Don’t cut calories, eat enough of the right type of calories and you will lose weight.

Saturday October 29th, 2011

I slept in today until 11 a.m. It felt so good. I feel like I have been going and going with minimal sleep for a while. It was so nice to just sleep as long as I wanted. I was feeling so happy, satisfied and strong from all the banana’s I had eaten the day before.


I wrote my blog and at a whole bunch of grapes. I’m not sure the amount of grapes but it was a lot. I wanted to relax today and just be. It was a beautiful warm day out. I was so happy to have my front door open and enjoy the fresh air. I did some laundry and then took a 2 hour nap.


I woke up from my nap and got ready to go to work. I blended up 14 banana’s and bottled them up. I rode 5 miles to my first job. I was really hungry by the time I got there and I realized that I had only eaten some grapes the whole day. I drank my smoothie, felt strong and satisfied again. I cleaned for 2 hours and then biked a mile to the co-op.


At the co-op I bought a case of banana’s and some more dates. I then biked a mile to Flying M. I bought 56 oz. of fresh squeezed oj and drank that up. It was so nice and warm out. I was happy sitting outside in my t-shirt, soaking up some sun and warmth. An older guy that I had seen around before sat down close to me and we started talking. His name is David and come to find out that he had just come back with having tea with one of my really good friends. We talked for a while until I had to leave for my play.

I was getting ready to take off on my bike when a guy walked up to me. He said he wanted to apologize because last week he almost hit me with his car. He recognized my bike and wanted to make sure and tell me he was sorry. I don’t remember that happening, but I was really glad he was able to approach me like that. His name is Zach and his friend he was sitting with is JT. I chatted with them briefly before taking off.

I rode 4 miles to the Orient Market which is a block away from my play. They didn’t have any durian or young coconuts, but they did have ice cream banana’s. Score! I bought a bunch of those. The cashier that works there all the time is George. George and I had a good time bs’ing for a few minutes before I was off again and headed to my play.

The play went really good. It was double feature night so there was an 8 o’clock show and a midnight show. I was so glad I had taken a nap earlier. During the break in between shows I ate a bunch of cherry tomatoes and peas. I was feeling like I had a lot of energy to burn so I pulled out my jump rope and was trying to beat my record of 74 jumps in a row. I couldn’t seem to get past 47. I jumped off and on for about 45 minutes. I felt so amazing afterward. Very strong, healthy and warm.

Cutting calories is not the answer

During intermission of the second show. I was reading “The Pleasure Trap”. The part I’m at was talking about food and satiation. Basically it was saying we need to eat enough of the right foods to reach our ideal weight. I find that I have the hardest time explaining that concept to people. Most people when I am coaching them on weight loss want to cut the calories. That is what people are taught to do, when really that just causes our bodies to think it is starving and there are unwanted consequences to that. Animals in nature never cut calories, they eat the perfect amount and maintain perfect bodies. They also don’t eat calorie dense, high fat, processed foods. It is not the amount of calories you eat, it is the type of calories you are eating. Eating enough whole fresh fruits and vegetables until you are fully satisfied is the fastest most efficient way to reach your ideal body weight. It just simply works and your body and mind are getting all the nutrients they need, so you have an incredible amount of energy. Good stuff!

After the play was over. I stayed after a little while and talked. I biked home 3 miles at 2 a.m. I ate 6 dates when I got home. I was a little bit wound up, so I read for a while and fell asleep around 3:30.


Eat enough calories of fresh fruits and vegetables and see how fantastic you feel while losing weight 🙂



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  • David Meyer

    October 31, 2011 at 6:14 pm Reply

    I have maintained my weight at 140 for the last 16 years. 11 of those years I was eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong foods.

    I totally agree with your post. I see over weight people all the time eating these little tiny meals. They are the smallest meals ever. What happens next? They are hungry all day so end up snacking on vending machine candy bars and potato chips.

    I on the other hand eat very large amounts of food. Whole foods. I wish they were 100% raw, and I always feel best when I have those HUGE salads and huge smoothies. When eating these large amounts of the “right” foods you don’t have that urge to snack all day on high calorie and high fat foods that don’t have good nutritional integrity.

    The other day there was a big container of salted roasted nuts in our break room at work. The entire container had over 2,000 grams of fat and it was almost completly gone in about 15 minutes…that is why it is good to eat as much as you can so you will not be hungry for snacks like that.

    • Vibrant Victoria

      November 1, 2011 at 3:06 pm Reply

      good points David.

  • David Meyer

    November 1, 2011 at 5:11 pm Reply – This guy is not a raw foodie, but just imagine if he was. He would probably be even stronger and healthier than he already is at 91. It is inspirational to read about him realizing that age doesn’t mean anything. Even though he is 91 he still can do more chin ups than I can at 34. That inspires me!!!!

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