Days Three of Health and Fitness week 2011

Yesterday was a down day for me at health and fitness week. I’m not really sure why. I was still really sore from my work out on Sunday. I felt extremely tired to the point of exhaustion, I felt like crying and my stomach was a little upset all day.
I started off the day with my alarm not going off and my roommates alarm waking me up late. I was 15 minutes late doing my wake up calls. I jumped out of bed, threw on clothes and ran out the door. I don’t like to be late for things, especially when others are relying on me. I managed to get everyone up and they made it to their 6 a.m. morning work out…phew!
I also had told Janie that I would mop the kitchen and dining room floors in the morning. So I hurried to get that done before Simon, the head chef showed up. Barely got that done in time. I wanted to go back to bed right then and skip breakfast, but decided to stay up long enough to eat. I ate a bunch of watermelon and this time I did get melon belly. It only lasted about a half hour, but it was a very uncomfortable half hour. Once that was over I went back to my room, took a bath in the big jacuzzi bathtub and went straight to bed. I slept very fitfully for a couple of hours, it was almost like a feverish sleep, even though I am sure I wasn’t running a fever.
I got up and came to lunch. Which had in incredible set up. Every day the meals are a theme of some sort. Last year they did different cultures. This year is magical movies. The first day was Lord of the Rings. The second day was Wizard of Oz. We are not told the theme until supper time, so throughout the day we are trying to figure it out. So yesterday at lunch, it was pretty much a give away. We had Wonka chocolate bars sitting in front of us at the tables. It was so fun. You open them up and you have a bar of partially dehydrated dates and carob and I’m not sure what else was in them. Mine had a gold bar inside, I was one of the chosen! woo hoo! I actually didn’t eat my bar since I wanted to continue on with doing mono meals. So I feasted on blended banana’s. We had a new person here and I knew her from the internet. Her name was Bunny and I was so glad to see her, I had been wanting to talk to her about some events that had happened in her life this past year. After lunch I was able to get some alone time with her and we had a wonderful talk. Once our talk was over, I did some more laundry for an hour or so and went back to bed. I just wasn’t feeling good. It was hard to pinpoint exactly what it was, I just felt down. I wasn’t able to sleep anymore. I just stayed in bed, read and tried to get on the internet..which wasn’t working very well at all yesterday. I got up a few times and did more laundry, vacuumed and cleaned where I saw it needed done. Mingled with people a little and took pictures, but mostly I stayed in my room, cried off and on…just little spurts, not even sure what I was crying about, I was just in a funk.
Dinner time came…and I was greeted by an Oompaloompa. It was a very fun and creative dinner. I stuck to drinking blended Nectarines and oranges. I was very restless. I wanted to talk to my friend Ron that I met when I was at the fruit festival. I couldn’t get a hold of him, I wanted to get on the internet and it wasn’t working. It was getting late and dinner wasn’t finished and I was irritated about that. I had taken a couple of bites of the soup they were serving, it tasted great, but my stomach immediately started cramping up. I didn’t know what my problem was, usually I don’t get upset about ridiculous things. Usually I just flow and am happy. I kept telling myself that I was allowed a bad day once in a while. So I left dinner early. Started crying hard while walking to my room….it felt really good. I wanted to keep crying…whatever was in there needed to come out. I don’t even know what it was, but I wanted it out. My cry only lasted a couple of minutes though…then it was gone and it wouldn’t come back. I read a little and went to sleep. Slept great!
Let’s see what day 4 has in store for me:) I am feeling better this morning. Not as vibrant as usual, but much better than yesterday.

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