Day’s twenty three and twenty four

Woke up at 5 a.m. and ate an apple. Rode 1 mile on the tandem bike to the bus stop with Savana and locked the bike up there. Bused to yoga class and did 90 minutes of yoga. It was a fantastic class… tired Savana slept through it πŸ™‚ After class we bused to Savana’s writing camp, I dropped her off and bused to Flying M. At Flying M I drank 64 oz. of delicious fresh squeezed oj. Then I walked 1/2 mile to the co-op, bought groceries and socialized. I walked 1/4 mile to the bank, cashed some checks and socialized. Bused back to pick up Savana from camp. We bused back to the tandem and rode 1/4 mile to my first cleaning job. There my client left me a note saying I could pick all the raspberries on wanted from their raspberry bush out back. I was so excited I was frantic trying to get the sliding door open…my daughter was laughing at me πŸ™‚ I feasted on as many raspberries as I could find…there were a lot, Savana of course, refused to try even one. After that I cleaned for 2 hours and we biked 1 mile to my last cleaning job.
At my last job I was just finishing my 11 banana, 1/2 pounds spinach, 1/2 pound stinging nettle smoothie (wouldn’t recommend stinging nettle raw), when I received a phone call from my boys dad. He said they were in town for the day and I could see the boys that evening if I wanted. (He loves to call me at the last minute about such things, my boys live in Utah with their dad and I usually see them once a month. Shawn is 16 and Scott is 14). Luckily I didn’t have plans because I never want to miss a chance to see my boys. He brought the boys over to my clients house, where they went out to the pond in the backyard and rode on the paddle boat and caught craw-fish (which I had them throw back). I was making stir fried rice, veggies and organic chicken for my clients for dinner and there was plenty so the boys and Savana had some. I ate a very small amount and of course my ears clogged up.
After work Savana and I rode the tandem the mile back home and the boys ran. My oldest son is a very good runner. Back at home I have a jalapeno plant that is ready. I don’t eat jalapeno’s and I grew them just for the fun of it. Shawn wanted to eat one and I warned him that it was really hot and maybe he should let me take the seeds out. He scoffed at that and took a huge bite….haha….his face was bright red and he started panting to try and cool his mouth off. So then he asked me to take the seeds out. I was holding it by the tip trying not to touch it so it wouldn’t burn my skin. Shawn wanted to know why I was holding it funny. I told him that it would burn my skin. He scoffed at that as well. I took the seeds out and handed it back to him. He took another bite and said it was still too hot. I told him to put it in the compost, which he did and then he went to the bathroom. He came out of the bathroom and about 15 seconds later started jumping around saying his privates were burning. I thought that was the funniest thing. I said it was from the pepper and that I had told him that it could burn skin. He ran back in the bathroom to wash it off and I was laughing so hard I had tears coming out of my eyes. I wiped away my tears and all of a sudden my eyes were on fire. So now I was the one jumping around, I ran outside and stuck my head under the hose. So the rest of the night Shawn and I were suffering from jalapeno pepper burns…lol..but we still had a lot of fun. We ended the night playing rummy until the boys dad came to get them at around 9:30. Then Savana and I were in bed by 10.
I woke up at 6:30 and felt really good. I was still very happy that I got to spend time with my boys. Savana rode her scooter and I biked the mile to the bus stop. We bused to her writing camp and dropped her off. I biked 1/4 mile to Flying M and had 64 oz. of fresh squeezed oj. I then biked 1/4 mile to the co-op. Biked 1/4 mile to the bank. Biked 1/4 mile to the library and got on the computer there for an hour. I walked next door to Savana’s writing camp to watch her do her reading for the last day of camp. She did a great reading and then went home with her dad. I had an hour downtown to do nothing before meeting my sister for lunch. So I rode 1/4 mile to the grove, sat and people watched. That was great fun. Rode a couple blocks to Bittercreek to meet my sister. I had fresh squeezed oj and a tomato. My sister is struggling in her life right now, she has many health problems and chronic bowel problems, all she thinks about is how to lose weight (taking speed or laxatives is usually how she does this). I wish she would focus more on health and realize that with healthy eating you naturally lose weight. It is amazing to me that after seeing me lose so much weight by eating healthy that she doesn’t realize that the same thing will work for her. Regardless I wish the best for her and I try not to say anything about food. I just try to show her that I love and support her. She is also working on getting out of a very abusive marriage. I really hope she finds her strength and can make her life better.
So after lunch I picked up meat scraps for the cats and biked 4 miles home. Dropped off the meat and biked 1 mile to my last job. I made a 11 banana, 1/2 lb. of greens from my yard smoothie and cleaned for 2 hours. I also ate a small amount of plain mashed potatoes and turkey (once again my ears clogged). After work I biked 1 mile home.
I watered the garden, watched a movie and ate .25 lb. of dates. I felt pretty good other than my ears. My thoughts were clear and I felt strong physically.
I went to bed around 9:30.

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