Everything is Happening Perfectly, What I Ate & Appreciations

Everything is Happening Perfectly, What I Ate & Appreciations

Dear Diary & Friends,

The morning started off with meditation. My mind was very busy this morning and did not want to be silent. I just flowed with it and did get a few times of having no thoughts meditation. After meditation I dry brushed, put on lavender and coconut oil and got dressed. I let Oliver out and went to my house. I bagged up finished organic sun dried tomatoes. Then I made Savana a smoothie and packed her lunch. Then I drove her to school.

I drove to the post office to mail off a dehydrated snack order. Then I drove to church and cleaned while Angel played in the nursery. I love cleaning the church and making it beautiful. When I finished I went home. Angel took a bath in the kitchen sink which she loves. I talked to a friend on the phone and then worked on my website for a while. Then I realized it was the 1st. and it was bill paying time. I really enjoy paying bills. I always feel so grateful for power and water and a phone, etc.

I left for work early so I could go grocery shopping before work. I stopped at got raw spring rolls from my new favorite food truck on my way out of town. The drive was delightful. The weather has been perfect, mid 70’s. It was fun shopping at the store. Angel wanted to walk so we practiced staying close and helping mom put groceries in the cart. She is such a delightful child. After shopping I went to work. At work I was informed that the little car that I wanted to buy from George and Peggy when they got a new one (which they did) will be sold to someone else. I immediately felt really sad about that. I was hoping to have a little gas efficient car to commute to work with since my truck is a gas hog and their car is a Honda Fit stick shift which are hard to find. I noticed how sad I was feeling and let myself feel the sadness. I realized the sadness was less about the car and more about not being the first choice. Then I reminded myself that if the car was meant to be mine to use then it would have happened. I also reminded myself that I don’t need to be other people’s first choice to feel important. I chose to believe the thought that everything is happening perfectly and then I felt really grateful to have my truck. Then I got to work, I started weeding out the front flower bed but then George wanted to lay down and nap so I came inside to keep an eye on Angel and Baby the dog. I started my blog and picked up around the house.

After work I plan on driving home and going to bed early. Angel didn’t have a nap so that plan will probably happen but you never know.

Breakfast: 64oz. banana strawberry smoothie shared with Angel.

Lunch: 48oz. mango blended with fresh OJ smoothie shared with Angel.

Dinner: 2 large spring rolls. Lettuce, cilantro, cucumber and carrots rolled in rice paper.

I appreciate mangos.

I appreciate cleaning.

I appreciate my truck.

I appreciate friends.

I appreciate feelings.

I appreciate acceptance.

I appreciate meditation.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Gratefully yours,


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