Don’t take all the bananas!!

Trace and I went on a bananas hunt yesterday. We were getting low and in search of ripe spotty bananas. At Freddy’s we spotted almost ripe bananas, we head straight over and started filling up our cart with bananas. People are coming in the store and they see us grabbing up a mass amount of bananas. All of a sudden there are so many people coming over and getting bananas. Some look even worried they we might take them all….because obviously we are very excited about these bananas and they must be really good…no one wants to miss out on the good stuff! What a fun way to get people eating more bananas!!!
Next trip to the store…we plan on frantically grabbing up apples…see if a bunch of people come over and grab apples before we get all those! LOL.
Life is so much fun 🙂

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