Days twenty and tweny one

Only 9 more days and I will be done with my thirty days. It is going by a lot faster than I thought it would.
Monday was a really hard day.
I woke up at 6. Ate 1 melon. Bike a mile to the bus stop. Bused downtown to drop off my daughter at writing camp. Biked a mile to the co-op. Biked 3 miles to the fruit stand. Ate 2 melons at the fruit stand and chatted. Biked 2 miles to my first cleaning job. Cleaned for 2 hours. Biked 2 miles to my next cleaning job, ate 1 lb. of cherries and cleaned for 2 hours. Biked 1/2 a mile to my last cleaning job. Ate 13 banana, 1/2 lb. spinach smoothie and cleaned/cooked for 2 hours. When getting ready to leave I ate about 3 cups of spaghetti with some organic beef in it. I immediately felt bloated and foggy headed. My nephew had dropped my daughter off with her scooter at my last cleaning job. Savana didn’t want to ride the scooter the mile back home, so I let her ride my bike and I rode her scooter. It was an amazing work out. I was trying to keep up with her and that little scooter and I was pouring sweat by the time I got home, but it felt good. Even after that workout, my thoughts were still cloudy and I was very irritable and had this intense anger. My daughter kept throwing a fit because I told her that in the morning we had to get up early and go do yoga. She is used to going to her grandma’s when I work and do things, but her grandma had knee surgery and so Savana is stuck with me until her grandma recovers. So anyway, she threw a fit for 2 hours, saying she wanted to live with her dad and on and on. My head was so cloudy that I couldn’t come up with a way to resolve things like I usually can and that frustrated me even more, plus this anger in me kept building and building. I wished so bad that I hadn’t eaten that spaghetti, it was affecting my parenting and making things so I couldn’t think straight. Finally after 2 hours of Savana freaking out, I lost it and started yelling at her and told her to pack her bags and call her dad because she was living with him from now on. She immediately calmed down and said she didn’t think things through, she didn’t want to live with her dad and she was sorry. I apologized too and we finally went to bed at 10:30.
I had horrible dreams and woke up at 3 a.m. My head hurt and was fuzzy still. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I just lied there for 2 hours and tried to rest. At 5 a.m. I got Savana up and she was just happy as ever to be going to yoga. We rode a mile to the bus stop and bused downtown town. Did an hour and a half of yoga, my yoga instructor was talking about energy and that really got me thinking about my energy the day before and how I don’t want to put negative energy in my body anymore…only life giving energy. Afterward I ate 1 melon. Rode a mile to writing camp and dropped Savana off. Biked 1/2 mile to Flying M and had 48 oz. of fresh squeezed oj. Biked 1/2 mile to the co-op and ate 2 large organic apples on the gazebo after buying some groceries. Biked 1 mile back to writing camp and slept for an hour in the sun on the front lawn until Savana was go out of camp. I took Savana to pizza for lunch and she had vegetarian pizza. I was tempted to get a vegan one, but decided that I didn’t want that kind of energy to go into my body. We took the bus home. I picked a bunch of wild unwashed greens from my garden and yard….thistle, purslane, lambs quarter, romaine and dandelions and we rode a mile to my job. I cooked/cleaned for 2 hours and had a 10 banana/ 1 lb. of wild greens smoothie. I felt so good after that smoothie. My thoughts became clear and I felt very peaceful and grounded. We rode a mile home. I watered the garden watched a movie and ate 1/2 lb. of dates and went to bed at 9.

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