February 3, 2013

Today’s gratitudes:
I am grateful to the earth for dates
-I feel sweet and satisfied
-meets my need for sugar and energy
I am grateful to myself for getting so much exercise yesterday
-I feel alive and frisky
-meets my need for health and movement
I am grateful to Trace StJohn for being playful and fun
-I feel young and silly
-meets my need for play, joy and bonding
I am grateful to Jonathan Flesch for making me laugh so hard that I peed myself (I love your crazy stories)
-I feel enriched and happy
-meets my need for laughter and enjoyment of life

Todays goals:
practice emotional stability
travel safely
be peaceful
be loving to all people (even the ones that are challenging to show love to)

Yesterday’s food and exercise ( I am adding my activity level in my daily posts so it will show why my calories vary from day to day).
breakfast: 16oz. fresh squeezed oj blended with 5oz. mangos and 5oz. of pineapple (it’s like drinking pure sunshine!!)
lunch: 16banana/raspberry smoothie
snack: 6 dates and one banana
snack: a bag of grapes
dinner: 1/2 a durian

walked: 2 hours handing out flyers
biked: 30 minutes
cleaned house: 1 hour
spend most of the day going at full speed…laundry, chores, shopping, etc.

3330 calories
823g carbs
25g fats
37g protein

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