Days thirteen and fourteen

Woke up at around 6:30. Ate 2 melons for breakfast. Started my drive back to Idaho. Ate 1 1/4lb. dates, 1 pint strawberries, 1 lb. cherries. Arrived at my friends in Idaho Falls at around 7. Ate 1/2 watermelon and later before bed ate 1 avocado. No real exercise of any significance today. Had a great time with my friends. Went to bed at around 10:30.
Woke up at 6. Ate 1/4 watermelon. Made a 20 banana, 1/2 lb. spinach smoothie and bottled it up for the trip. My friend that I was staying with wanted to try it and she loved it. I told her about Victoria Boutenko and she called me later and told me she had been on-line reading all Victoria’s information. Very exciting!!! Anyway my friend said she wants to start having green smoothies every morning from now on 🙂
Left at 9 to finish driving to Boise. Went to craters of the moon national park and did about an hour and a half of hiking and cave exploring with Savana and my friends niece that was riding with me back to Boise. Ate a pint of raspberries and 1 lb. of strawberries. We stopped for lunch in Shoshone, Idaho where my dad grew up. I drank half of my 20 banana/spinach smoothie. Made it to Boise at about 5. Got home unloaded the car and drank the other half of my smoothie. An hour later started having cooked food cravings. I really wanted some rice, instead I ate 10 oz. of sweet baby tomatoes and my cravings went away.
Hopefully I am headed to bed soon. It’s 8:30 and I am exhausted.

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