Day’s twenty seven, twenty eight and twenty nine

I’ve gotten a little behind on my blog these last few days.
Days twenty seven and twenty eight were pretty much the same. I ate fruit all day and lost my grip in the evenings. On Monday evening I ate some raw cheese and had bad dreams, slept horribly and had a stomach ache all night. Tues. morning I woke up at 5, biked 4 miles to yoga, came home took a small nap and biked a mile to my job, cooked/cleaned for 2 hours. That evening I went to a potluck and ate a bunch of cooked vegan food. Went to bed around 11.
Wed. morning I woke up at 6. Biked a mile to the bus stop and bused downtown to pick up my boys. I drank 16 oz. of fresh squeezed oj at flying M. Can’t really remember much of what I ate that day but it was all fruit until that evening when the kids and I went to a dome building get together and I ate a bunch of vegan food. Exercise was pretty mild on Wed., mostly bused places. Went to bed around 10:30.
Thursday morning I woke up at 5 feeling horrible and bloated. I drank some water, Savana and I biked 1 mile to the bus stop and bused to yoga class. I did yoga for an hour and a half, my yoga instructor was talking about commitment. I realized that I hadn’t been fully committed to eating all low-fat raw and that was why I was still struggling. There is still a part of me that keeps thinking that one meal a day won’t really hurt me that much, moderation is where it is at. Well it is hurting me and I need to decide what my commitment to my health really is. I struggled through yoga class, I felt so awful and couldn’t focus.
We then biked 2 miles to my first job. I ate 2 cantaloupe and cleaned for 2 hours. I started feeling quite a bit better. We biked a mile and a half to my 2nd job. I cleaned for 2 hours. We walked a block over to my 3rd job and I cleaned for 2 more hours. We than biked a half mile to the co-op, I bought Savana lunch and I drank 10 tomato/celery smoothie that I had made that morning. We biked 1/4 mile to the hospital and visited my dad who is in there with pneumonia. He had a stroke a couple of years ago and is in really bad shape and wants to die. I don’t blame him and wish there was some way I could end his misery.
Savana and I then bused to the fruit stand where I bought a bunch of fruit and ate a melon. We bused to my 4th job. I had a 12 banana/pound of spinach smoothie and cleaned/cooked for 2 hours. We then biked a mile home. At home I ate a small handful of Savana’s organic potato chips and immediately felt it bring me down. I told Savana to put her chips away and decided that I wasn’t going to damage my body this evening. I instead ate .25 lb. of dates. Went to bed at 10:30.
Savana was such a trooper all day, at 10 years old she went all over town with me while I did yoga and cleaned 4 houses…a total of 10 1/2 hours, not including travel time…what a great kid.

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  • Esmée La Fleur

    August 4, 2010 at 2:47 am Reply

    Hi VIctoria ♥♥♥

    The commitment thing is so true. I sincerely wish I was an ethical fruitarian (as opposed to a health-minded one) because then it would be easy to eat all fruit. When I became a vegtarian at the age of 13 it was a purely ethical decision and I never looked back. I wish I could be commited to fruit in the same way. Maybe it will come at some point.

    Love & Light, Esmée ♥♥♥

  • Victoria Everett

    August 6, 2010 at 2:23 am Reply

    I feel the same way Esmee. I wish I could be an ethical fruitarian, but for some reason that isn't my main motivator.
    I am so impressed with your eating and health, especially since there is some fruits that you can't even eat. I don't have a bad reaction to any fruits that are combined properly and I still struggle and I have more options than you.
    I do love your energy and wonderful spirit that you express to others.
    Thank you!

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