Early Christmas, What Angel & I Ate & Appreciations

Early Christmas, What Angel & I Ate & Appreciations

Dear Diary and Friends,

Today was a day of warm fuzzies. I walked to church this morning. I got there early to clean. I love cleaning the church. It gives me warm fuzzies. We had a guest pastor come because pastor Pam is still recovering from her back surgery. He arrived early and I got to talk with him some before the service. It was great getting to know a little bit about him. The service was nice. Angel amazes me at how well she does during church service being she is only 2. She is very observant and copies what I and others are doing.

After church I walked to Coffield’s bistro and listened to a lady performing there. Angel loves live music and the owners think she is great fun to have around.  I had some pineapple slices while we were there and enjoyed the music. I love that bistro, it gives me warm fuzzies. When they closed up at 2ish, we walked home.

At 3pm, i did a live video on facebook. Savana drew 5 names out of a hat for my fruit tree giveaway. I am excited to be sending out 5 fruit trees to the winners! After the drawing, we opened our Christmas presents early. Savana is going to Idaho Thursday to spend Christmas there with her dad so we celebrated Christmas early. Angel had fun opening her presents. This year she kind of got the idea on how things went. My mom gave her a doll and made matching outfits for Angel and the doll to wear. Angel loved that! When we finished opening presents Savana sang me a song and Tyler played guitar for my Christmas present. I loved it! It gave me super big warm fuzzies. I love Savana’s voice ❤️. I posted a video of it below.

The rest of the evening was spent playing with Angel, talking to friends and family on FaceTime and eating dinner. Angel was fussy and exhausted by 7pm. So she put on matching pj’s with her doll and nursed to sleep.

Breakfast: (me) 1 young coconut water. 16oz. lemon water. 4 apples. (Angel) 1 young coconut meat, 1/2 a banana, 8oz. fresh OJ.

Lunch:(me) 32oz. banana strawberry cacao smoothie. 6 dates. (Angel) 3 dates, 16oz. smoothie, pecans.

Dinner:(me) a whole big container of mixed greens with lemon tahini dressing and corn. (Angel) leftover lemon tahini dressing, 2 dates, breastmilk at bedtime.

I appreciate guidance.

I appreciate warm fuzzies.

I appreciate my children.

I appreciate church.

I appreciate Coffield’s bistro.

I appreciate morning walks.

I appreciate apples.

I appreciate Christmas.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

I appreciate you!

Vibrantly yours,


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