite and well behaved. There were other distant family members there. Good time to get my introductions in for the day. Their names were Bernie and Jan. The daughter of my grandpa’s brother and her husband.  All in all dinner was great. Only a little drama going on…but I just ignored it and smiled 🙂 I started out the meal feasting on melons. Then I switched to salad. I used a salsa that was there for a dressing. I am sure it had salt in it because I didn’t feel good afterward. I also did bad food combining. I try not to ever mix melons with other food, because bad things tend to happen. This was no exception.

After dinner Savana rode her scooter and I, my long board…a couple of blocks away to the bus stop. Conveniently there was a bus going back to Boise that was right by the buffet. It was the slow bus…so Savana and I settled in for the hour and a half ride. My stomach hurt so bad. At times I thought I might throw up, thankfully that didn’t happen. I tried sleeping a little, but my head felt too dizzy. By the time we got back to Boise I was feeling better. Whew…a short one. It did get me thinking though, I have been towing the line with food lately…with the rice and then today…and there has been consequences. I think tomorrow I want to get way back into the safe zone. Back to mono meals and sticking with what I know my body thrives on.

Once we transferred buses and I introduced myself to a new bus driver. We got off at the nearest stop to my house, which is about a mile away. It was a fun ride. I kept switching feet. I naturally lead with my left foot, but then I only work out one side of my body. So I’ve taught myself to lead with my right foot as well, it is such a strange feeling and I go much slower…I love the challenge, and find it to be so much fun.

Back at home I chugged a bunch of water, since I felt like I was dieing of thirst. Then I did laundry and folded clothes. At 8:40p.m. there was a lady who wanted me to call into her radio show. We did a short interview on the radio and it was such a great time. I hope I sounded ok…it’s hard to tell what I sound like…I don’t want to sound like a complete idiot..ha! Anyway, I enjoyed myself.

After the interview I decided I was going to wax my mustache. Savana loves it when I wax, she thinks it’s a party where you put wax all over and scream in pain as you tear it off. We had fun waxing, we had to show each other how much hair we got…good thing Savana got rid of all of that peach fuzz! It was starting to look ridiculous! lol

After waxing Savana got put to bed and I ate about 3 dates and wrote my blog. It’s 10:30 p.m. and I am off to bed.

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